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New in 2011.06
+ added take-rw built-in
+ numerous build system improvements
+ assignment now evaluates arguments right-to-left
New in 2011.05 release
+ added a call counter for builtins in Perl 6-level subroutines
+ gcd (greatest common divisor) and lcm (largest common multiple) operators
+ build system improvements
+ added --ignore-parrot-rev option to
+ now creates "config.status" file
+ fixed relational operators when used with NaN
+ implemented Int.base
+ speedup smart-matching against numbers and Str.comb with default arguments
+ added RAKUDO_SUBLOG environment var for tracking subroutine calls
+ overall performance speedups
New in 2011.04 release
+ implemented Str.indent
+ A new, much simpler API and implemention of IO::Socket::INET
+ Unified error messages to use "Cannot"
New in 2011.03 release
+ improved error message on type check failure in assignment
+ -n and -p command line options
+'s skip() now has argument ordering consistent with todo()
+ implemented complex conjugation
+ more IO methods related to stat
New in 2011.02 release
+ IPv6 support
+ more robust numeric exponentation
+ --ll-backtrace command line option for PIR level stack traces
+ future-proof for upcoming generational garbage collector in parrot
+ various constructs now return Nil
+ infix:<orelse> implemented
+ infix:<^^> and infix:<xor> improved
+ negation metaoperator is now restricted to operators that return Bool
New in 2011.01 release
+ faster subroutine calls (type cache)
+ 'handles RoleName' now works
+ s/done_testing/done/
+ non-spec debugging pragma Devel::Trace
+ improved parsing of keyword boundaries
+ sped up .comb
New in 2010.12 release
+ new .trans algorithm
+ fixed $*PID on MacOS X
+ don't register names of anon types
+ configuration improvements
+ updated Any functions
+ fix $*IN_DECL leakage
+ implemented Hash.hash
+ Temporal updates
+ Buf.decode fixed
+ open() fixed for binary flag
New in 2010.11 release
+ now works with parrot on git
+ implemented qw//
+ 5x speedup of .trans
+ various improvements to Set
+ don't use deprecated charset ops anymore
+ Bool.Bool and now return False
+ implemented &elems
+ improved error for
+ improvement on hyperoperators
+ indexings like .[0 .. *-1] work now
New in 2010.10 release
+ True and False now stringify according to the specification
+ basic form of 'require' for run time module loading
+ warnings from the setting now produce line numbers in the users' program
+ local time zone available as $*TZ
+ more consistent line numbers from warnings
+ getting and setting attributes via introspection
+ implement samespace, ms// and ss///
+ hyper operator invoving = can now modify their arguments
+ speed up Str.flip by over a factor of 100
New in 2010.09 release
+ new methods on IO concerning the modify and access time of files
+ S32::Temporal now completely implemented
+ Instants and Durations
+ speedup for slurp() and .reverse built-ins
+ various improvements to the Set type
+ revamp of series operator code, and adaption to new spec
+ implement ...^ up-to-but-excluding-series operator
+ allow :r and :ratchet modifiers on regex quoting constructs
+ Bool.pick
+ significantly improved enum implementation
New in 2010.08 release
+ syntactic adverbs on substitutions, rx quotes and m//, e.g. '$x ~~ s:2nd/a/b/'
+ updated ROADMAP
+ speedups for integer operations
+ the Match class's .perl method now produces useful, roundtrippable Perl code
+ the MAIN subroutine can now parse short arguments
+ the cmp and <=> operators now work on more numeric types
+ the Buf class now has .pack and .unpack methods with partial functionality
+ numeric bitshift operators now have the correct precedence
+ smartmatch against True or False is now an error
New in 2010.07 release
+ support for delegation via 'handles'
+ implemented binding with := and read-only binding with ::=
+ implement OS related built-ins like mkdir, cwd
+ improved diagnostics in
+ basic binary IO, buffer encoding and decoding
+ magic $*ARGFILE file handle
+ more robust closures
+ multi-level Array and Hash element autovivification
+ perl6 --version now identifies the exact git sha1 and parrot version
+ implemented 'is rw' trait on classes
+ file tests now work through IO, ie. 'README'.IO ~~ :e
+ generic, multi-level Whatever-currying (eg grep !(* % 2), @list)
+ improved error reporting in many cases, especially multi-method dispatch
+ implemented backtracking into capturing groups and subrules
+ phasers refactored, they can now return results and see the setting
+ custom circumfix operators
+ basic .wrap and .unwrap implementation
+ weighted Hash.pick
