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use NQPP6Regex;
use QRegex;
use Perl6::Optimizer;
class Perl6::Compiler is HLL::Compiler {
method command_eval(*@args, *%options) {
if pir::exists(%options, 'doc') && !%options<doc> {
%options<doc> := 'Text';
my $hll_ns := pir::get_root_global__Ps('perl6');
my $argiter := nqp::iterator(@args);
nqp::shift($argiter) if $argiter && !pir::defined(%options<e>);
$hll_ns<$!ARGITER> := $argiter;
my $super := pir::find_method__PPs(HLL::Compiler, 'command_eval');
%*COMPILING<%?OPTIONS> := %options;
$super(self, |@args, |%options);
method optimize($past, *%adverbs) {
%adverbs<optimize> eq 'off' ??
$past !!$past, |%adverbs)
method syntaxcheck($past, *%adverbs) {
if %adverbs<c> {
say("Syntax OK");
method autoprint($value) {
unless pir::getinterp__P().stdout_handle().tell() > $*AUTOPRINTPOS {
if pir::can($value, 'gist') {
} else {
method usage($name?) {
say(($name ?? $name !! "") ~ " [switches] [--] [programfile] [arguments]
With no arguments, enters a REPL. With a \"[programfile]\" or the
\"-e\" option, compiles the given program and by default also
executes the compiled code.
-c check syntax only (runs BEGIN and CHECK blocks)
--doc extract documentation and print it as text
-e program one line of program
-h, --help display this help text
-n run program once for each line of input
-p same as -n, but also print \$_ at the end of lines
--target=[stage] specify compilation stage to emit
-t, --trace=[flags] enable trace flags, see 'parrot --help-debug'
--encoding=[mode] specify string encoding mode
-o, --output=[name] specify name of output file
-v, --version display version information
--stagestats display time spent in the compilation stages
--ll-exception display a low level backtrace on errors
--profile print profile information to standard error
Note that only boolean single-letter options may be bundled.
Output from --profile can be visualized by kcachegrind.
To modify the include path, you can set the PERL6LIB environment variable:
PERL6LIB=\"lib\" perl6
For more information, see the perl6(1) man page.\n");
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