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New in 2018.10:
+ This is the first Rakudo release that comes with an additional
JS backend. See `6pad` project for running Perl 6 code directly
in your browser.
+ Deprecations:
+ Deprecated `gethostname()` in favor of `$*KERNEL.hostname` [f7fa5185]
+ Fixes:
+ Fixed/improved divide-by-zero errors in
`Rational.floor`/`.ceiling`/`.Str` [a639fa9c][6d70346c]
+ Fixed semantics of `[Nil]` [88e6de22]
+ Fixed issue with custom `bless` method [64137bd2]
+ Made nativecall's `postcircumfix:<[ ]>` return containers [be2d4cb4]
+ Fixed hash descriptor when doing `Hash[Int].new` [9acbf000][ea710414]
+ `Nil` is now allowed in initialization and assignment of hashes
+ Fixed ContainerDescriptor for arrays with a dimension of three [a2e78ec8]
+ Fixed indexing of shaped arrays with a dimension higher than 3 [0307c366]
+ `.in-timezone`s value is now coerced to Int [c8438e6a]
+ Stub methods from roles are now verified [fd5d5bdf]
+ Fixed double-closing of handles in `IO::Handle.lines` when `:close` and
`$limit` are used [6edb142f]
+ Fixed closing of handles in `IO::Handle.lines` when `$limit`
is used [c1c75740]
+ Consistified Rat.base to fail instead of throw [a804ab57]
+ Fixed enforcing of return constraints on multi method stubs [abba67b2]
+ Various improvements to produced messages [cc2fcc9a][560e94ef]
+ Additions:
+ [6.d] Constructs `$()`/`@()`/`%()` no longer have any `$/`-related
magic [bb88a032]
+ [6.d] DefiniteHOWs' (type smileys) default default is now the base
type [38b198c9]
+ Zero-Denominator Rationals are now normalized on creation [671c4115]
+ Made `my @a is List = 1,2,3,4` work [2bdf2b35]
+ Using `is Type` on `@` and `%` attributes is now allowed [b537ce2e]
+ Added a BOM on `open` for utf16 filehandles [959b89cf][479348f3]
+ Added initial support for Unicode 11.0 [5c272ee4]
+ Pluggable `MAIN` interface refactored, documented and tested
+ Usage message now limits itself to partially matching candidates
+ Added additional dashed variants for utf16le and utf16be [4307996a]
+ Added `Parameter.coerce_type` method [0243275d]
+ Added `Code.cando` method to allow for `.cando` on all `Callable`s
+ Removals:
+ Removed --encoding support [bea08ec6][31b19d09]
+ Efficiency:
+ Made Hash.push/append between 1.2x and 1.4x as fast [12cfde2a]
+ Made `"".ord` orders of magnitude faster [b22edce4]
+ Made `==` with Rationals up to 1.55x as fast [c5a2eb81]
+ Made Rational `===` Rational 2.47x as fast [97e8413b]
+ Made many cases of `for (range-like things)` up to 150x as fast
+ Made `[42]` not allocate anything anymore [8c4546bb]
+ Made `[@a]` and `[1,2,3]` about 1.4x as fast [e430813f]
+ Made `Array.List` coercion 1.5x as fast [3d405e89]
+ Made `.isa` about 2x as fast [4e8740c8]
+ Made `infix:<%%>` 10.42x as fast on natives [3d161a56]
+ Other minor optimizations [464a86b1][ab83b9d8][8cc3d5d7][b107cda5]
+ Internal:
+ Made `make` an only [369068ae]
+ Added skip-one method to appropriate `PredictiveIterator`s [e54885e5]
+ More things are now initialized at setting compile time
+ Simplified initialization of `CompUnit::RepositoryRegistry`
+ Introduced `IterationBuffer.List` [8c10da6a]
+ Use `nqp::create` for IterationBuffer instead of .new [84311b77]
+ Made sure `.STORE` only works on instances of mixy/baggy types [9daac683]
+ Added `$*INSIDE-EVAL` to mark that we're inside an `EVAL` [73b7c603]
New in 2018.09:
+ Fixes:
+ Made native arrays throw when storing a lazy Seq [fc8c7f84][bb963a25]
+ Fixed smartmatching of Seqs against Iterables [d3cac14e]
+ Made it possible to emit Mu [3f10e2d1][db3768e3]
+ Fixed setting of `$/` when matching NDF [cf1df1d7]
+ Fixed prefix calls with `.:< ... >` on integer literals [ec366c30]
+ `.Array` on shaped arrays now returns a proper `Array` instead of
dying [efbd58c8]
+ Fixed `.keys` on one-dimensional native shaped arrays [5a9105ae]
+ Made `Parameter.twigil` also work on dynamic Parameters [39f2d68a]
+ Made sure the decoder is detached when closing handles [b07874e0]
+ Made sure `X` handles empty lists on RHS [6c93fde8]
+ Various improvements to produced messages [d419a313][c8db35e3]
+ Additions:
+ Added a `PredictiveIterator` role for `Iterator`s that can
determine how many values can still be generated, without
actually generating them [3ffacb9f][5cbbcc6e][842d4b32]
+ Added `use isms <C++>` and make `use isms` assume all available
"isms" (now 'Perl5' and 'C++') [57f89278][c6c2b6c4][528def48]
+ Partially implemented Pod `#` alias for `%config :numbered` [b4bf1660]
+ Added utf16 decodestream and file handle write support [8fcebb86]
+ Efficiency:
+ Made `Str.words` about 3x as fast [b8f37bfc]
+ Made `Str.lines` about 2x as fast [3dd09be3]
+ Made `IO::Handle.lines` about 1.2x as fast [874ec002][d198c1b7]
+ Made `IO::Path.lines` about 1.1x as fast [1905838c]
+ Made `Str.chop(N)` about 5x as fast [07089e89]
+ Made `Str.(r)index(needle,pos)` about 1.2x as fast [5d1d792a]
+ Improved `.elems` and `.Bool` on `Seq` by adding
`count-only`/`bool-only` methods [89055755][86468e1e][070780e0]
+ Internal:
+ Moved some iterators from Range to `R::Iterator` [fcd45ff8]
+ Streamlined quoted words handling [92951168][ae739adf]
+ Fixed a bug in the optimizer where optimizations were
improperly combining [e436f4e5]
+ Simplified `Map.kv` iterator [6977973d]
+ Replaced use of `p6bool` by `hllbool` and `hllboolfor` [672196cd]
+ Removed obsolete p6settypes extop [de4e8225]
+ Standardized use of proto's on `.STORE` methods [ed9b48de]
+ Removed EmptySeq [a4db33e7]
New in 2018.08:
+ Changed filenames and permissions of many scripts in the repo
(e.g. is now install-dist.p6) [07b4100c][9d8b6600]
+ Deprecations:
+ Deprecated RAKUDO_EXCEPTIONS_HANDLER [5e1df41b][d2116efd]
+ [6.d] Deprecated `undefine` [72bac670]
+ Fixes:
+ Fixed .assuming on subs with slurpies [93a8ec66]
+ Fixed auto-printing of low-level (non-`Mu`) objects in REPL [9ea427a3]
+ Made `Map.list` return a List instead of a Seq [60447c62]
+ Made internal safely_stringify routine safer [0e2a7d93]
+ Made .perl of `(|)` signature a bit more idiomatic [24467ed6]
+ Fixed coping with failures to open a directory in internal
`DIR-RECURSE` sub [e9351cba]
+ Fixed preservation of newlines in pod blocks [c6433838]
+ Fixed big int values in `BagHash` [fd779109]
+ Fixed several crashes and bugs involving meta assign operator [b9b0838d]
+ Fixed roundtripability of `QuantHash`es [84f60ada][ddf496c7]
+ Fixed `.comb` on allomorphs with leading 0's [f8d6a3f4][72ccd432]
+ Fixed crash when doing EVAL :lang<Perl5> from multiple threads [66683080]
+ Fixed potential race condition in EVAL [80bbfbb3]
+ Fixed `Test`'s `diag` to no longer die on `Junction`s [5ec2c96e]
+ Fixed Cool consistency in arguments of &round [e547811a]
+ Fixed &prompt to convert numeric data to allomorphs [38d7f2a0]
+ Many fixes and improvements to the contributors.p6 script
+ Made `Routine.perl` more verbose / precise [d6c161ba]
+ Added some missing `is rw` [6caf86be][832ccd81]
+ Fixed problem in concatenation of 2 `Junction`s [4ef8433a]
+ Fixed failure to set up encoder/decoder in IO::Handle via
`.encoding` call in certain cases/encodings [86846ac5]
+ Made it impossible to assign to a Map [fffe89c5]
+ Fixed `Map.WHICH` to reflect subclasses correctly [199d276b]
+ Gave PseudoStash its own non-value based .WHICH [bb5db6a8]
+ Fixed `QuantHash`.hash/Hash return values [76298204]
+ Made `Proc.command` return an immutable List instead of Array [925c1134]
+ Fixed `loop` to always return Nil [aff96bae]
+ Made an uncomposed class type-check against roles that have been added
+ Fixed IO::Handle.encoding to check if$!decoder was set up [edf81bfe]
+ Fixed `is required($reason)` [7c349b7e]
+ Fixed `Range.roll(*)`/`roll(N)`/`pick(N)` with big ints [b30800c8]
+ Removed `<?before>` token in `term:sym<multi_declarator>` [51e41da8]
+ [6.d] Reserved `:sym` colonpair on names of routines [a68784a6]
+ Fixed a ThreadPoolScheduler memory leak whereby certain usage
patterns caused it to build up an ever-deeper call stack, due
to continuation mis-use [bf514c15]
