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my class Stash {
multi method at_key(Hash:D: $key is copy, :$global_fallback) is rw {
my Mu $storage := nqp::defined(nqp::getattr(self, EnumMap, '$!storage')) ??
nqp::getattr(self, EnumMap, '$!storage') !!
nqp::bindattr(self, EnumMap, '$!storage', nqp::hash());
$key = $key.Str;
if nqp::existskey($storage, nqp::unbox_s($key)) {
nqp::atkey($storage, nqp::unbox_s($key))
elsif $global_fallback {
nqp::existskey(GLOBAL.WHO, $key)
?? GLOBAL.WHO.at_pos($key)
!! fail("Could not find symbol '$key'")
else {
pir::setattribute__0PPsP(my $v, Scalar, '$!whence',
-> { nqp::bindkey($storage, nqp::unbox_s($key), $v) } )
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