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New in 2009-03 release (#15, "Oslo")
+ implemented $*PROGRAM_NAME magical variable
+ outer lexicals are now visible in eval()
+ next, last etc. work in grep()
+ added R metaoperator
+ add an initial draft of Match.perl
+ refactor Grammar and Match class hierarchy
+ fix if/unless/while/until/for/... on line after close curlies
+ add Q quoting, including Q:PIR
+ added "state" variables
+ //= fixed to short-circuit, and added short-circuiting &&= and ||=
+ multi-subs now have the Multi type and have a .candidates method
+ multi-method dispatch now looks up the class hierarchy
+ various fixes to using roles as type constraints
+ support bare sigils in signatures
+ more methods and functions moved to (Perl 6) setting
+ many other bug fixes
New in 2009-02 release (#14, "Vienna")
+ first release independent of Parrot releases
+ passing 7076 spectests (+796 since 2009-01 release)
+ build and use fakecutable (perl6.exe) by default
+ redesigned build, configuration, and test subsystems
+ add settings/ directory for builtins written in Perl 6 (was "prelude")
+ improve diagnostics in
+ allow anonymous classes via C<::>
+ re-use existing parameterized roles instead of creating new ones
+ roles now pun classes when .new is called on them
+ 'proto' now marks all same-named routines as 'multi'
+ XopX is now Xop
+ implement <-> (rw) pointy blocks
+ added min= and max= metaoperators
+ many many bugfixes
+ publish release schedule
+ documentation improvements
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