+ Fixed misscoping of blocks in whatever curries [85495890]
+ Made sure that onlystar Routines cannot be optimized away when
wrapped [434ede49][1188f801]
+ Made it possible to use `Array::` as a top level namespace
in modules [a71e370b]
+ Fixed Distribution::Resource.^mro to not error [bb46381a]
+ [6.d] Changed `$*ARGFILES` to be based on `$*IN` inside sub MAIN
+ [6.d] Made `num` variables default to 0e0 [f045042d]
+ Made Rationals fully-immutable [5c429e4e]
+ Fixed problem in QuantHash.ACCEPTS [712d0f0f]
+ Slightly changed semantics of (+), (-), (&), (.), (^), (|) on QuantHashes
+ Fixed wrong math with largish Ints [fec1bd74][8e2c70fa][342c5a9c]
+ Fixed crash with attr + submethod TWEAK [d09756ae]
+ Removed sig from Routine.perl if it is empty [546d08c1]
+ Gave Routine its own .gist [6ad50d79]
+ Made sure `my ($a,$b)` does not have any runtime effect [90ef3061]
+ Prevented REPL from writing to filehandle when opening a file [07d00db1]
+ Fixed a couple of thinkos in Map.STORE [6587bf75]
+ Fixed Unicode Regional Indicators [80a7cff6]
+ Normalized the path portion of repo specs [aae0827f]
+ Gave Blob.subbuf the same feature set as Str.substr [26b49169]
+ Added support for Buf.subbuf(x,Any) [22f779a8]
+ Gave native arrays their own ACCEPTS [9726e644][6a481323]
+ Gave Buf/Blob their own ACCEPTS [9531455d]
+ Fixed occasional crashes in deprecation location handling code [0979b775]
+ Various improvements to produced messages [e2e42181][e2bbe3f0]
+ Additions:
+ Added `X::ParametricConstant` exception [b6cd6122]
+ Added enforcement of type constraints on constants [1dea3034]
+ Improved auto-coercion of values to `@`- and `%`-sigilled constants
(the `%`- one requires use of `v6.d.PREVIEW` pragma) [1dea3034]
+ Added a warning on definition of anon sub in `sink` context
+ Exposed host and port of IO::Async::Socket.listen via the Tap
+ Added ability to mixin roles on attrs, aka `has %.a does Foo` [3158ae7e]
+ Added Callable indexing candidate for CArray [541922a0]
+ Added QuantHash.Setty|Baggy|Mixy coercer methods [3d9ea6eb][76e5f9c8]
+ Added proper handling of pod =defn block [6e8ca327]
+ Removals:
+ Use of syntax for parameterized constants now throws (such
constrains were never enforced) [1dea3034]
+ Removed unspecced/used pre-6.c jvm modules [e6c5e859]
+ Removed unused Universal role [2670236f]
+ Renamed `IO::Handle.*-internal` methods to their final names [03d79975]
+ Removed previously deprecated `$*INITTIME` dynamic variable [a37c6aa4]
+ Build system:
+ Bumped JVM memory limit to survive setting build [80dca6b7][8feb13cd]
+ Added passing of --execname to nqp so that nqp::execname() works
+ Efficiency:
+ Made `.first()` and `:first(:end)` without other parameters
about 2x as fast [e6e9daf1]
+ Made nested meta assign operators 3.9x as fast [b9b0838d]
+ Made `.?` 1.5x as fast by using a spesh plugin [708c1326][a167e6cc]
+ Marked `set()`, `bag()` and `mix()` as `is pure` [c37c3b59]
+ Made `Int != Int` about 4x as fast [b236faec]
+ Made native `int` array `.sum` between 2.2x and 36x as fast [88e913b6]
+ Made initialization of native `int` array from a `Range`
about 1.7x as fast [5682ee1f]
+ Made `Map` initialization logic 1.5x-4x as fast [ee800ada]
+ Made `Map.WHICH` about 8x as fast [ac2fa03b]
+ Made the `for ^100` loop optimization about 1.02x as fast [f43f118a]
+ Made Rational reduction 1.43x as fast [3d10a7f1]
+ Made argless Rational.round 5.7x as fast [097826ef]
+ Made creation of Rationals 1.19x as fast [db66a138]
+ Made `infix:<**>(Rational, Int)` more than 10x as fast
+ Made `my @a = $string.comb` about 1.25x as fast [df5d82e8]
+ Made subbuf up to 8.5x as fast [4e56ce95]
+ Made Buf.subbuf up to 2.5x as fast [cd43c4f1][a50c0492]
+ Made @a[1,3] with literal indices 5.6x as fast [67a528f0]
+ Made method LANG about 3.2x as fast [a6edf511]
+ Made string interpolation up to 2x as fast [3ae97e5f]
+ Simplified a lot of internal code [6e661e9e][0f1b36a7][bc2ca535]
+ Other minor optimizations [8f807fc4][ecd899c9][c6033401]
+ Many low level and other improvements [bd0a1f8b][aedf41ae]
More specifically:
+ Refactored Scalar and numerous container operations, resulting
in Scalar being one attribute smaller and paving the way for
a range of new optimizations
+ As part of the Scalar changes, also extensively refactored
auto-vivification to be cheaper and more optimizable
+ Implemented specializer plugin for type-check elimination for
+ Refactored the way return value handling is done, to generate a
shorter code sequence
+ Improved the code generated for signature binding so as not to
repeatedly decontainerize passed values, but rather to only do
this once
+ Avoided a number of exceptions that could be thrown and caught in
the optimizer, for a small performance win
+ Avoided a number of situations where parts of the compiler were
repossessed for serialization purposes, resulting in smaller
precompilation output
+ Tuned Map and Hash for better lookup and assignment
performance, as well as more compact code in numerous other
operations; this made it possible for single-element hash
access to be fully inlined
+ Tuned Array.AT-POS to enable it to be fully inlined
+ Tuned Array.ASSIGN-POS to do less work
+ Improved `p6bindattrinvres` code-gen quality, which is a slight
improvement for the many places in CORE.setting that use it
+ Made sure references to the Scalar type-objects compile into a
constant, not a lexical lookup
+ Internal:
+ Implemented `Perl6::World.lang-ver-before` for easier language
version check [4dcf5929]
+ Removed `Set`, `Bag`, `Mix` `.clone` special casing [7865bfa6]
+ Updated makeUNIPROP.pl6 with Unicode 10 property names [2ff46764]
+ Removed propname → propname mapping from Cool.pm6 [a9e844a8]
+ Made `infix:<!=>` for `Ints` consistent with other infix
operators [46e7640f]
+ Simplified `Hash` → `Map` coercion [c567af73]
+ `PseudoStash` "pseudoers" hash is now a native hash [8a8ce95e]
+ Various `Range` internal changes [6ad096c8][806752fb]
+ Tightened up some `trait_mod:<is>` signatures [f6209d73]
+ Renamed nqp::getstrfromname to nqp::strfromname [4522132d]
+ Changed install-dist.p6 to use and prefer full namespace for
builder identifier [0249afc2]
+ Turned p6reprname into a desugar [07cfbeb2]
New in 2018.06:
+ Fixes:
+ Fixed numeric values in Signal enum [aa622a95][852c1bd3][f2b50378]
+ Fixed long class names being cut off in X::TypeCheck message [a79de429]
+ Many improvements to POD parsing [75430ac9][cb66dfcc][6f1b1cb6]
+ Fixed code execution in elided duplicate argument pair values
+ Fixed `use isms <Perl5>` for `rand` [d1d31fd5]
+ Fixed miscompilation of chain ops [c10b1eec]
+ Fixed home path when setting up repositories [91b211ac][d06e70c3]
+ [JVM] Implemented canStore in RakudoContainerSpec [704b893c]
+ Additions:
+ Made `is DEPRECATED` work on attributes with auto-generated
accessors [7e3aa2f2]
+ Added `:api<something>` in preparation for full zef / ecosystem
support [affc218f]
+ Added .perl method to Distributions [18f9de61]
+ Removals:
+ Removed backwards compatibility with installers using the
old Distribution class [2acbe7fc]
+ Moved pack/unpack support to lib/experimental.pm6 [9472fdfd][edc6ac6b]
+ Renamed `use p5isms` to more general `use isms <Perl5>` [4109ce36]
+ Efficiency:
+ Streamlined creation of HyperWorkBatchIterator [20bf96f9]
+ Made .minpairs/.maxpairs about 25% faster [788cda94]
+ Privatized a lot of methods for (now) better performance
+ Added spesh plugin support [192083f6]
+ Made private method calls 6.6x faster (spesh plugin) [51ff83c7]
+ Made qualified method calls 12x faster (spesh plugin) [f6f43d58]
+ Internal:
+ Moved &DEPRECATED to Rakudo::Deprecations.DEPRECATED [472f6e48]
+ Turned Hash.BIND-KEY into multis [1c1acbc2]
+ Various NQP ↔ Perl 6 fixes [e4ecf5e5][23af3491][7bc6e46f][cbb5ee5f]
New in 2018.05:
+ Corresponding MoarVM release introduces hash randomization to
prevent DoS attacks. Among other things, this may affect user
tests that expect keys or values returned from a Hash object to
be in the same order every run.
