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# tests that aren't important enough for base.term
print "1..23\n";
$x = "\\n";
print "#1\t:$x: eq " . ':\n:' . "\n";
if ($x eq '\n') {print "ok 1\n";} else {print "not ok 1\n";}
$x = "#2\t:$x: eq :\\n:\n";
print $x;
unless (index($x,'\\\\')>0) {print "ok 2\n";} else {print "not ok 2\n";}
if (length('\\\\') == 2) {print "ok 3\n";} else {print "not ok 3\n";}
$one = 'a';
if (length("\\n") == 2) {print "ok 4\n";} else {print "not ok 4\n";}
if (length("\\\n") == 2) {print "ok 5\n";} else {print "not ok 5\n";}
if (length("$one\\n") == 3) {print "ok 6\n";} else {print "not ok 6\n";}
if (length("$one\\\n") == 3) {print "ok 7\n";} else {print "not ok 7\n";}
if (length("\\n$one") == 3) {print "ok 8\n";} else {print "not ok 8\n";}
if (length("\\\n$one") == 3) {print "ok 9\n";} else {print "not ok 9\n";}
if (length("\\${one}") == 2) {print "ok 10\n";} else {print "not ok 10\n";}
if ("${one}b" eq "ab") { print "ok 11\n";} else {print "not ok 11\n";}
@foo = (1,2,3);
if ("$foo[1]b" eq "2b") { print "ok 12\n";} else {print "not ok 12\n";}
if ("@foo[0..1]b" eq "1 2b") { print "ok 13\n";} else {print "not ok 13\n";}
$" = '::';
if ("@foo[0..1]b" eq "1::2b") { print "ok 14\n";} else {print "not ok 14\n";}
# test if C<eval "{...}"> distinguishes between blocks and hashrefs
$a = "{ '\\'' , 'foo' }";
$a = eval $a;
if (ref($a) eq 'HASH') {print "ok 15\n";} else {print "not ok 15\n";}
$a = "{ '\\\\\\'abc' => 'foo' }";
$a = eval $a;
if (ref($a) eq 'HASH') {print "ok 16\n";} else {print "not ok 16\n";}
$a = "{'a\\\n\\'b','foo'}";
$a = eval $a;
if (ref($a) eq 'HASH') {print "ok 17\n";} else {print "not ok 17\n";}
$a = "{'\\\\\\'\\\\'=>'foo'}";
$a = eval $a;
if (ref($a) eq 'HASH') {print "ok 18\n";} else {print "not ok 18\n";}
$a = "{q,a'b,,'foo'}";
$a = eval $a;
if (ref($a) eq 'HASH') {print "ok 19\n";} else {print "not ok 19\n";}
$a = "{q[[']]=>'foo'}";
$a = eval $a;
if (ref($a) eq 'HASH') {print "ok 20\n";} else {print "not ok 20\n";}
# needs disambiguation if first term is a variable
$a = "+{ \$a , 'foo'}";
$a = eval $a;
if (ref($a) eq 'HASH') {print "ok 21\n";} else {print "not ok 21\n";}
$a = "+{ \$a=>'foo'}";
$a = eval $a;
if (ref($a) eq 'HASH') {print "ok 22\n";} else {print "not ok 22\n";}
$a = "{ 0x01 => 'foo'}->{0x01}";
$a = eval $a;
if ($a eq 'foo') {print "ok 23\n";} else {print "not ok 23\n";}