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This file contains various notes and observations Pm makes as
he reviews code. Many of these can become RT tickets -- this is
just a lighter-weight mechanism for keeping track of things to be
Active notes
Pm-1: In src/core/, the exists() method has a line like:
[?&] map { self[$^a] !~~ Proxy }, @indices;
There doesn't seem to be a strong reason for using C<map> and [?&]
here... more efficient would seem to be to use a slice directly,
as in:
none(self[@indices]) ~~ Proxy
Also, I'm fairly certain the test for Proxy won't stand, because
we'd like .exists() to also work on Lists. In fact, any sort of
type-based test is likely wrong -- we'll probably have to resort
to some PIR-based testing here, since only PIR will really know if
an element is present in the List/Array.
Pm-2: The subroutines in src/core/ (e.g,. &reducewith)
all end up being visible in the core setting. Should they be?
(I'm thinking they're actually internal helper subs, and as such
should not be part of the core setting, much less global subs
as they are now.)
Pm-3: Is there any strong reason why has C<:any>,
C<:all>, C<:one>, etc. flags instead of just using C<< :type<any> >>?
Pm-4: Why does Rakudo have "EnumMap is Cool" ? Why is it that
all Iterables are considered Cool?
Pm-5: Can someone point to the specification or explain the logic
behind Parcel.ACCEPTS?
Resolved notes:
None yet.
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