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c14a6c9 Jonathan Worthington Add LHF file, update nommap.
jnthn authored
1 # Rakudo "nom" Branch Low Hanging Fruit
3 Want to help? Want something that (hopefully) doesn't require deep
4 guts skillz? Take a task from this list. Delete it from here when
5 you commit; maybe announce on #perl6 that you're working on it too.
7 Note - do not just copy stuff from the master setting! Often things
8 need to be done differently in the "nom" branch, to take advantage of
9 new possible performance.
dbbd98d Jonathan Worthington A couple more bits of LHF to nom.
jnthn authored
6d53c0a Moritz Lenz fix chomp
moritz authored
12 ## More Smart-matching
13 See S03-smartmatch tests, especially array-array.t, hash-hash.t and
b05b391 Jonathan Worthington Update LHF; remove a dupe entry...nice as minmax op would be, it only ne...
jnthn authored
14 so forth. The regex ones are probably also good candidates now.
4677323 Jonathan Worthington A few more bits of LHF.
jnthn authored
4923896 Patrick R. Michaud Re-enable list (Parcel) assignment, although my() declarations still hav...
pmichaud authored
16 ## Nil assignment
17 my Int $b = 3; $b = Nil;
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