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#!/usr/bin/env perl
use strict;
use warnings;
use FindBin;
use 5.010;
# not using autodie for open() because of [perl #81572]
use autodie qw(close chdir);
use File::Path qw(remove_tree);
die <<"USAGE" unless @ARGV == 1;
Usage: $0 <testfile>
Note that this script does some really drastic cleaning,
including 'git clean -xdf' in parrot/ and removing parrot_install.
Please run this script only in a source tree where you have no important
files (except those under version control)
my $rakudo_dir = "$FindBin::Bin/..";
sub system_quietly {
my ($program, @rest) = @_;
open(my $h, '-|', $program, @rest) or die $!;
1 while <$h>;
close $h;
eval {
say "Cleaning rakudo...";
remove_tree "$rakudo_dir/parrot_install";
chdir "$rakudo_dir";
system("make", "realclean") and 1;
chdir "$rakudo_dir/parrot";
say "..done";
say "build parrot...";
chdir "$rakudo_dir/parrot";
system_quietly('git', 'clean', '-xdqf');
system_quietly($^X, '', "--prefix=$rakudo_dir/parrot_install",
"--optimize", '--nomanicheck', '--cc=ccache gcc');
system_quietly('make', '-j3');
say "... installing parrot ...";
system_quietly('make', 'install');
say "... done building parrot";
chdir $rakudo_dir;
system_quietly($^X, '');
system('make', '-j3') == 0 or die "error during make: $!";
exec('./perl6', $ARGV[0]);
if ($@) {
say $@;
exit 125;
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