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chdir 't' if -d 't';
sub ok {
my($test,$ok) = @_;
print "not " unless $ok;
print "ok $test\n";
# The auxiliary file contains a bunch of code that systematically exercises
# every place that can call lex_next_chunk() (except for the one that's not
# used by the main Perl parser).
open AUX, "<", "comp/line_debug_0.aux" or die $!;
my @lines = <AUX>;
close AUX;
my $nlines = @lines;
print "1..", 2+$nlines, "\n";
$^P = 0x2;
do "comp/line_debug_0.aux";
ok 1, scalar(@{"_<comp/line_debug_0.aux"}) == 1+$nlines;
ok 2, !defined(${"_<comp/line_debug_0.aux"}[0]);
for(1..$nlines) {
ok 2+$_, ${"_<comp/line_debug_0.aux"}[$_] eq $lines[$_-1];
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