+ Fixes:
+ Made .assuming available in WhateverCodes [6e8dc6f1]
+ Fixed truncation of seconds in DateTime.later/.earlier [656ff77b]
+ Fixed spurious unhandled Failures caused by require [666eb3ab]
+ Made to always return True [24a90774]
+ Made CallFrame skip over thunk-like things [0d216bef]
+ Fixed unwanted warnings in X::NYI when $.feature is omitted [a7c03101]
+ Fixed WHICH of non-reduced Rats [8cd70d1e]
+ Fixed smartmatch exception explosion [97d5d83e]
+ Made code detection in subsets more robust [ede507b7][febcb917]
+ Made build of BOOTSTRAP.moarvm reproducible [39227d54][56c03572][6ae0526f]
+ Simplified Signature.perl/gist for unnamed invocants [71159bed][f14dc6bd]
+ Made it possible to call .perl on uninitialized native strings [b12fba38]
+ Made .gist on native / non-native arrays similar [4e88fa15]
+ Fixed overzealous X::Syntax::NoSelf throwage [9b915f09]
+ Fixed smartmatching an Iterable type object [385308d3]
+ Fixed unexpected POD table failures [2cda7a19]
+ Made pass() and flunk() more consistent [82b3a894]
+ Fixed distribution path format on windows [4cacbf66]
+ Various fixes for the JVM backend [7d2940ee][cc57d06a][be35160d]
+ Various improvements to produced messages [7b336519][0de80523]
+ Additions:
+ Added shapes support for HAS scoped attributes [4c3807c5][7847768c]
+ Added NativeCall CArray.allocate method [a02131d5]
+ Added "use p5isms" pragma to stop complaints about Perl 5 traps [8ae82a55]
+ Removals:
+ Removed some 5to6 error messages [3f350912][4ac9915e]
+ Build system:
+ Fixed Configure script to not assume gmake location [abd88a94]
+ Efficiency:
+ Made Int.lsb 2x faster [9e2dacd4]
+ Made Int.msb 2x faster [775a42ee]
+ Made Range slices on native arrays about 23x faster [67a31600]
+ Made .splice on native arrays up to 2x faster [ee1ba153]
+ Made Rat / FatRat stringification up to 200x faster [e0dca0cc]
+ Made creation of regexes up to 30% faster [32a78996]
+ Made @a.splice(offset) about 20% faster [8d12d5b4][a5d46b42][8bde96d2]
+ Made module loading 10ms faster by avoiding IO::relative [849ba56d]
+ Other minor optimizations [d53fe90a][aa18140e][776ff354]
+ Internal:
+ Introduced nqp::slice op [090432bb]
New in 2018.04.1:
+ Fixes:
+ Fixed hang in parsing of nums with huge exponents [4e38bc1f]
+ Fixed denormals and precision issues in num parser [cc93bc9a]
New in 2018.04:
+ Fixes:
+ Fixed bug mapping windows1252/windows1251 without a dash [c9c5f341]
+ Made sure .encode and .decode accept the same encoding aliases [5298b7aa]
+ Fixed `infix:<o>` identity function [87e43c4a]
+ Made builds reproducible [16daf02f]
+ Made build of NQP modules reproducible [2c882d96]
+ Fixed explosion in List.combinations(Range) [624b3f0c]
+ Consistified &combinations/&permutations with method forms [29dcde10]
+ Made .produce/.reduce nodal [08eb465f]
+ Fixed Channel iterator failing if Nil was sent [bdd8143e]
+ Fixed value drift & precision issues in Num creation [8422d7b4][17446fc1]
+ Made sure that values of `once` blocks are deconted [f97398cf][53c02d85]
+ Made Supply.interval a serial Supply [7572983a]
+ Fixed bug with iteration of negative empty character classes [20495f09]
+ Fixed crash in loop + FIRST + LAST when it's wanted [cfc6b109][879b3340]
+ Fixed error for .native-descriptor on closed handle [5d554ba3][c6c25159]
+ Fixed QAST::Block migration in `with` + loop-comprehended `for` [fc192212]
+ Fixed `infix:<->($n)` to not negate [edbbc442]
+ Fixed crash in double-sink `for ... { Package::foo }` [4402839a]
+ Fixed thinko in CURR conditional [9bcc8e52]
+ Fixed crash with unknown column in RAKUDO_REPORT_COLUMNS [c015f08d]
+ Fixed substr to handle non-int arguments properly [f0c85125]
+ Fixed hang in IO::Socket::INET.lines [6e37c7f0]
+ Made Setty.perl consistent with Baggy/Mixy.perl [c0212af9]
+ Fixed set difference for Bag (-) List [344a64e9]
+ Fixed @a[]:v and @a[*]:v to filter out deleted elements [08b951c8]
+ Fixed precision/value drift with Complex literals [43026662]
+ Fixed crash in NativeCall when calling into a C++ library [db8b218f]
+ Fixed dispatch with :!listen [ceeb3a00]
+ Fixed unwanted consumption of Seqs [9e6ae276]
+ Fixed proto .arity/.count for all core multi subs [4b5d36f3]
+ Various improvements to produced messages [db7361a3][299dc6fc]
+ Additions:
+ Added support for "api" adverb when loading modules [32c5c83c]
+ Added strict, replacement options for IO::Handle, Str.encode
+ Added ShiftJIS decode/encode support [646f9211][f4863601]
+ Added a way to get child process ID via Proc::Async [1321917d]
+ Added [05816139][5ad102ea]
+ Added fails-like routine in Test.pm6 [4abfd4ca]
+ Added Array.grab [a0e5e880][a393ff69]
+ Added support for "const" marked return values in C++
functions (NativeCall) [9b3a0b6f]
+ Added gist methods to AbsolutePath, NQP and Perl6 repositories [8f3237c2]
+ Build system:
+ Added missing tools/build/ [26518055]
+ Fixed build when using a different nqp than the one in $PATH [eb71edcc]
+ Fixed the Makefile on Solaris [affeaa79]
+ Fixed build system not noticing change to BOOTSTRAP.nqp [2ae3f484]
+ Efficiency:
+ Made HyperIteratorBatcher.produce-batch 3x faster [684a50d1]
+ Made .hyper.grep batch producer at least 23% faster [3e9b705e][1c4eebe5]
+ Made Iterator.push-exactly about 8% faster [9d784dd0]
+ Made `grep :kv .pull-one` 1.5x faster [c40f0254]
+ Made `grep :p .pull-one` 1.5x faster [5db9ebc4]
+ Made `squish :as .pull-one` 1.5x faster [d2c88bcc]
+ Made `squish() .pull-one` 1.6x faster [c41b79c0]
+ Made `grep :k .push-all` 1.5x faster [e3aef509]
+ Made Blob/Buf comparisons up to 30% faster [9ffb06b2]
+ Made Capture.FLATTENABLE_(LIST|HASH) 30% faster [768cf9f2]
+ Made List cmp 20x faster [0d7b42fb][126d8a84][082f8152]
+ Made ORDER() about 7% faster (affects `infix:<cmp>`) [32b3ddc7]
+ Made List.roll($n) 6% faster [c71ff664][7327a33a]
+ Micro-optimized the Awaitable role (up to 10% faster) [266f4a22]
+ Made List.pick about 30% faster [de68bfc1]
+ Made List.roll about 20x faster [c53fde3e]
+ Made Map/TypedHash.roll about 30% faster [6a6bb23d][5981f81b]
+ Made unwrapped `dispatch:<var>` curriable (`*.&uc` 7.6x faster) [f174d4b4]
+ Made `%h<a>:delete` and `%h<a>:exists` about 1.5x faster [d3eefa21]
+ Made `@a[1]:delete` and `@a[1]:exists` about 1.5x faster [6ad6dcbb]
+ Implemented optimized Iterator methods for `42 xx ...` [5f256bae]
+ Made copying native arrays about 9% faster [5ec4a5ab]
+ Made CurriedRoleHOW.accept_type 1% faster [8c265f9b]
+ Made `my int @a = ^100` about 40% faster [e8ec81db]
+ Made int(8|16|32|64)/num(32|64) array initialization 9x faster [40815d16]
+ Made `my @a = ^100; my int @b = @a` about 9x as fast [b5318e6e]
+ Made native array iterator about 1% faster [a2d8c96b][bd238a7c]
+ Made native array.splice up to 47x faster [d1b3809a]
+ Made native array.STORE(Seq) about 2x faster [72473bd0]
+ Made native array.splice(offset,size,Seq) about 13x faster [a39d382e]
+ Made %h.head 2x faster [91421874]
+ Made Complex.Str 5%-10% faster [5ef05612]
+ ThreadPoolScheduler optimizations [4ef28a7b][8f4a5a53][d4254216]
+ Other minor optimizations
+ Internal:
+ Many improvements to .hyper and .race [7d978fb2][22849592]
+ Moved proto method splice: Mu -> Any [88d61bd9]
+ ±Inf/NaN are now treated as any other Num [e348b8f2]
+ Made sure native array splice won't splice from itself [28629905]
New in 2018.03:
+ Str.comb(Regex) was fixed to return a Seq instead of a List,
making Str.comb always return a Seq. Code relying on the
specifics of the previous behavior might require some tweaks.
+ Fixes:
+ Fixed various sleep() issues [e3c4db73]
+ Fixed <0/0> to be False [748d1a57]
+ Improved Test.pm6's like/unlike [7c1a6cac]
+ Fixed failure to sink last statements of `for` loops [4c5b81fe]
+ Removed unneeded candidates in &say and &note [3a0d53ce]
+ Made Str.comb(Regex) return a Seq [1da07530]
+ Fixed &say and &note to not auto-thread [b62e0eb7][355b2eb5]
+ Differentiated precomp NC sub setup markers [b27c548f][ec5edcae]
+ Moved chrs() logic to List.chrs and made chrs() the gateway [1894eace]
+ Moved ords() logic to Str.ords [61176475]
+ Fixed bug on ops with subclasses of Range [440fceac]
+ Fixed wrong assumption of Junction execution order [207313be]
+ Fixed cases of mis-scoped QAST::Block of regexes [fb882d49]
+ Fixed .grep(Regex) on Hyper/Race Seqs [5e462e12]
+ Fixed &dd to not mark Failures as handled [7773c3d5][65874b15]
+ Enabled native-int candidates in bitshift operators [29fdb75a][3d735975]
+ Made Int:D (elem) Range:D be independent of size of Range [de30c162]
+ Straightened up `$/` handling in Str.subst[-mutate] [874fcdda]
+ Fixed Metamodel shortname assignments [ce08683f]
+ Fixed Pair.clone [5031dab3]
+ Improved Pod::To::Text to indent tables [57af8b84][dffbd68a]
+ Fixed precomp files of NativeCall users having absolute paths [51c4d4d8]
+ Made sure `samewith`-using routines aren't inlined [e12e305a]
+ Made sure MERGESORT-* don't leak low-level types [511bec0a]
+ Fixed code generation bug affecting private methods calls in roles
