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# Copyright (C) 2008, The Perl Foundation.
# $Id$
use Cwd;
use File::Spec;
use Getopt::Long;
use lib qw| lib ../lib ../../lib |;
use Parrot::Config;
my $help = 0;
my $verbose = 0;
my $realclean = 1;
my $jit = 0;
my $test = 0;
my $codetest = 0;
my $spectest = 0;
my $make = $PConfig{make};
GetOptions('help!' => \$help,
'verbose!' => \$verbose,
'realclean!' => \$realclean,
'jit!' => \$jit,
'test!' => \$test,
'codetest!' => \$codetest,
'spectest!' => \$spectest,
die <<"USAGE" if $help;
usage: $0 [options]
-h|--help print this usage info
-v|--verbose show verbose output
-j|--jit enable JIT during configuration
-t|--test run '$make test' after build
-c|--codetest run '$make codetest' after build
-s|--spectest run '$make spectest' after build
-r|--realclean run '$make realclean' before rebase, and configure after
(default on; use --no-realclean to turn it off)
For extra golfing goodness, try creating a shell alias
to run this script with your favorite options.
print "Looking for Parrot root ...\n";
chdir '..' until -f 'parrotbug' || cwd eq File::Spec->rootdir;
die "Couldn't find Parrot root at or above current directory.\n"
unless -f 'parrotbug';
print "... found at '" . cwd . "'.\n\n" if $verbose;
if ($realclean && -e 'Makefile') {
print "Cleaning old build ...\n";
run_command( $make, 'realclean' );
print "Rebasing Parrot ...\n";
my @rebase = -e '.git' ? qw( git svn rebase ) :
-e '.svn' ? qw( svn up ) :
qw( svk pull ) ;
unless (-e 'Makefile') {
print "Configuring Parrot ...\n";
my @config = qw( perl );
push @config, qw( --jitcapable=0 ) unless $jit;
print "Making Parrot ...\n";
run_command( $make );
print "Making Rakudo ...\n";
run_command( $make, 'perl6' );
if ($test) {
print "Running standard Parrot tests ...\n";
run_command( $make, 'test' );
if ($codetest) {
print "Running coding standard compliance tests ...\n";
run_command( $make, 'codetest' );
if ($spectest) {
print "Running Perl 6 spec tests ...\n";
chdir 'languages/perl6';
run_command( $make, 'spectest' );
print "Done.\n";
sub run_command {
if ($verbose) {
my $status = system @_;
die "Could not '@_': $!\n" if $status == -1;
print "\n";
else {
my $output = `@_ 2>&1`;
die "Could not '@_': $!\n" unless defined $output;
print $output if $?;
die "\n'@_' reports error, exiting.\n" if $?;
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