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RPC Migration 0.9

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As of rTorrent 0.9.0 a large number of commands have had their names changed and all now require a target. The old command names and behavior were replaced with aliases and marked for deprecation.

Deprecated aliases are not added when you pass rTorrent 0.9.6 the options -D -I on startup. Note that in versions below 0.9.6 these options behave differently.

As of version 0.9.7, those commands that were deprecated since version 0.7.x are finally REMOVED. Extension authors had ample time to react – open a ticket with them. Same goes for your broken config – just catch up to the rest of us (see below).

SED Script to Help With Migrations

Use this sed script on your config files, or on code, like shown in the example that follows.


for i in `find . -name \*.php -or -name \*.js`; do
  sed -f ~/rtorrent/doc/scripts/update_commands_0.9.sed $i > $i.tmp;
  mv $i.tmp $i;

Modify the migration script if needed, when special patterns you used are missing. It contains two sets of the same translations, one ending with a quote (typically found in code) and another that ends with equal sign (typical for *.rc files).


  • "d.multicall" was renamed d.multicall2 and now requires a target. (add a blank string as the first argument)
  • Add empty target for execute* commands.