where the target private method used a role parameter [21997b62]
+ Various improvements to produced messages [a4f9090e][235d3f1c]
+ Additions:
+ Implemented IO::CatHandle.handles [d5baa036][eb064922][639c6da0]
+ Made signal handlers cancellable [db010b84][a31579c7]
+ “datagram”-oriented API for UDP sockets [67f36e36][b406b320][dd2c9019]
+ Added support for replacement and strict setting in Buf.decode [0d796fb0]
+ Added support to Encoding::Decoder to use replacements [ea92f550]
+ Removals:
+ Removed no longer used DELETEKEY helper sub [6f2cbcf7]
+ Removed Range.clone-with-op [440fceac]
+ Efficiency:
+ Optimized Uni.list to reify 15x faster (on 10000-char str) [8b7385d8]
+ Made Str.perl 43x faster for some chars [ba6b84bd]
+ Optimized Str.perl by making uniprop(Int, Str) 2.7x faster [6ac56cc0]
+ Made Rational.Str 28% faster [008b9279]
+ Made internal RETURN-LIST sub faster for common case [3a4056bf]
+ Made Num.Bool 9x faster [2a42cdbb]
+ Nano-optimized supervisor thread sleep [4617976d][85ad0eba]
+ Added special cases for 2-tuple infix:<,> that are 10% faster [b6e5d7fc]
+ Made Channel.receive/receive-nil-on-close 2.5% faster [4054ca68]
+ Reduced the number of DYNAMIC calls when hypering [598832cc]
+ Made Channel.poll 2x fast [eff92f94]
+ Made HyperIteratorBatcher.produce-batch 3.6x faster [8026cef8]
+ Many HyperToIterator speedups [0194ef46][6232d29e][34889beb]
+ Internal:
+ Turned many subs into multis [16b57af5][55bc053c][182b7ea5][63775474]
+ Marked many subs as “only” [1be26afb][25bedf88]
+ Marked set ops as “pure” on their proto only [af353894]
+ Made Unicode operators aliases of corresponding ASCII subs [254f477e]
+ Added nqp::getppid [fed92e3b]
+ Many profiler improvements, it now supports multi-threaded programs
+ Made substr() just a front for Str.substr [7835652d][b688a6f3][15ccfd33]
+ Made substr-rw() just a front for Str.substr-rw [038837f8]
+ Moved substr/substr-rw catcher methods from Any to Cool [aad79f8a]
+ Remote debug support on MoarVM [ffeff74e][e32bda21]
New in 2018.02.1:
+ Fixes:
+ Fixed Whatever curry QAST::Block migration in stmt mods [5270471c]
New in 2018.02:
+ Fixes:
+ Fixed `no worries` pragma [f5b4d89f]
+ Fixed IO::Socket::Async losing :$scheduler in .print-to [7c451514]
+ Fixed postconstraints in `my (...)` being ignored [3745eff1]
+ Fixed optimizer crashes in `map` with certain args [f3efe5e6]
+ Fixed IO::Handle.get on TTYs blocking after EOF [359efef7][af4dfe82]
+ Fixed crash with colonpaired variable declaration [a35cd4e6]
+ Fixed crashes in degenerate .tail(Callable) [ba675971]
+ Fixed crash in `temp`/`let` with parameterized hashes [0a32e51b]
+ Fixed Hash.clone and Array.clone losing descriptor [0d7c4fe8][45560ac9]
+ Fixed `let`/`temp` on hashes losing Nils [8c4c979e]
+ Fixed crash in Any.skip(Callable) [8efba3a8]
+ Fixed crashes with native types in conditionals [d1a48efc]
+ Fixed many issues with block migration in thunk gen [1ee89b54][31ab8683]
+ Fixed "No such method 'prefix'" when there's no HOME directory [b6a7d7f6]
+ Fixed buf8 punning happening at INIT time instead of BEGIN [c6cc673d]
+ Fixed type constraint in Str.split's Seq [8afd791c]
+ Fixed Iterator.Rotor when cycle contains Whatever or Inf [ba7b4571]
+ Fixed crash with ENTER nested inside LEAVE [58de239c]
+ Fixed wrong error in REPL with none Junctions [2c36ab2e]
+ Fixed semantics of :b quoter tweak [deffe54b]
+ Fixed error when throwing error during setting compilation [c820e4be]
+ Fixed crashes with compile time evaluation of Whatever curry [7c1f0b41]
+ Fixed crash in Proxy.perl [902f45f5]
+ Fixed encoding of ›˜œžŸ™š with windows-1252 (Latin) encoding [4507a565]
+ Fixed state vars in `do`-ed loops [299e8526]
+ Fixed whatever curry with regexes [d80fc376]
+ Fixed crashes with compile time evaluation of `where` thunks [95f23a56]
+ Fixed broken 2-arity sort of 2-el list [2e65de29]
+ Fixed postfix whatever curry with another curry inside [e8c6c259]
+ Fixed empty compiler version when the git repo has no tags [382024e6]
+ Fixed migration of in-regex blocks [c0c7756f]
+ Fixed missing decont in `cmp` [114e3735][25c5c488]
+ Fixed drift when reusing lazy iterables for indexing [f330d7fc]
+ Fixed crash in parameterized constraints on attrs with .= [562edfc5]
+ Fixed REPL adding empty lines to the history file [24fab707]
+ Fixed Parameter.usage-name to omit leading * and ! [3c73099c]
+ Fixed Any.tail(Callable) violating Iterator protocol [2cc7b631]
+ Fixed .perl of handled Failures [b2a21fa9]
+ Unified List.roll/pick invocant specification [311ef07f]
+ Fixed multi-threaded precompilation [ac87ea2a]
+ Fixed issues in constant type declarations [f559c6d8]
+ Fixed `if` with slurpies on its block [ef1d22f4][dfb6d951][59556c70]
+ Improved SprintfHandler [d419afe4][4ac67e73][684b99ea][13406517]
+ Fixed unwanted curries with HyperWhatever type object [57a1aa7a]
+ Made Backtrace.gist more helpful [555db42a]
+ Fixed ($ = 42) vs ($ = "42").subst-mutate [e7af9a6a]
+ Fixed Cool.subst-mutate to only mutate if there's a match [61015526]
+ Made Str.subst-mutate always return a List on :g [77794a28]
+ Made Str.match(:x) consistently return a non-Slip List [829ea8e3]
+ Fixed return of multi-match options of Str.subst-mutate [e0d39321]
+ Fixed .Numeric/.Real on :U numerics and .Real on :D allomorphs [1dc1f038]
+ Various fixes for the JVM backend [a2499c90][1f223190][f2188e45]
+ Various improvements to produced messages [8ffbc43b][7f07f68f][34b3356f]
+ Additions:
+ Added windows-1251 (Cyrillic) encoding to the list of possible encodings
+ Added support for .= to init sigilless vars [8ba3c86e]
+ Added compile time LiteralType error for native vars [e930e253]
+ Efficiency:
+ Made `$ where Type1|Type2|Type…` typecheck ~8x faster [43b9c829][264a1a27]
+ Many compunit speedups [5bd33669][6fa1e78f][c268f55c][5be174bb]
+ Made certain conditionals with natives 2.1x faster [d1a48efc]
+ Improved dynamic optimization of nativecast [3ed2fbd5]
+ Reduced startup overhead of file I/O and module loading [db1e067e]
+ Made `dispatch:<var>` call up to 43x faster [ff31f0a3]
+ Shaved off 10ms when loading a native library [86e926c7]
+ Made compilation up to 6% faster (for 3000-line files) [f4732164]
+ Made Whatever currier up to 2.2x faster [752bb8b3]
+ Made list assignment with roll up to 20% faster [65d6fe48]
+ Moved `$*PERL` initialization to BEGIN time to save runtime [bdb4d34d]
+ Made 82x faster [02d2e2ca]
+ Added native `num` post-inc/dec to pre- optimization [4a5cc2c2][13e6ed8c]
+ Made `.=` up to 63x faster [abea3242][01237782][2ba7634c]
New in 2018.01:
+ Fixes:
+ Fixed switching handles too soon [dc800d89]
+ Ensured &await can handle flattenable Iterables [1a4df4e1]
+ Made Array.gist limit output to 100 elements [08539c43]
+ Fixed .[count|bool]-only of combinations/permutations [5eed2b00]
+ Made sure subclasses of List create consistent .WHICH [18557da9]
+ Fixed Range.pick/roll in light of degenerate Ranges [5c228333][55cb8f3d]
+ Fixed Whatever.ACCEPTS with Mu:U [89d85baa]
+ Fixed signatures that had Int when Int:D was meant [3e044dc7]
+ Guarded subbuf against negative ranges [24f4609e]
+ Fixed some export issues [38897d19]
+ Fixed Slip wrapping of quoteword with one word [ad684de3]
+ Fixed ±Inf/NaN Num to Rat conversions [042cb741][c91bcc2a]
+ Fixed USAGE with subsets/where and variables with quotes [27fbd7ab]
+ Fixed .gist dumping too much output in some cases [de21da30][53a85080]
+ Fixed crash in `eqv` with conted Versions [72ee58e2]
+ Fixed issues with smiley-ed coercers [a177fa99][8dcf9dac][3947a4c1][354a3848]
+ Made sure Rat calculation does not use type objects [9910b393][9adc58c3]
+ Fixed handling of type objects in [1d034df8][dfaa2282][038b1ea7]
+ Fixed CURFS/CURI .perl output [9cf2f998]
+ Made sure hashes are not interpolated in regexes [f719a471]
+ Fixed explosions when hypering over Buf [7ba50d86]
+ Made &dd more resilient to low-level stuff [99923747][d0be53a1]
+ Fixed .head/.tail to take any Callable [b4007070]
+ Fixed .skip with WhateverCode [d034cb58]
+ Fixed operator chaining with negated operators [ba111cfe][14c2cdb3]
+ Disallowed binding into a List [eed54cae]
+ Fixed `--optimize` flag propagation in EVAL code [e509c1a9]
+ Fixed RatStr .succ/.pred explosion [631875fc]
+ Fixed silent failure when binding to map keys [6a3db334]
+ Fixed R::I::Rotor calling .pull-one too many times [4a82b4b6]
+ Fixed `need` with versions [7537f899][0cdd82a2][0a73f19a][4d5e097a]
+ Fixed the lookup of many core symbols [efdbfeca]
+ Made .range consistently a Str in OutOfRange exceptions [90246e65]
+ Fixed superfluous parsing of ∞ [626991e0]
+ Fixed cf, sc, STerm, Upper, space and White_Space properties [49dce163]
+ Fixed many POD issues [14c28cae]
+ Various fixes for the JVM backend [4945dc40][4909430c][333efa0b]
+ Various improvements to useless use warnings [d30e5b1e][c6b7012a]
+ Various improvements to other produced messages [a04c6164][548dcf46]
+ Additions:
+ Added Str.uniparse as an alias to Str.parse-names [2a8287cf]