+ .perl on custom classes now dumps attributes
+ Basic implementation of the ==> and <== feed operators
+ Int ~~ Num is no longer true, as per spec; use Numeric instead
+ Improvements to enumerations
New in 2010.06 release
+ new list model with immutable iterators, lots of fixes to lists and arrays
+ variable interpolation into regexes
+ compile time Whatever currying for infix, prefix and postfix operators
+ autoprinting in the REPL shell
+ in @*INC, the current directory '.' now comes at the end, as in Perl 5
+ basic Buf implementation: Str.encode/Buf.decode work for UTF-8
+ proper Perl 6 match objects
+ Backtraces with Perl 6 subroutine names and line numbers
+ MAIN and USAGE subs
+ basic version of Str.trans
+ mix-ins with non-roles (5 but 'string')
+ @*ARGS is now read-write
+ IO::Socket::INET again works in CORE
+ hash and array slices have been greatly improved
+ basic support for callframe() and CallFrame type
New in 2010.05 release
+ implemented lexical and anonymous classes and roles
+ manual pages are now installed
+ the .match method now understand the adverbs :c; :p, :nth, :x, :g, :ov
+ test reports with tools/ now record detailed timing information
+ many improvements to numeric handling
+ implemented S (sequential) meta operator
+ fixed placeholder parameters ($^a, $^b)
+ basic enum implementation
+ implemented List.classify
+ turned on an additional 47 test files
+ further improved error messages
+ implement zero-argument versions of many binary operators
+ basic interoperation with Perl 5 through the external Blizkost project
New in 2010.04 release
+ interpolation of expression ending in postcircumfixes into double-quoted
strings (for example "cards: @cards.sort()")
+ prefix and postfix hyper operators
+ multi subs now work properly when lexically scoped
+ implemented item assignment with tighter precedence than the comma operator
+ loading of .pm6 modules
+ Basic implementation of Numeric and Real roles
+ implementation of DateTime and Date built-in types
+ named regexes can be declared outside of grammars again
+ support for numbers with arbitrary radix, including fractional numbers (:16<DEAD.BEEF>)
+ implemented fmt(), printf() note() and IO.getc built-in routines
+ infix meta operators now inherit the precedence of the modified operator
+ &[+] short name for infix operators
+ hash slices
+ signature literals
+ smart-matching against signatures
+ more consistent implementation of prefix:<|> for interpolating things into
+ better error message on accidental usa of Perl 5 features such as << as
bit shift operators, and catch many perl 5 magic variables
+ implemented type Cool
+ implemented anonymous classes and roles
+ implemented $*PID
+ method introspection works again
+ better error message for calling non-existent routine in a namespace
+ now run programs with the setting as an outer lexical scope, as per spec
New in 2010.03 release
+ The trigonometric functions and the Rat class have received numerous
updates, making them faster and more complete
+ .^parent now works again
+ The invocation logic has received various speedups
+ Hash creation has been optimized
+ Various improvement related to constant internal strings have led to
slight speedups
+ .pick, .sort, .keys, .values, .kv, sprintf were reimplemented, ported
from the old 'alpha' branch
+ The statement modifier for loop works again
+ Various parsing bugs have been sorted out; one having to do with
closing curly braces at the end of a line not terminating the statement
+ .CREATE, .BUILDALL and .can in the OO system have received attention,
some of it leading to mild speedups
+ $*PROGRAM_NAME and @*ARGS now work
+ Deferral works again (nextsame/nextwith/callsame/callwith)
+ Array.delete works again
+ Fixed .?, .+ and .* along with matching latest spec on .?
+ Switch untyped variables to default to Any instead of Mu
+ &foo lookup syntax works again (including for operators)
+ Various cases of eqv operator implemented
+ Make overriding postcircumfix:<( )> work again, this time per spec
+ Make junctions of code objects invokable again
+ Lazy implementation of the Z operator
+ Added back @*INC
+ Read-only %*ENV support
+ Grammars work again
+ Implemented regexes taking parameters
+ Implemented proto-regex declarations
+ Initial work on getting subset types working again
+ Add back many of the file test methods
+ Added docs/S11-Modules-proposal.pod documenting how we intend to handle
modules through Rakudo *
+ First cut of locating and loading modules with a given version and/or
authority, and in absence of a requirement selection of the latest
version by default if multiple are available.
