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release_guide.pod - guide to Rakudo releases

Rakudo's development release cycle is based on Parrot's release cycle. Parrot releases the third Tuesday of each month; Rakudo will generally issue its own development release two days after the Parrot release.

Each development release is given a sequential number and a code name based on an active Perl Mongers group. Rakudo's February 2009 release is #14; prior releases were bundled as part of monthly Parrot releases.

Development releases

  2009-02-26   Rakudo #14 "Vienna"

Planned 2009 releases

Dates are based on Parrot's expected release schedule.

  2009-03-18   Rakudo #15 
  2009-04-23   Rakudo #16 "Oslo"
  2009-05-21   Rakudo #17 
  2009-06-18   Rakudo #18 (likely "Pittsburgh")
  2009-07-23   Rakudo #19
  2009-08-20   Rakudo #20
  2009-09-24   Rakudo #21
  2009-10-22   Rakudo #22
  2009-11-19   Rakudo #23
  2009-12-17   Rakudo #24


Copyright (C) 2009, The Perl Foundation.

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