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Preprocessor for Perl 6 Advent Articles, with syntax highlighter. Saves the trouble of not having to deal with broken escapes in code blocks in Wordpress and provides syntax-highlights, as a cherry on top.


To get the best syntax highlights, the module uses GitHub's Gists for highlighting. You'll need to obtain a GitHub API token. Only gist Create gists permission is needed. After creating the gist, the script grabs syntax highlighted code from it, and then deletes it.


  1. Install this module:

    zef install Acme::Advent::Highlighter

    If you're using rakudobrew, then don't, but if you insist, be sure to run rakudobrew rehash after installation, to update script shims.

    If you want to run extra tests, set ONLINE_TESTING=1 env var.

  2. Write your article in basic Markdown and save it to a file

  3. Run:

    advent-highlighter.p6 Your-Article Your-Gist-Token > out.html

    The gist token can alternatively be given via ACME_ADVENT_HIGHLIGHTER_TOKEN environmental variable. The STDOUT of the script will output the rendered content while STDERR will output some info on what the script is doing.

  4. Go to Wordpress and copy-paste contents of out.html (or wherever you saved the output) into Wordpress's editor, ensuring you're editing in "HTML" and not "Visual" mode.

  5. Preview or Publish

  6. Celebrate with an appropriate amount of fun

--wrap option

advent-highlighter.p6 --wrap Your-Article Your-Gist-Token > out.html

If you'd like to have a rough idea of how the thing will look like on Wordpress, you can pass --wrap option to the script. It'll wrap the output into a bit of markup to make the width of the article to be approximately what it is on Perl 6 Advent articles right now (might wanna check your codeblocks don't overflow if you don't want readers scrolling).

--multi option for Multi Markdown

advent-highlighter.p6 --multi Your-Article Your-Gist-Token > out.html

I found Text::Markdown to be a bit of a weak sauce and it failed to render some things I thought it would. If you install Inline::Perl5 along with Text::MultiMarkdown Perl 5 module (just run cpanm -v Text::MultiMarkdown or cpan Text::MultiMarkdown if you don't have cpanm), then you can add --multi command line option to make the script use that as Markdown renderer.

Alternative Content Options

The script does some heuristics for the value of the content argument:

  1. If it starts with http:// or https://, assumes it's a URL and will fetch the actual content from it
  2. If a readable file exists with such a name, assumes the content is in that file and will read it from it
  3. Otherwise, assume the given value is literally the content

Notes on Editing/Content

  • Wordpress is a finicky beast (or at least the installation on our Advent is). For paragraphs: ensure they're all on one line in your Markdown, otherwise, there'll be weird line breaks in the final article.

  • Also, there's a way to mess up code blocks on the article even after using this script. It looks like it happens if you save your article (or have autosave feature trigger) when using "Visual" mode. So be sure to keep around your originals and keep an eye out on messed up code blocks if you edit your articles on Wordpress

  • If you copy-paste code from the article, the paste will have a ton of blank newlines. I'm not bothered by this enough to do anything about it, but will take a patch that removes those, without risk of damaging intended content.


Fork this module on GitHub:


To report bugs or request features, please use


Zoffix Znet (


You can use and distribute this module under the terms of the The Artistic License 2.0. See the LICENSE file included in this distribution for complete details.

Syntax highlighting CSS code is based on GitHub Light v0.4.1, Copyright (c) 2012 - 2017 GitHub, Inc. Licensed under MIT

The META6.json file of this distribution may be distributed and modified without restrictions or attribution.


Preprocessor for Raku Advent Articles, with syntax highlighter




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