+ Many improvements to the series operator
+ Implemented 'need' and a first cut of 'import'; 'use' works in terms
of them
+ Import is now into the lexical scope by default, as per spec
+ Removed requirement to hand-pre-compile .pm to .pir for use with 'use'
+ Improved multi-dispatch candidate not found errors to include details of
the available candidates
+ Implemented 'use MONKEY_TYPING'
+ Many cases of smart-match work again
+ $x.Foo::bar() and $x.$y() work again
+ $.foo(1,2,3) works again
+ !, R, X and Z meta-operators work, albeit with some caveats
+ s/foo/bar/ and s[foo] = 'bar' substitution syntax implemented
+ Array.rotate added back
+ User defined operators (prefix, postfix, infix) working again
+ Many more small but important improvements to built-in types and functions
+ Various other bug fixes
+ ROADMAP updates
New in 2010.02 release
+ The branch formerly known as 'ng' becomes the new master branch
+ The previous master branch is now Rakudo/alpha
+ NQP-RX replaces NQP in the Parrot Compiler Toolkit, enabling the
source code of the compiler to be written in a subset of Perl 6 that
is much more powerful, most importantly with regexes, as the name
+ The revised Perl6/ is much closer to the canonical
+ Regexes may declare contextual and lexical variables
+ Lazy lists and arrays are partly implemented
+ The object metamodel is largely written in NQP-RX instead of PIR
+ The name of the root of the object hierarchy is now Mu
+ The term 'undef' is gone, replaced by Nil, Mu or *.notdef depending on
+ Builtin classes derive from Cool which derives from Any
+ The refactored source code is more compact and more easily extended
+ The number of spectests passed has reduced from a peak of 32731 in
alpha to 24221, because porting the functionality to the new master
is still ongoing
+ Release numbering changes from 'dash' to 'dot' delimiter to get on
better with various package management systems
New in 2010-01 release
+ Added method form of eval.
+ Implemented :s and :l file operators
+ Added functions for logarithms using $base
+ Refactored subroutine calls to use new Context structures in Parrot 2.0.0
New in 2009-12 release
+ Only minor maintenance was done because all attention was being given
to the Rakudo/ng branch, bringing in the new nqp-rx bootstrap compiler
New in 2009-11 release
+ Rakudo now uses Parrot's updated calling convention features
+ support unpacking of arrays, hashes and objects in signatures
+ changed .pick to use :replace instead of :repl
+ many core setting optimizations and bugfixes
+ IO::Socket.recv() has been extended to accept a parameter specifying the
number of bytes which will be received
+ Rakudo now looks up %INC in the right namespace when loading libraries for
foreign languages
New in 2009-10 release
+ smolder reports for spectest runs
+ more Complex trig functions
+ pure Perl 6 implementation of the Complex type
+ some variants of the new series operator
+ correct construction of twigilled colonpairs
+ infix:<eqv>, .pred and .succ for the Rat type
+ when configuring with --gen-parrot, pass --optimize to parrot's
+ moved more operators to the setting and thus made them overloadable
+ { %hash } now correctly constructs a hash, not a closure
+ new, faster low level Signature type
+ improved Signature introspection
+ new, much faster signature binder
+ improved various error messages related to signature binding
+ signature literals now supported
+ binding of named arguments to positional parameters
+ attributive parameters implemented
+ package blocks now run as immediate blocks, as per the spec
+ lexical variables declared outside of packages now visible inside them
New in 2009-09 release
+ updates to numeric operators: infix</>(Int, Int) creates a Rat
+ Rat (rational) numbers
+ overloadable builtin operators
+ contextual variables
+ setting values in %*ENV now works
+ partial support for trigonometric functions of complex numbers
+ better handling of custom traits, many builtin traits moved to core setting
+ improved type dispatch for builtin operators, type coercions
New in 2009-08 release
+ Rakudo must now be built from an installed parrot, and can be installed
+ separate Perl 6 meta class
+ introspection on roles
+ declaration of methods in the meta class by writing method ^newmethod($obj)
+ :tree options for parent class, attribute and role introspection
+ allow some custom postcircumfix:<( )> methods
+ moved more built-ins into the setting
+ implement operators infix:<!%> (divisibility test) and prefix [||] and [//]
+ updated ROADMAP in preparation for the Rakudo Star release
+ instead of throwing nasty parse errors, Rakudo now informs you that feed
operators are not yet implemented
+ improved testing: planless testing with done_testing(); better diagnostic
output from is()
+ the syntax for embedded comments has changed
+ embedded Pod comments are now recognized
+ support for defining traits and applying them to routines, classes and roles
+ "hides" trait (class A hides B { ... }), and "is hidden"
+ better handling of slurpy and optional in multi-dispatch
+ use of .?, .+ and .* with indirect calling form ($obj.+@cands)
+ .can improved; now returns something usable as an iterator
+ lastcall implemented
New in 2009-07 release
+ extensive refactor of the multi dispatch code to get closer to the spec
+ better handling of named arguments in multi dispatch
+ operators and traits can be defined in the setting
+ basic implementation of the series and eqv operators
