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New in 2009-08 release
+ Rakudo must now be built from an installed parrot, and can be installed
+ separate Perl 6 meta class
+ introspection on roles
+ declaration of methods in the meta class by writing method ^newmethod($obj)
+ :tree options for parent class, attribute and role introspection
+ allow some custom postcircumfix:<( )> methods
+ moved more built-ins into the setting
+ implement operators infix:<!%> (divisibility test) and prefix [||] and [//]
+ updated ROADMAP in preparation for the Rakudo Star release
+ instead of throwing nasty parse errors, Rakudo now informs you that feed
operators are not yet implemented
+ improved testing: planless testing with done_testing(); better diagnostic
output from is()
+ the syntax for embedded comments has changed
+ embedded Pod comments are now recognized
+ support for defining traits and applying them to routines, classes and roles
+ "hides" trait (class A hides B { ... }), and "is hidden"
+ better handling of slurpy and optional in multi-dispatch
+ use of .?, .+ and .* with indirect calling form ($obj.+@cands)
+ .can improved; now returns something usable as an iterator
+ lastcall implemented
New in 2009-07 release
+ extensive refactor of the multi dispatch code to get closer to the spec
+ better handling of named arguments in multi dispatch
+ operators and traits can be defined in the setting
+ basic implementation of the series and eqv operators
+ refatored trait code to match updated specification
+ implemented more cases of smartmatching against hashes
+ fixed state variables to work with //= and ||= initialization
+ improved testing: when Rakudo dies with 'Null PMC Access' it is never
considered a success
+ implemented the :all flag to split which keeps captures
+ added List.rotate builtin
+ nextwith and callwith now also work properly with methods
+ take() without outer gather now merely warns
+ introspection of roles and attributes
New in 2009-06 release
+ refactored and corrected object initialization (BUILD/CREATE)
+ attributes initilizations can now use attributes defined earlier
+ method calls are now faster
+ basic safe mode that forbids IO and execution of external programs
+ implemented meta operators for user defined operators
+ initial implementation of Temporal (date/time related objects)
+ type checking of implicit return values
+ improved introspection methods
+ cleaned up IO methods
+ improved "is export" handling for modules and setting
+ automatically transcode to iso-8859-1 for faster parsing when possible
+ refactored and corrected assignment, .succ, .pred, C<++>, C<-->,
postcircumfix:<[ ]>, Whatever
+ "module Foo;" now allows statements before it
+ improved Unicode string handling
+ better support for Str increment/decrement in Unicode ranges
+ many performance improvements
New in 2009-05 release
+ updated docs/ROADMAP
+ basic support for custom operators
+ operators can now be referenced as &infix:<+>
+ meta operator support for custom operators
+ cross-language library loading
+ stack traces now include source file name and line number
+ implemented Regex type
+ .WALK (parent classes in configurable order)
+ .name method on routines
+ refactored enums, thereby fixing many enum related bugs
+ fixed namespace of eval()ed code
+ implemented parallel dispatch (@objects>>.methods)
+ initial support for «...» quotes
+ text files now default to utf8 encoding
+ fixes to Match.perl and Match.chunks
+ implemented 'constant name = $value'
+ documented build dependencies
+ grep() accepts general matcher, things like @list.grep(Int) work
+ trigonometric functions (sin, cos, ...) now available via 'use Num :Trig'
+ qx{} quotes now work (except on Windows)
+ hyper-operators on hashes now work (%a >>+<< %b)
+ initial implementation of $foo.@bar
+ refactored wrap and unwrap to work with candidate lists; fixes some bugs
+ refactored/improved callsame and callwith, and added nextsame and nextwith
(only work for dispatches of the form $foo.@bar and with wrap so far)
+ partial implementation of .^parents and .^methods
+ can initialize attributes in terms of others
+ many other bug fixes and performance enhancements
New in 2009-04 release (#16, "Bratislava")
+ wrap and unwrap for subroutines
+ calling a method on a Whatever star generates a closure
+ 1+*, *+1 and others generate closures (*-1 missing)
+ Associative, Positional and Callable are now parametric roles
+ typed arrays and hashes
+ parametric role subtyping (R[T1] ~~ R[T2] where T1 ~~ T2)
+ .invert and .push on Hashes
+ enforce return types of subroutines (partial implementation)
+ parallel testing
+ now supports passing options to parrot's Configure
+ support for lexical subroutines and multis
+ implemented \c[character name] in double quoted strings and regexes
+ implemented Perl 5 regexes
+ rx/.../ regex quoting
+ sockets support has been added (IO::Socket)
+ regex patterns may now be quantified by a separator regex
+ moved many methods to the setting
+ exporting and importing by tags, support :DEFAULT export tag
+ implemented START blocks
+ implemented roots builtin
+ implemented .ast on Match objects
+ added Match.caps and Match.chunks
+ split() now supports limits in all cases
+ prefix:<=> and the "fish operator" ( =<> ) are now gone
+ .readline is now .get
+ roles are now punned on any method call on the role
+ many other bug fixes
New in 2009-03 release (#15, "Oslo")
+ implemented $*PROGRAM_NAME magical variable
+ outer lexicals are now visible in eval()
+ next, last etc. work in grep()
+ added R metaoperator
+ add an initial draft of Match.perl
+ refactor Grammar and Match class hierarchy
+ fix if/unless/while/until/for/... on line after close curlies
+ add Q quoting, including Q:PIR
+ added "state" variables
+ //= fixed to short-circuit, and added short-circuiting &&= and ||=
+ multi-subs now have the Multi type and have a .candidates method
+ multi-method dispatch now looks up the class hierarchy
+ various fixes to using roles as type constraints
+ support bare sigils in signatures
+ more methods and functions moved to (Perl 6) setting
+ many other bug fixes
New in 2009-02 release (#14, "Vienna")
+ first release independent of Parrot releases
+ passing 7076 spectests (+796 since 2009-01 release)
+ build and use fakecutable (perl6.exe) by default
+ redesigned build, configuration, and test subsystems
+ add settings/ directory for builtins written in Perl 6 (was "prelude")
+ improve diagnostics in
+ allow anonymous classes via C<::>
+ re-use existing parameterized roles instead of creating new ones
+ roles now pun classes when .new is called on them
+ 'proto' now marks all same-named routines as 'multi'
+ XopX is now Xop
+ implement <-> (rw) pointy blocks
+ added min= and max= metaoperators
+ many many bugfixes
+ publish release schedule
+ documentation improvements
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