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Deprecations in 2012.12
'for'-loops will be lazy (just like map), and only be automatically
run in sink (void) or list context. This causes problems if the last
statement in a block is a for-loop that either calls return(), or
is inside a try { } block. Since such code is now run after the block
exits, it is not in the dynamic scope of the routine or the try block.
As a fix, you can force eager execution of the for-loop by adding
another statement after it, or by writing 'eager do for LIST BLOCK'.
This change will take effect in 2013.01.
warnings will start being issued for unused parameters to pointy blocks
and routines. At present, they do not warn at all. Planned for 2013.01.
constructs like "my $a; { $a; my $a; }", where the meaning of the first
mention of $a in the block would create confusion as to what was being
referred to, will become an error as in STD. This change will take
effect in 2013.01.
Deprecations in 2012.11
at present, a reference to an &foo that does not exist evalutes to
Nil. This will become a CHECK-time failure, in line with STD.
Planned for the 2012.12 release.
Deprecations in 2012.10
protos for built-in routines are now mostly as generic as possible,
and will be changed to be specific to the arity of the routine.
For example 'proto sub chr(|) {*}' will become 'proto sub chr($) {*}'
This affects everybody who adds multis with unusual arity to built-in
Planned for the 2012.11 release.
Unary hyper ops currently descend into nested arrays and hashes.
This will change to make them equivalent to a one-level map.
Planned for the 2012.11 release.
~/.perl6/lib will go away from the default include path (@*INC).
Instead %*CUSTOM_LIB now holds paths to four library locations:
perl Rakudo installs its core modules here
vendor OS-level package managers should install their modules here
site for local module installations (e.g. with panda or ufo)
home like site, but always under the user's home directory.
fallback if site isn't writable.
Removal of ~/.perl6/lib from @*INC planned for the 2012.11 release
Deprecations in 2012.09
Str.capitalize and &capitalize are deprecated in favor
of the the Str.wordcase and &wordcase routines.
They will uncondtionally warn in 2012.10, and be removed in 2012.11.
Deprecations in 2012.08
Parameters preceeded by a | or \ may not have a sigil anymore.
sub f(\$x) { say $x }
must be changed to
sub f(\x) { say x }
Usage of \$x will unconditionally warn in 2012.09 and be removed in 2012.10
IO::Path.dir (which returns the directory part of the path)
has been renamed to
IO::Path.dir will be removed or re-purposed in 2012.09
The LAZY statement prefix will be removed in 2012.09. It was a non-specced
experiment and did not work out well.
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