+ refatored trait code to match updated specification
+ implemented more cases of smartmatching against hashes
+ fixed state variables to work with //= and ||= initialization
+ improved testing: when Rakudo dies with 'Null PMC Access' it is never
considered a success
+ implemented the :all flag to split which keeps captures
+ added List.rotate builtin
+ nextwith and callwith now also work properly with methods
+ take() without outer gather now merely warns
+ introspection of roles and attributes
New in 2009-06 release
+ refactored and corrected object initialization (BUILD/CREATE)
+ attributes initilizations can now use attributes defined earlier
+ method calls are now faster
+ basic safe mode that forbids IO and execution of external programs
+ implemented meta operators for user defined operators
+ initial implementation of Temporal (date/time related objects)
+ type checking of implicit return values
+ improved introspection methods
+ cleaned up IO methods
+ improved "is export" handling for modules and setting
+ automatically transcode to iso-8859-1 for faster parsing when possible
+ refactored and corrected assignment, .succ, .pred, C<++>, C<-->,
postcircumfix:<[ ]>, Whatever
+ "module Foo;" now allows statements before it
+ improved Unicode string handling
+ better support for Str increment/decrement in Unicode ranges
+ many performance improvements
New in 2009-05 release
+ updated docs/ROADMAP
+ basic support for custom operators
+ operators can now be referenced as &infix:<+>
+ meta operator support for custom operators
+ cross-language library loading
+ stack traces now include source file name and line number
+ implemented Regex type
+ .WALK (parent classes in configurable order)
+ .name method on routines
+ refactored enums, thereby fixing many enum related bugs
+ fixed namespace of eval()ed code
+ implemented parallel dispatch (@objects>>.methods)
+ initial support for «...» quotes
+ text files now default to utf8 encoding
+ fixes to Match.perl and Match.chunks
+ implemented 'constant name = $value'
+ documented build dependencies
+ grep() accepts general matcher, things like @list.grep(Int) work
+ trigonometric functions (sin, cos, ...) now available via 'use Num :Trig'
+ qx{} quotes now work (except on Windows)
+ hyper-operators on hashes now work (%a >>+<< %b)
+ initial implementation of $foo.@bar
+ refactored wrap and unwrap to work with candidate lists; fixes some bugs
+ refactored/improved callsame and callwith, and added nextsame and nextwith
(only work for dispatches of the form $foo.@bar and with wrap so far)
+ partial implementation of .^parents and .^methods
+ can initialize attributes in terms of others
+ many other bug fixes and performance enhancements
New in 2009-04 release (#16, "Bratislava")
+ wrap and unwrap for subroutines
+ calling a method on a Whatever star generates a closure
+ 1+*, *+1 and others generate closures (*-1 missing)
+ Associative, Positional and Callable are now parametric roles
+ typed arrays and hashes
+ parametric role subtyping (R[T1] ~~ R[T2] where T1 ~~ T2)
+ .invert and .push on Hashes
+ enforce return types of subroutines (partial implementation)
+ parallel testing
+ now supports passing options to parrot's Configure
+ support for lexical subroutines and multis
+ implemented \c[character name] in double quoted strings and regexes
+ implemented Perl 5 regexes
+ rx/.../ regex quoting
+ sockets support has been added (IO::Socket)
+ regex patterns may now be quantified by a separator regex
+ moved many methods to the setting
+ exporting and importing by tags, support :DEFAULT export tag
+ implemented START blocks
+ implemented roots builtin
+ implemented .ast on Match objects
+ added Match.caps and Match.chunks
+ split() now supports limits in all cases
+ prefix:<=> and the "fish operator" ( =<> ) are now gone
+ .readline is now .get
+ roles are now punned on any method call on the role
+ many other bug fixes
New in 2009-03 release (#15, "Oslo")
+ implemented $*PROGRAM_NAME magical variable
+ outer lexicals are now visible in eval()
+ next, last etc. work in grep()
+ added R metaoperator
+ add an initial draft of Match.perl
+ refactor Grammar and Match class hierarchy
+ fix if/unless/while/until/for/... on line after close curlies
+ add Q quoting, including Q:PIR
+ added "state" variables
+ //= fixed to short-circuit, and added short-circuiting &&= and ||=
+ multi-subs now have the Multi type and have a .candidates method
+ multi-method dispatch now looks up the class hierarchy
+ various fixes to using roles as type constraints
+ support bare sigils in signatures
+ more methods and functions moved to (Perl 6) setting
+ many other bug fixes
New in 2009-02 release (#14, "Vienna")
+ first release independent of Parrot releases
+ passing 7076 spectests (+796 since 2009-01 release)
+ build and use fakecutable (perl6.exe) by default
+ redesigned build, configuration, and test subsystems
+ add settings/ directory for builtins written in Perl 6 (was "prelude")
+ improve diagnostics in
+ allow anonymous classes via C<::>
+ re-use existing parameterized roles instead of creating new ones
+ roles now pun classes when .new is called on them
+ 'proto' now marks all same-named routines as 'multi'
+ XopX is now Xop
+ implement <-> (rw) pointy blocks
+ added min= and max= metaoperators
+ many many bugfixes
+ publish release schedule
+ documentation improvements
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