+ Added Cool candidate for .is-prime [f01c50f1][23701966][b2b39bad][893d09ff]
+ Added compile time error for misplaced whenever in v6.d.PREVIEW [7672e34c]
+ Removals:
+ Removed deprecation fudge for native type instantiations [e0af68a0]
+ Removed :$CWD param in IO::Path.dir [b3e73b64]
+ Removed :$buffer param in [f415d61e]
+ Removed MONKEY BUSINESS env var [ac2e50c8]
+ Removed UInt64 (not to be confused with uint64) [cf154355]
+ Build system:
+ Fetch tags too to avoid potential missing tags [d93f8053]
+ Efficiency:
+ Made adding integers to Rats 22% faster [418fc068]
+ Made Blob.subbuf 1.8x faster [5f48c069]
+ Made `else`-less `if`/`with` blocks 3.4x faster in some cases [1815c368]
+ Made DateTime creation about 1.6x faster [36d71a39]
+ Made about 1.6x faster [b7170f83]
+ Made use of faster typechecks (7.5x faster) [4c9b84f8][8f71b0e0][10cd405f]
+ Made operator chains up to 2.4x faster [b77d8756]
+ Made `infix:<x>` with bools up to 2x faster [f99943d3]
+ Made `infix:<xx>` with bools up to 16x faster [ca4fcaca]
+ Made |(1,2,3) xx 42 about 3x faster [014f1712]
+ Slightly speeded up adding of `whenever`s [7230b765]
+ Slightly optimized Array.ASSIGN-POS [6e13bfa2][86d91f2d]
+ Made `$a ~= "b"` 70% faster [5dd9ed10]
+ Made constraint checks Num/Int/Str literals 1.1x-10x faster [65d4876d]
+ Micro-opted exit_handler [0415bb5f][b5b6e23b][421504bd][21bc5916]
+ Performatized MetaAssign with MetaReverse [858b659f]
+ Made .sum on 2-element Lists about 30% faster [0af3f4d1]
+ Optimized `supply emit <arg>` [81fe7b82]
+ Optimized Supply internals [32fbefab][9086f4c4][2548c2c5]
+ Improved first touch of Array/Hash variables [eeb3cc72]
+ Optimized more cases of private method calls [b6a236b9]
+ Tuned Lock::Async code stucture [f36a1f4e]
+ Special-cased one top-level whenever supply/react [e5f412d6][2192ddd1]
+ Made Promise construction slightly faster [2ac1ceaa]
+ Assorted internal improvements to CPU/memory use [00797d07][2130c097]
+ Internal:
+ Introduced ValueObjAt, the .WHICH for value types [202459ce][4790587f]
+ Introduced Proc!set-status [7a4743be]
New in 2017.12:
+ Fixes:
+ Various POD-related fixes [41514235][11d90cac][061c36d6][2cd266fe]
+ Fixed resolve of IO::Path for Windows [eed733e2]
+ Fixed ∖ op to do Hash→Mix conversion through Sets [eacf9b27]
+ Fixed incorrect attribute name in [3166400d]
+ Fixed to call `done` when some supply is `done` [1d0dae86]
+ Fixed Supply.throttle() when the source supply becomes `done` [c8370f21]
+ Fixed silent failures on invalid `is export` values [1668b4f0]
+ Fixed many cases of enum creation [d9021cf1][754664ed][65301756]
+ Fixed crash when using allomorphs as enum values [fc52143b]
+ Fixed <:Digit> to match digits correctly [0339b0f8]
+ Fixed some Telemetry.EXISTS-KEY issues [f3b1289f][91798547]
+ Fixed gut spillage in pseudopackages [cd24b1c5][a82e0e7d][1c7d15d7]
+ Fixed introspection on Mixins to Code:U objects [e31a414b]
+ Fixed let/temp to be able to take Mu [75229976]
+ Fixed autovivification container issues with `no strict` [e5b49ce3]
+ Fixed shaped array indexing to accept non-Ints [00632edb]
+ Fixed to not create containers [d80df073]
+ Fixed incorrect .count-only/.bool-only implementation [af9812fa][0e228fab]
+ Made sure each Seq.skip gets a new Seq [854c10c2]
+ Moved attribute settage inside the lock [8df8ce09]
+ Made print/say/put/note handle junctions correctly [07616eff]
+ Fixed WhateverCode curries losing `use fatal` [31db3acc]
+ Various improvements to produced messages [d85585ea][9fd5042b]
+ Additions:
+ Implemented TR/// [f6958624][3d2fa915][8b27166f]
+ Implemented .toggle [694f534a][78caeb6b][ca7d0483][e7c0a644]
+ Consistified &[but] and &[does] with non-roles [575d31e2]
+ Added While/Until iterators [2c1a2860]
+ Added proper Supply.Seq method [aa3c2c5b]
+ Efficiency:
+ Made multi-needle split setup cheaper [5929887c]
+ Streamlined INDIRECT_NAME_LOOKUP a bit [76158136]
+ Made &[-]/&[+] with Rationals 30%-50% faster [6c299bf9]
+ Made DIVIDE-NUMBERS 6%-15% faster [78aeaf46]
+ Streamlined Hash.AT-KEY [6601da5c]
+ Streamlined Array.Slip.AT-POS like Hash.AT-KEY [fe8312b7]
+ Streamlined Array.AT-POS for better inlinability [af29a227]
+ Streamlined List.AT-POS a bit [9a2f5325]
+ Made Array.ASSIGN-POS about 1.7x faster [c5afc97e]
+ Made R:It:ReifiedArray 15% to 30% faster [a974de9b]
+ Streamlined Array.iterator.push-until-lazy a bit [ae02bc29]
+ Internal:
+ Abstracted prefix:<temp|let> logic into R:I [47f23fc6][126d7b55][6fb5c8c8]
+ Implemented Sequence.Numeric [6061f0bc]
+ Various improvements for the JVM backend [0a24efc3][f40c3818]
+ Added tests for previously resolved issues [20d67a3d][831dab14]
New in 2017.11:
+ Main development branch changed from “nom” to “master” [f40babb8]
+ Fixes:
+ Fixed Lock.protect to no longer leak Proxies [be9e19ef]
+ Fixed R:I:JSON to handle recursive Exceptions [3cba6204]
+ Fixed .perl output of an empty Set/SetHash [af3624d4]
+ Made some attribute defaults throw NYI instead of silently ignoring
+ Fixed quote lang cache regression [ad16c6fb]
+ Improved stability by always setting up `$*PID` [a1866b7b]
+ Implemented hypered nodality for all methodcall variations [3c4041ea]
+ Fixed combinations with * endpoints [bdc73563]
+ Made Range.sum sensible for -∞/∞ endpoints [5eeb72a9][21efe96f]
+ Made multi sub(:@c is copy) { } work [be1e2879]
+ Ensured CLOSE phasers have correct outer chain [96557571]
+ Fixed segfault on [fe1f8632]
+ Improved handling of %b spacing sprintf [b2fbf893]
+ Made .head and .tail only take WhateverCode [5a29a0ce]
+ Moved signal() handling to the timer worker queue [1bc9936a]
+ Fixed default Encoding::alternative-names [2f0da94c]
+ Various improvements to warnings and error reporting [142c1d65][fff43fd7]
+ Additions:
+ Channel can now be closed with sub close() [91543fe3][ef84aafc]
+ my %h is (Set|SetHash|Bag|BagHash|Mix|MixHash) now DWIM [1949a2bc]
+ Implemented metamethod shorthand syntax [5c96d554]
+ Kernel.cpu-cores returning the number of CPU cores available [61af87bc]
+ Kernel.cpu-usage exposed basic CPU usage information [c4d373c5]
+ Telemetry module providing an easy interface to system state reporting
+ Efficiency:
+ Made .sum on native num arrays 11x faster [b849622e]
+ Made INITTIME a bit faster [e00f705d]
+ Made interpolation of variables into regexes a bit faster [6bca84fa]
+ Made Buf ~ Blob about 7x faster, Blob ~ Blob 1.8x faster [8b47adad]
+ OS thread exhaustion is now handled more gracefully [fe799a98][57374490]
+ Other more general ThreadPoolScheduler improvements [e513f19d][6ac53e42]
+ Minor IterationBuffer improvements [c15e80de]
+ Internal:
+ ThreadPoolScheduler now keeping internal statistics, e.g. for Telemetry
+ Thread now keeping internal statistics, e.g. for Telemetry [68b2891d]
+ Changed how gets rid of mixins [6cb7ebfb]
+ Normalized proto bodies [0edd0cc9][102fbd51]
+ Set no_inline when the dispatcher is needed [c1df0b1b][0ff32c7f]
+ Various JIT-related changes [3bd756f5][0a029db6]
+ Repository cleanup [028b7d22][5baede59][825a8b0d][6ec6f1eb]
+ Various improvements for the JVM backend [ac738b98][b2725c12][4849c733]
New in 2017.10:
+ This release includes fixes to || alternation in :ratchet
mode. Code that was unintentionally relying on buggy behavior
(backtracking in :ratchet mode) may now produce unwanted
results (namely will fail to match) [963a0f06]
+ Security:
+ Restricted dynamic lookup metasyntax in rx EVAL [1d63dfd2][2448195d]
+ Deprecations:
+ Deprecated .new on native types [9d9c7f9c][cc6c0558]
+ Deprecated :buffer `open` arg in favor of :out-buffer [f9c10c21]
+ Fixes:
+ Fixed Hash.perl to include Scalar indicators [47d6c66e]
+ Fixed :delete with lazy Arrays [0385b2aa]
+ Fixed sanitization of on-demand Supplies [93a66d75]
+ Fixed duplicate done/quit messages [9e179355]
+ Fixed non-blocking `react { await blah() }` [29863a0b]
+ Fixed issues with [dff7d9b2][0d2ca0d7][0834036d]
+ Fixed isa method on a subset [cee1be22]
+ Fixed to eager-shift its values [f9400d9a]
+ Fixed two utf8-c8 bugs [963a0f06]
+ Fixed infinite loop in .^roles of a class that does Rational [0961abe8]
+ Changed uniname to give better strings for non-unique names [9dba498f]
+ Fixed .push-all/.skip-all on SlippyIterators [41896b7b]
+ Fixed and improved `**` regex quantifier [681d6be9][4ca1fc3c]
+ Made cmp-ok to try harder to give useful description [8479a1ba]
+ Made List.ACCEPTS non-fatal for lazy iterables [1b9638e2]
+ Fixed some unspace parsing cases [11070e0f]
+ Fixed &chdir failing to respect :CWD attribute [4906a1de]
+ Fixed Blob.gist to trim its guts to 100 elements [ac8e5f43]
+ Improved .perl and .gist methods on Maps and Hashes [aad8991e]
+ Fixed explosion in [83008443]
+ Fixed .pick and .roll on object hashes [12fcece4]
+ Made cmp-ok take its arguments raw [3684384d]
+ Fixed `is default(Mu)` on attributes [54507ac9]
+ Made Array.List fill holes with Nil [e1351219]
+ Fixed BagHash.grab with large values [975fcf6c]
+ Fixed .tail with large values [43e7b893]
