An Awesome window manager module which makes it possible to have clients hide and show with a keyboard shortcut
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Poppin' is a module for awesome wm which allows the user to toggle a client. You could for example have a client which appears on a keyboard shortcut and toggles when the shortcut is pressed again. Poppin' clients are persistent between awesome restarts.


git clone ~/.config/awesome/poppin


In your rc.lua:

local poppin = require('poppin')


poppin.pop(name, command, [position[, size[, properties[, callback]]]])

Where name is a name associated with the client. Command is the shell-command used to start the program. Position can be either "top", "bottom", "left", "right" or "center". The size is the width or height (depending on position) in pixels.

poppin.pop(...) toggles the client if used multiple times, and returns a toggling function which doesn't require any arguments.


To check if a client is handled by poppin, poppin.isPoppin() can be used.


poppin.isPoppin() returns either true or false.


Creating a poppin client:

poppin.pop("terminal", "urxvt", "top")
poppin.pop("terminal", "urxvt", "center", { width = 1000, height = 300 })
poppin.pop("terminal", "urxvt", "top", function (c) c.minimized = true end)
poppin.pop("messenger", "messengerfordesktop", "right")

Toggling a poppin window by calling the pop function using the same name:

awful.key({ super }, "x", function () poppin.pop("messenger", "messengerfordesktop", "right", 1000) end,
          {description = "Opens a poppin' messenger window", group = "poppin"}),

awful.key({ super }, "z", function () poppin.pop("terminal", "urxvt", "center", 1000) end,
          {description = "Opens a poppin' terminal", group = "poppin"}),

Toggling a poppin window using returned function:

local poppin_terminal = poppin.pop("terminal", "urxvt", "top", 1000, { border_width = 5 })

awful.key({ super }, "x", poppin_terminal,
          {description = "Opens a poppin' messenger window", group = "poppin"}),

Check if a client is a poppin client:

poppin.pop("terminal", "urxvt", function (c)
    poppin.isPoppin(c) -- returns true


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