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Deprecations in 2012.10
protos for built-in routines are now mostly as generic as possible,
and will be changed to be specific to the arity of the routine.
For example 'proto sub chr(|) {*}' will become 'proto sub chr($) {*}'
This affects everybody who adds multis with unusual arity to built-in
Planned for the 2012.11 release.
Unary hyper ops currently descend into nested arrays and hashes.
This will change to make them equivalent to a one-level map.
Planned for the 2012.11 release.
Deprecations in 2012.09
Str.capitalize and &capitalize are deprecated in favor
of the the Str.wordcase and &wordcase routines.
They will uncondtionally warn in 2012.10, and be removed in 2012.11.
Deprecations in 2012.08
Parameters preceeded by a | or \ may not have a sigil anymore.
sub f(\$x) { say $x }
must be changed to
sub f(\x) { say x }
Usage of \$x will unconditionally warn in 2012.09 and be removed in 2012.10
IO::Path.dir (which returns the directory part of the path)
has been renamed to
IO::Path.dir will be removed or re-purposed in 2012.09
The LAZY statement prefix will be removed in 2012.09. It was a non-specced
experiment and did not work out well.
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