+ Improved .gist of nodal methods [b6982e68][bb1df2cb]
+ Fixed IO::Pipe.close not always returning the Proc [74328278]
+ Fixed handling of type objects in set operators [8a88d149]
+ Fixed location of errors coming from Channel [82a38c29]
+ Fixed lockup when scheduling with degenerate delays [df01ad97][031f8cf7]
+ Fixed segfault in getlexdyn [4f5fc520][4c370072]
+ Fixed poor error with some slurpies with defaults [a92950fb]
+ Fixed to properly give a new object [e4a5bb17]
+ Fixed .STORE leaving behind elements on native arrays [a85c8d48]
+ Various async improvements [633a15b8][ef4d16fe][f53d3963]
+ Various fixes and improvements to hyper/race [cc2a0643][2352efe5]
+ Various improvements to warnings and error reporting [38186fcd]
+ Additions:
+ Improved .Capture semantics on all core types [4ba12ff1]
+ Added trim* subroutines taking Cool instance [5a19dffa]
+ Added Lock::Async [53dd776c][4a8038c2][85bdd38a][38896402][6170cb9d]
+ Added atomic reference op support on JVM backend [32e4a1de][59c4117f]
+ Added $*USAGE [0b15f672]
+ Added :bin parameter to IO::Handle.slurp [e2ec569b]
+ Added support for Bufs in &EVAL/&EVALFILE [6c928d61]
+ Added warning on typical precedence errors with infix:<..> [26bdc95c]
+ Added --repl-mode command line option [9ce896d8][20518454]
+ Implemented typed pointer increment and array dereference
+ Added X::Numeric::CannotConvert exception type [2e726528]
+ Added IO::Handle.out-buffer for controlling the buffer size
+ Added IO::Path.parent(Int) for getting up more than one level
+ Removals:
+ Removed $*MAIN-ALLOW-NAMED-ANYWHERE [9cb4b167]
+ Removed support for ornate parenthesis from quoting constructs [9ce896d8]
+ Renamed $*INITTIME to $*INIT-INSTANT according to the spec
+ Build system:
+ Reworked REPL tests [be4d57de][338a0972][7c8a2739][f8edb829][1ce3a36d]
+ Various changes related to v6.d prep [7d830d5c][6cb810d2][36bc8e2d]
+ Efficiency:
+ Made startup time up to 5 ms faster [48406db6][a09f5f21][bb5583ae]
+ Made chained ops up to 36x faster [a92d0369]
+ Made ≥, ≤, and ≠ unicode ops as fast as ascii equivalents
+ Made &infix:<cmp> with Version:Ds 7.2x faster [1d9553f0]
+ Made &DEPRECATED 27% faster when vfrom is too large [145e3156]
+ Made Blob.gist 26x faster [20a99fc3]
+ Made Hash.gist 24% faster [69af24c4]
+ Made @a[42..*] 4.2x faster [456358e3]
+ Various NativeCall speedups [a06ebaf2][269fe7db][80d6b425]
+ Significantly faster interpolation of variables into regexes
+ Other small optimizations [9d4a833b][6902c590][fb4eb666]
+ Internal:
+ New JIT [2724a851][ff063e7b]
+ Better scheduler [d2eb7423][80b49320][340d8ed3][c50d35a9][9af5607d]
+ Added RAKUDO_SCHEDULER_DEBUG_STATUS env var [de311f46]
+ Bumped libuv to the latest version [198b8497]
+ Reworked BUILDALL method autogeneration [9837687d][63cf246f]
New in 2017.09:
+ Fixes:
+ Fixed NativeCall signature check for unsupported native types [4077842c]
+ Fixed .made called on a Match on which .make was never called [5db5b1db]
+ Fixed flattening of a typed hash [6cec6b72]
+ Fixed iterator on pairs with Mu's [a5014fd0]
+ Fixed Supply.batch with non-int elems and elems == 1 [98f9fffe][7d1ece80]
+ Improved error message on nameless postfix `.::` [5969f21e]
+ Fixed ::("GLOBAL") [1f6a782c]
+ Refined merging of one() junctions [79604a88]
+ Fixed error message with leaking variable name in FailGoal [ed4f6cc9]
+ Implemented missing Instant.Instant [51709e01]
+ Fixed thread safety issues with signal introspection [1f411693]
+ Fixed thread safety issues in the `signal` sub [13b6a33c]
+ Fixed thread safety of "foo{$x}bar" [59454b03]
+ Made Bool.enums consistent with Enumeration.enums [e7a58806]
+ Fixed doubled path issue in [2362dfd6]
+ Disabled interactive REPL for non-TTY input [b6a60236]
+ Fix ignoremark and casechange operations of graphemes which begin with
Unicode Prepend characters [7f526c1e]
+ Suppress line number in X::Package::Stubbed [edac1d68][7ba9b7cd]
+ Fixed race condition in Channel awaiter [b30ac08a]
+ Fixed NYI compilation of NativeCall sigs with optional params [1818de98]
+ Fixed missing deconts in nqp::eqaddr() tests [880b33e2]
+ Fixed Enumeration:D === Enumeration:D [8d938461]
+ Fixed non-blocking await when holding locks [f26d1e24]
+ Fixed non-blocking await-all to respect Slip [a137c0de]
+ Additions:
+ Added support for Str operations with Junctions [753c9a5e][7cd153f4]
+ Added support for Unicode 10 [64dd94c2]
+ Added complete Unicode Collation Algorithm implementation [9b42484a]
+ .collate/coll/unicmp operators are no longer experimental
(Note: $*COLLATION dynamic variable is still experimental) [5f335065]
+ Added method [59a2056a]
+ Added output buffering for non-TTYs [44680029][4b02b8aa]
+ Made temp and let on a Failure throw it [80a3255b]
+ Made sure that open files are properly closed on exit [3c9cfdba]
+ Implement pred() and succ() for the Enumeration role [2645a1e9]
+ Added isa method to SubsetHOW [0704cd97]
+ Build system:
+ Made t/harness* use 6 TEST_JOBS by default [8019c15b]
+ Added --ignore-errors option to [0bc1c877][1da075f9]
+ Fixed `make test` without `make install` first [fb0b3eb5]
+ Made refuse to work without ExtUtils::Command [3f4a9ffa]
+ Fixed non-installed gdb/valgrind runners [4e3f0fca]
+ Efficiency:
+ Knuth-Morris-Pratt string search has been implemented for string
indexing operations (needles between 2 and 8192 in length) [593fa5f8]
+ 1.5-2x speedup of most string operations involving strands [5ebbc5ba]
+ 2.5x speedup for eq() for comparing two flat strings (1.7-2x for others)
+ 9x speedup when indexing with a needle one grapheme in length [8a215876]
+ Made `Any ~ Str` and `Str ~ Any` about 25% faster [815faa35]
+ Made index and eqat operations 2x faster [5ebbc5ba]
+ Made all(@a), none(@a), one(@a) about 9x faster [51c3d86c]
+ Various improvements to BUILDPLAN and BUILDALLPLAN [7da0c215][0ca5ffa4]
+ Made object creation 25% faster in some cases [62fd5093]
+ Internal:
+ Simplified setting up auto-threading [8a0f6ac1]
+ Streamlined Junction .defined, .Bool, .ACCEPTS [e8137b45]
+ Added --no-merge option to t/harness5 to pass through STDERR [4af1d95c]
+ Various improvements to INTERPOLATE [215a5fa7][ea57cbec][c6aacafd]
+ Some minor cleanup on R:I.FirstNThenSinkAll [9dbc3c50]
+ Fixed --ll-exception to give full thread backtrace [0877278e]
+ Various heap analyzer API changes [bfee5a1e]
+ Streamlined exit / END phaser handling [1adacc72]
+ Made junction optimizer only look at candidates [4de858a5]
+ Assortment of low-level improvements [cbce6721][8a215876]
New in 2017.08:
+ Security:
+ Removed '.' and 'blib' from nqp's default module search paths [7e403724]
+ Fixes:
+ Fixed with 0 allomorph [45cd1a97]
+ Fixed erroneous closing of standard handles in DESTROY [0e578c4f]
+ Fixed handling of already existing .moarvm files during install [02667bd8]
+ Fixed --ll-exception [559c9255]
+ Fixed native callbacks called from other threads [b81597bd][1d941643]
+ Fixes concat with combining codepoints and repetitions [1f7fa683]
+ Fixed TODO test handling inside TODOed subtests [5b77a8aa]
+ Fixed formatting of X::Numeric::DivideByZero [3f99d1d0]
+ Fixed potential concat issue [3028466c]
+ Fixed null handling in List.join [9b5cce0a]
+ Fixed handling of default values in Array [12d7d5b4][2fb8c725]
+ Fixed error message for postcircumfix [ ] called with a type object [1a74a8c3]
+ Made .unique|repeated|squish return containers if applicable [51e59eeb]
+ Fixed string comparison issues [0564891e]
+ Fixed is-lazy of iterators created with R:I.FromIndexes [4db23064]
+ Fixed pull-one of iterators created with R:I.MonotonicIndexes [0c19f549]
+ Fixed compiler explosion with import statement [3e078d4d]
+ Fixed is default() trait on Attributes [a7d2ad1d][148ba7f2]
+ Made sure to stop socket reader on close [21359560]
+ Fixed missing tap closes in `whenever` [59f4123e]
+ Fixed missing tap closes in Supply [c59b9867]
+ Fixed potential memory leak of supply/react [5fcce673]
+ Fixed Mix.roll with fractional weights [a91ad2da]
+ Fixed reproducibility of RAKUDO_MODULE_DEBUG output [ec7bc25c]
+ Fixed Pair.WHICH [4f1322d0][c229022c]
+ Fixed ignoremark issues [7b81f0f9][a3b95749]
+ Fixed bad assumption about methods being closures [231cb3f5]
+ Stopped hllizing and sinking the result of .+, .* and .= method calls [2b8115f0]
+ Fixed native shaped array index to return l-value [61e1f4d5]
+ Fixed handling of test descriptions with new lines [9303a6e4]
+ Fixed wrongful escaping of `# SKIP` TAP instruction [eb529f14]
+ Fixed returned exit code when running a MAIN script with --help [fcf61f7b]
+ Various improvements to produced messages [9b31d1f5][998535ed]
+ Additions:
+ Added Buf subbuf-rw method [d7af4aeb]
+ Added ACCEPTS method to Map to compare Maps [45ca084e]
+ Treat :ver<...> like a version instead of a string [247fc649]
+ Improved Version smart match with different lengths [01dbd874]
+ Added new peer/socket host/port values in async sockets [76af17a8]
+ Added .Complex coercion method to Cool [c9de2184]
