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# Copyright (C) 2008, The Perl Foundation.
# $Id$
=head1 NAME - Generates the ObjectRef PMC
% perl pmc_template output_file
Takes a template for the ObjectRef PMC, and fills in the missing v-table
methods with methods that simply delegate them to the held value.
=over 4
use strict;
use Parrot::Config;
# Get and check parameters.
my ($template, $output) = @ARGV;
unless ($template && $output) {
die "Usage: perl pmc_template output_file";
unless (-e $template) {
die "ObjectRef PMC template file '$template' does not exist";
# Read template.
my $template_contents = slurp($template);
# Read v-tables list and get list of functions from it.
my $vtable_list = slurp($PConfig{srcdir}.$PConfig{versiondir}.'/vtable.tbl');
my @all_vtables = extract_matches($vtable_list, '(\w+)\\(');
# Find v-table methods defined in the ObjectRef template and exclude
# them from the list.
my @nogen = extract_matches($template_contents, 'VTABLE\s*\w+\s*\*?\s*(\w+)\\(');
my %nogen;
$nogen{$_}++ for @nogen;
my @generate = grep { !$nogen{$_} } @all_vtables;
# Generate methods and insert into file.
my $gen_code = join("\n", map { generate_meth($_, $vtable_list) } @generate);
$template_contents =~ s/(pmclass[^{]+\{.+?)(VTABLE)/$1\n$gen_code$2/s;
# Write it.
spew($output, $template_contents);
=item generate_meth
Generates a forwarder method for the PMC.
sub generate_meth {
my ($name, $vtable_file) = @_;
# Extract signature, parameter names and MMD info.
unless ($vtable_file =~ /^(\w+\s*\*?)\s*$name\((.*)\)(\s+MMD)?/m) {
die "Can't get type info for vtable method $name";
if ($3) {
# Don't generate forwarders for MMD methods.
return "";
my $ret_type = $1;
my $param_list = $2;
$ret_type =~ s/\s+//g;
# Get list of parameters to pass on in forwarding (basically,
# strip types).
my @params = split(/\s*,\s*/, $param_list);
my $pass_list = join(', ', map { /(?:^|\s)(\w+)$/; $1 } @params);
$pass_list = ", $pass_list" if $pass_list;
# Any return?
my $return = $ret_type eq 'void' ? '' : 'return ';
# Generate method.
my $meth = <<METH;
VTABLE $ret_type $name($param_list) {
${return}VTABLE_$name(INTERP, _VALUE$pass_list);
return $meth;
=item slurp
Reads in an entire file.
sub slurp {
my $filename = shift;
open my $fh, "< $filename" or die "Could not open $filename: $!";
my $content = join('', <$fh>);
close $fh;
return $content;
=item spew
Writes a string to a file, replacing or creating it as needed.
sub spew {
my ($filename, $content) = @_;
open my $fh, "> $filename" or die "Could not open $filename: $!";
print $fh $content;
close $fh
=item extract_matches
Extracts all items matching the given pattern and puts $1 into an
sub extract_matches {
my ($text, $pattern) = @_;
my @found = ();
while ($text =~ /$pattern/g) {
push @found, $1;
return @found;
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