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RTorrent and LibTorrent Wiki

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The rTorrent bittorrent client uses ncurses and is ideal for use with tmux, screen or dtach. Alternatively, version 0.9.7+ has a built-in daemon mode disabling the user interface, so you can only control it via XMLRPC. It supports saving of sessions, allows the user to add/remove torrents, and much more.

Community documentation is available on the rtorrent-community/rtorrent-docs repository and on ReadTheDocs.

:busts_in_silhouette: :pencil: | This wiki is editable by any GitHub user, and thus the often-expressed wish for a complete and current manual depends on YOU. See Mastering Wikis and Mastering Markdown, it's NOT :rocket: science. :wink:

The TODO page has a list of pending work items. See About this Wiki… for more information on how you can contribute, and the structure of this wiki (i.e. where to put things). ---: | :---

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See the Installing wiki page for more information on how to compile it, or check the Docker wiki page for a quick deploy.


rTorrent and libTorrent packages are both available for the following operating systems and distributions:

Please report any package related problems to the package maintainers. Listing of a package here does not imply it has been tested or approved by the author.


This is not the same libtorrent project as the one used by Deluge and some other clients. If you want to be precise and avoid confusion, refer to this project's library as libtorrent-rakshasa, and the other one's as libtorrent-rasterbar.


Feel free to add content as I'm probably not going to write much ATM. Some kind of user guide would be really nice. By committing tickets, wiki changes, etc. you agree to license them under the GNU GPL. Remember to add a short comment describing the changes.

This project is developed by Jari Sundell, "Rakshasa", a former student of computer science, math and Japanese at the University of Oslo. He can be reached on sundell.software@gmail.com, also an unofficial help channel may be found at ##rtorrent@irc.freenode.net which should be used for user-support.

If you didn't get a reply to a mail sent to this address, it may either mean he is busy, has a rather full inbox or that you should have searched the internet first.

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