+ Added atomic operations (⚛) [9b1e252a][92707fac][c67d7dd5][ca8aafc1]
+ Build system:
+ Added --libdir option to [e4d65ac9]
+ Fixed quotes for windows [90a0f2e0]
+ Added 'install' test target on appveyor [9c0d40ab]
+ Efficiency:
+ Made `$s (-) $s (-) $s` on a 26 elem set about 1.5x faster [d7fcb314]
+ Made .Str and .perl 2x faster, .gist 1.4x faster (on a ^100 .Set) [5b6cd406]
+ Made .Str 30% faster, .perl 2x faster (on a ^100 .Bag) [21b9a720]
+ Made string concatenation more efficient [1f7fa683]
+ Made Mixy.roll up to 2x faster [d3f260c9][e2ca1ffa]
+ Made Baggy.roll up to 1.5 faster [e548b743]
+ Made Baggy.roll(N) about 1.5x faster [752a3265]
+ Made List.roll(*) about 1.5x faster [b147217e]
+ Made .unique(:as) 3% faster [a636fa8f]
+ Made .unique(:with) about 4x faster [47d9bd9b]
+ Made .unique(:with(&[===])) about 20% faster [26789cc7]
+ Made .unique(:as,:with) about 12x faster [acf9f90d]
+ Made .repeated(:with) about 4x faster [d9056207][c3851aee]
+ Made .repeated(:as,:with) about 12x faster [a3a3d1a9][32ce4afd]
+ Made .pairup about 1.5x faster [8f73d77b]
+ Made .codes 350% faster for short strings [3c6277c7][e051dd2d][4eff4919]
+ Various improvements made by using `is default` on attributes [08f705b9]
+ Made Map eqv Map about 10% faster [15b2596e]
+ Decreased the cost of Supply block teardown [5d200f1e]
+ Saved 2 method calls per NativeCall call [aca4b941]
+ Speeded up NativeCall by replacing the subroutine code in setup [46ef1b5b][9a0afcbc]
+ Speeded up NativeCall subs by compiling specialized subroutine body [cd7dc4ce]
+ Internal:
+ Introduced Mixy!total-positive [f49c49bb][ccf6da9e]
+ Set debug_names of DefiniteHOW and CoercionHOW types [b22d189e][c040f1a6]
+ Simplified `infix:<(+)>(**@p)` and `infix:<(.)>(**@p)` [d82db18f][a0775e5e]
+ Ensured Scalar fetch can never return a NULL [2f5a6cd9]
+ Changed RAW-KEYS to create iterator early [710fa800]
+ Made sure Setty at least has a R:I:IterationSet type object [2dd5963c]
+ Made R:I:Mappy roles also take IterationSets [ab08bd04]
+ Made Setty.values use R:I.Mappy-values directly [250ae102]
+ Made R:I:Mappy* roles use a more abstract name for low-level hash [b7953d0d]
+ Retired R:Q:Quanty in favor of R:I:Mappy [d9055e80]
+ Introduced R:Q.RAW-VALUES-MAP [923c32e6]
+ Simplified the .Seq coercer [5d89cef9]
+ Changed Baggy to no longer use HLL hash internally [fb7ecb60]
+ Changed Supply implementation to use iteration, not recursion [ed87f998]
+ Added tests for native int as index to CArray [6cc858a0]
+ Simplified Hash creation for auto-vivification [84d052a0]
+ Various spesh, JIT, GC and other improvements [86cb1363][8bed4a67]
+ Introduced R:I.TwoValues [20e93d89][50f0508f]
+ Fixed some issues with R:I.OneValue [3ad33469]
+ Streamlined the standard Seq methods on Pair [30584dac]
New in 2017.07:
+ Deprecations:
+ Deprecate `(<+)` ≼ `(>+)` ≽ in favor of `(<=)` ⊆ `(>=)` ⊇ [35cc7c0e]
+ Fixes:
+ Fixed perl6-debug-m debugger [6d4691fb]
+ Fixed finding proper %?RESOURCES for non-lib CURFS [71ffb164]
+ Fixed Mixy (-) Mixy behaviour for missing keys [4a37de7b]
+ Fixed Mixy.Setty coercion [b31b159c]
+ Fixed .perl of empty Bag and Mix [f72c97cb]
+ Fixed crash on dotless version literals given to `use` [fe7ea124]
+ Fixed various coercion related issues with (-) [19a1caa3]
+ Fixed Baggy/Mixy (-) Any/Iterable [a2133dbc]
+ Made sure we catch lazy lists on right of (-) and (|) [62d54c75][c16334e5]
+ Fixed mix() (-) `<a b c>.Mix` [c727462c]
+ Fixed multi-dispatch with numeric literals and native types [1c0ed61a]
+ Fixed enum.Real coercion [ad9ed1cb][c226b71a]
+ Fixed (:e).Bag|Mix coercion using a Bool as a weight instead of just Int [d765f186]
+ Fixed outstanding issues with coercions done by (+) [c7922f14]
+ Fixed a data race in Proc::Async [2a8d1e7c]
+ Fixed `(&)`'s handling of lazy lists [cb06ebac]
+ Made set ops properly handle lazy lists [04746490][3058ba0d]
+ Made sure unhandled failures don't coerce QuantHashy [43fc751b]
+ Fixed sprintf octal format with precision [d7e10466]
+ Fixed 'is export' on constants assigned to routines [d067abf4]
+ Fixed case where "removed" is set and "from" isn't [1b6d048b][e20817fb]
+ Fixed crash in coercers used with sigilless vars [c76d9324]
+ Made sure IO::Socket passes a list to set-line-separators [a2090821]
+ Prioritized .pm6 extension over .pm when files with both extensions exist [e1e9091f]
+ Fixed SEGV in [f6d4fbd2]
+ Fixed a few edge cases of (^) wrt QuantHash type permutations [b3916926]
+ Fixed regression in Map intialized with `<...>` having writable containers [4894a75d]
+ Fixed overflow in uniprop lookups [4f5a1e20]
+ Made improvements to segmentation of Emoji w/ GCB=Other [4f5a1e20]
+ Fixed break after ZWJ for Emoji=True + GCB=Other [4f5a1e20]
+ Removed faulty Iterable (^) Iterable candidate [4c91b522]
+ Fixed faulty Map (^) Map candidate [8afbfe6f]
+ Fixed inconsistent semantics in `<a b>.Bag (<) <a b b>.Bag` [4b8bc617]
+ Fixed unwanted de-Bool during optimization of some constructs [83e15701]
+ Fixed handling of actions in .refine_slang [c40a2122]
+ Fixed baggy semantics of Mix `(<)` Mix [a526d839]
+ Fixed semantics of `mix() (^) (a=>-42).Mix` [8d5f3324]
+ Fixed precomp deps left open when up-to-date check failed [37250ed5]
+ Properly implemented Baggy semantics for `(<=)` and `(<)` [4101581d][c6cc1a7a]
+ Fixed handling of `[(^)]` with absentee keys and Mixies correctly [0c02f93e]
+ Fixed faulty dynamic cache invalidation in continuations [d74ebd82]
+ Fixed issues with calling `infix:<⊖>` with more than 2 params [aee4a46c]
+ Fixed Proc :merge [c86090e3]
+ Made sure we call done/quit on all taps [32b72cda]
+ Ensured empty string PERL6LIB var does not get interpreted as `.` [075ddefa]
+ Fixed floating point noise in denominator of Rat literals [f6e25b54]
+ Fixed .getc and .readchars reading too much at EOF [80bbfcdd][49f555a2][f6279c34]
+ Fixed SEGV and memory leak in MoarVM that impacted parameter destructuring [f6279c34]
+ Made `exit()` coerce its argument to Int [caa9ef81]
+ Made coerce `:path` to IO [fec90956]
+ Various improvements to warnings and error reporting [bde28209][06379113][d5d3bd27]
+ Additions:
+ Added full Unicode 9.0 and Emoji 4.0 text segmentation support [c40a2122]
+ Implemented tentative API for custom user encoder support [d0995f68][5ab4036e]
+ Implemented experimental buffering support in IO::Handle [86e7b2bd]
+ Collation object updated to work with new unicmp_s semantics [4da85879][47678077]
+ Allow getting native descriptor in Proc::Async [82301128]
+ Re-worked Proc so :in($p1.out) will plumb file descriptors [6dae179a][abfd7d95]
+ Added plumbing stdout/stderr to stdin in Proc::Async [11b02d2c]
+ Allow for "does Rational" and "does Rational[foo]" [41ed2c03]
+ Added `%*SUB-MAIN-OPTS` [40b0169d][da6c6584]
+ Implemented baggy semantics of `(<)` and `(<=)` [75797af3]
+ Added perl6-lldb-m for debugging MoarVM on the LLVM debugger [00dc4947]
+ Efficiency:
+ Made Baggy (-) Baggy about 100x faster [2a88c20c]
+ Made [(^)] Set, Set, Set about 35x times faster [0cdd6c25]
+ Made Setty (-) Setty at least 20x faster [10f840fc]
+ Made .BUILD/.TWEAK calls 15x faster when ther are no args to .new [43c1767b]
+ Made (Bag|Mix).WHICH about 8x faster [b2d2bf59][c585f370][d8c94353]
+ Made Map (+) Map between 3x and 6x faster [495fb5f8]
+ Made Baggy eqv Baggy upto 3.5x faster [49b1b03b]
+ Made Setty.ACCEPTS(Setty) about 3.5x faster [93d81d61][48c18f58][1ab4fd80]
+ Made Map.(Bag|Mix) 2.5x to 5x faster [72e5d614]
+ Made Setty eqv Setty between 2x and 3.5x faster [25047984]
+ Made Setty (-) Map between 2x and 3x faster [9936a3be]
+ Made Setty (-) Iterable about 3.5x faster [b66d8783]
+ Made Str.subst(Str,Str) upto 3x faster [327c8409]
+ Made Setty (+) Map about 2.5x faster [201a0bfb]
+ Made Any (-) Map|Iterable about 2x faster [e4f3358f]
+ Made Mix (+) Mix about 1.5x faster [d1838461]
+ Made Baggy (-) Baggy about 1.5x faster [36823ab1]
+ Made starting of installed scripts 46% faster [92f8abe0][4693ec86]
+ Made Baggy.keys about 40% faster [c65652d8]
+ Made Iterable (+) Iterable about 20% faster [38509227]
+ Made Setty (-) Setty about 20% faster [bacaa051]
+ Made internal nqp::index op used by many string operations 16% faster [4f5a1e20]
+ Made Setty.(Bag|Mix) about 5% faster [ae4c04ce]
+ Made Str:D (elem) Map 3%-10% faster [099a84b4]
+ Made Stash.AT-KEY a few percent faster [2ce5b678]
+ Gave Nil methods a much more efficient "take any args" signature [9a2127f2]
+ Made Exception messages created only when gisting [1a4d9493]
+ Made Any.tail() use iterator's .count-only if available [9c04dfc4]
+ Reduced cases when string concatenation needs renormalization [c40a2122]
+ Improve the speed of Unicode normalization [c40a2122]
+ Made all non-Texas set operators aliases where possible [f6025eb9]
+ Simplified `infix:<(|)>(**@)` candidate [46e009bf]
+ Fixed various VM errors in CallFrame. [e2ec7bdf]
+ Improved speed of `try` when exceptions are caught [1a4d9493]
+ Assorted internal improvements to CPU/memory use [3d2a521c][5a80412c][c4e14731][19be8722]
New in 2017.06:
+ Fixes:
+ Fixed incorrect auto-boxing to native candidates in multi dispatch [ccfa5e51]
+ `^Inf .elems` now fails instead of returning Inf [20310d7d]
+ Made IO::Handle.print/.put signature consistent [613bdcf8]
+ Made sure that Setty:U is treated like any type object [ad8fa552]
+ Fixed behaviour of set() `(<)` X.Set [e6506bfd]
+ Made sure VM.osname always returns lowercase string [122aca1c]
+ Fixed List.Capture with non-Str-key Pairs [5b25836f]
+ Fixed inconsistency in .Int on zero-denominator Rats [6dbe85ed]
+ Fixed crash in smartmatch of non-Numerics with Numeric [43b03fc6]
+ Fixed occasional Windows file permission issues with installation of modules [8ec4dc5b]
+ Fixed crash in `X` operator used with empty List [9494cbd3]
+ Fixed spurious warnings/crash with certain `=para` Pod blocks [5e339345][807d30c2]
+ Fixed output of `CArray[Pointer].^shortname` [1ed284e2]
+ Fixed crash in Test.pm6's bail-out when used before tests [cb827606]
+ Fixed object Hash -> Set coercion failing to consider values [160de7e6]
+ Fixed Seq.perl for containerized Seqs [b22383fe]
+ Fixed not slurping first positional [92c187d2]
+ Fixed Proc::Async.kill failing to kill sometimes [99421d4c]
+ Fixed hang in deepmap with Iterable type objects [252dbf3a]
+ Fixed crash when Junctioning empty array after .elems'ing it [aa368421]
+ Fixed crashes/LTA errors in w/wrong args [61ecfd51]
+ Fixed `infix:<orelse>` calling .defined one too many times [77d3c546]
+ Made `fail` re-arm handled Failures given as arguments [64e898f9]
+ Fixed output of IO::Special.perl [7344a3d2]
+ Made with path '-'.IO properly handle non-default `$*OUT`/`$*ERR` [3755c0e7]
+ Fixed Promise.then to not lose dynamic variables [36bc4102]
+ Fixed allomorph smartmatching with Str values [8a0b7460]
+ Fixed IO::Path.extension with Range `:parts` when endpoints were excluded [8efffb1d]
+ Made coercion of lazy Iterable to Setty fail [211063c7]
+ Made Mixy/ with a lazy Iterable fail [c9dfa840][e5719d6a]
+ Fixed byte.Range returning an incorrect range [af85d538]
+ Fixed edge-cases (e.g. Nan/Inf) in Mixy.roll [fb9e1a87]
+ Made sure that Mixy types only take Real values [7fa85682]
+ Fixed incorrect results in ignorecase+ignoremark regex matches [1ac7996a]
+ Fixed issues with `$*CWD` inside &indir when using relative paths [9151ebaa][326faed6]
+ Fixed crash with Seq:U.List [5c56e9e7]
+ Fixed various issues with Map `(<=)` Map [e1563a76]
+ Fixed various issues with Map `(<)` Map [b03d8044]
+ Fixed 4 cases of crashes with labeled `next` [3b67b4ac]
+ Made Proc.status/Numeric/Bool/exitcode/sink wait for Proc to be done [e4468c61]
+ Fixed Pair.perl with type-object components [c6b03c45]
+ Fixed bad shell quoting in Proc::Async on Windows [e9b30933]
+ Fixed crash when RAKUDO_MODULE_DEBUG was set to a non-numeric value [96e6b338]
+ Fixed Kernel.signals on OpenBSD [9435c14e]
+ Various improvements to warnings and error reporting [1c16bf2e][85bef661][e22508d4]
+ Additions:
+ Implemented IO::CatHandle [5227828a]
+ Implemented support for merged STDOUT/ERR output Proc and Proc::Async [ac31c5df][05d8b883]
+ Implemented Complex.cis [a243063c]
+ Implemented Failure.self [0a100825]
+ Implemented Any.Seq [5c56e9e7]
+ Improved consistently to have .Supply on a type object it as Supply [52d39576]
+ Slightly changed IO::Handle.encoding; Nil now means 'bin'
+ Gave `(<=)` Baggy and Mixy semantics for Bags/Mixes [b1d83f9d]
+ Makde `use lib` accept IO::Path objects [3ff29d42]
+ Added attribute [12d31e36]
+ Added Setty.pickpairs [e3695b16]
+ Added Str type constraints to IO::Spec::Win32 .join and .catpath [232cf190]
+ Made it possible to call &prompt with no args [0646d3fa]
+ Made IO::Socket::INET update localport if it binds on port 0 [bc98e671]
+ Improved support for Unicode properties `Prepend` and `Regional Indicator` [56e71d59]
+ Gave default value for size arg [b7150ae1][aa9516be]
+ Added default output for Mu.WHY [23d6d42d][cc4d9091]
+ Added support for binding to standard handles in Proc::Async [6b2967d7]
+ [JVM] Implemented Proc::Async [5154b620]
+ Removals:
+ Removed TAP.pm6 from core. Available as `TAP::Harness` in the ecosystem [ae891f93]
+ Removed all methods from IO::ArgFiles and made it a subclass of IO::CatHandle [f539a624]
+ Removed IO::Socket::INET.ins [75693b0b]
+ Removed NYI IO::Socket.poll method [cb404c43]
+ Efficiency:
+ Made Any (elem) Iterable:D between 1.3x and 110x faster [e65800a8]
+ Made `(<=)` and `(>=)` about 50x faster [32eb285f]
+ Made IO::Spec::Win32.catpath 47x faster [7d6fa739]
+ Made `(<)` and `(>)` about 40x faster [431ed4e3]
+ Made IO::Spec::Win32.join 26x faster [494659a1]
+ Made IO::Spec::Win32.splitdir 25x faster [2816ef71]
+ Made Map `(<=)` Map about 15x faster [0cb4df44]
+ Made Map `(<)` Map about 15x faster [f6f54dcf]
+ Made Str.subst(Str) without :g 14x faster [0331fb9d]
+ Made Setty.roll about 11x faster [e6192ca8]
+ Made IO::Spec::Unix.splitdir 7.7x faster [6ca702fa]
+ Made invocation of Proc.spawn and &run 4.6x faster [93524fb9]
+ Made SetHash.grab(N) about 3.5x faster [67292a1e]
+ Made SetHash.grabpairs(N) about 3.5x faster [0e9ee0d1]
+ Made invocation of Blob.decode() 2.7x faster [222b4083]
+ Made Baggy/Mixy.(hash|Hash) about 2.5x as fast (on a 26 elem Bag/Mix) [06cd0bc3]
+ Made Setty.roll(N) about 2x faster [18dd0741]
+ Made Setty.pick about 2x faster [10e9c8ba]
+ Made about 2x faster [b55a0f16]
+ Made about 2x faster [11f27a30]
+ Made SetHash.grab about 1.8x faster [d28540be]
+ Made Str:D (elem) Map:D 1.3x faster [b43303f2]
+ Made `$*KERNEL.signal` 64% faster, overall [79b8ab9d][01d948d2]
+ Made Iterable.Bag about 60% faster [f2876281]
+ Made Iterable.Mix(|Hash) about 40% faster [bba6de5f]
+ Made Setty.pick(N) about 30% faster [071c88cb]
+ Made StrDistance 25% faster [2e041b06][9185fa2c]
+ Made (Bag|Mix).AT-KEY about 10% faster [b43db636]
+ Made `infix:<∉>` about 10% faster [abfb52be]
+ Made Str.starts-with 8% faster [7ecb59dc]
+ Made .Set, .Bag, and .Mix coercers a few percent faster [8791b447][4139b96e][8c7e4e51]
+ Fixed lost optimization of for ^N {}; now its 3x faster [46b11f54]
+ Made &DYNAMIC about 1% faster [74242e55]
+ Made ^Inf marginally faster [446dc190]
+ Assorted internal improvements to CPU/memory use [2efd812c][07bff0e5][1369632f][2ac120ce]
+ Internal:
+ Refactored handle encoding. Non-binary read methods now throw when used
on handles in binary mode [41bb1372][b3cd299e]
+ Refactored socket encoding [8ee383e3]
+ Made syncronous IO to not use libuv [05f3e9a0]
+ Made syncronous sockets to not use libuv [6f202fbe]
+ Moved encoding and line ending bits to IO::Socket [d6fd2491]
+ Moved get and lines to IO::Socket role [9cec9408]
+ IO::Path.Int method removed; handled by Cool.Int now [d13d9c2e]
+ Re-implemented Proc in terms of Proc::Async [ac31c5df]
New in 2017.05:
+ Fixes:
+ Made Promise subclass-friendly [a61746fe][a7c23aa2]
+ Fixed unwanted warnings on Windows with `$*HOME` [4ae7c697]
+ Fixed handling of `<1` and NaN in Baggy.pick/.roll [40e4e132][e5d2c6f6]
+ Fixed NaN and empty Baggy handling with Baggy.pick/.(pick|grab)pairs
+ Fixed SetHash.(iterator|values|kv) to have same semantics
as (Bag|Mix)Hashes [e5b5d346][e9ae0047]
+ Fixed off-by-one in `lines` routines when `:close` is given [bf399380]
+ Fixed `$*CWD` inside IO::Path.dir's :test Callable [b2a64a13]
+ Fixed regression with IO::Handle.close's value sunked in .slurp [84eb3599]
+ Made spaces and quotes escaped in MAIN() usage message [22bd2bbd]
+ Fixed dispatch hang in Str.match: Nil [1c21974d]
+ Made &slurp/&spurt/&get/&getc/&close `fail` instead of throwing [6fa4bbcb]
+ Made &lines/&words/&slurp/&spurt/&get/&getc/&close pass all of the
given arguments to the methods they use [6fa4bbcb][34b58d1b]
+ Fixed handling of 8 digit hex literals in 32-bit systems [01dd2138]
+ Fixed $?BITS on 32-bit systems [d057efdb]
+ Fixed time stamp check interfering with packaging modules [ff4a034d]
+ Made perl6 usage message print to STDERR instead of STDOUT when an
invalid cmd line option is used [2a6d3d1e]
+ Made sure Setty (^) Setty always returns a Set [4e37e7c5]
+ Fixed typed optional Array and Hash parameters [9f5c8e94][6231ecb0]
+ Made `$*HOME` default to Nil, not Any [7412184f]
+ Fixed crash on ^D to `$*IN` when reading with IO::ArgFiles [4b8fd4a4]
+ Fixed REPL crash when `$*HOME` is not set [1b0e41f9]
+ Fixed Test.pm6's &like crash when a non-Str is passed [ba3cf4e5]
+ Fixed Seq.perl for cached Seqs [54f50956]
+ Fixed crash in `eqv`, .iterator, .Slip, .join, .List, .list, .eager, .Array, .is-lazy,
and .sink on cached Seqs [400f4ec8][c13d89b3]
+ Fixed role mixins with native attrs with defaults [6179ab34]
+ Fixed `andthen`-`orelse` chaining [37316f82][e1994d94][1ed76a90]
+ Fixed issues when `Empty` passed as arg to `andthen`/`notandthen` or postfix `with`/`without`
+ Fixed error in Iterable (+) Iterable if the Iterable contained Pairs [3d99321f]
+ Fixed .perl for IO::Path and subclasses [134efd83]
+ Fixed .IO on :U of IO::Path subclasses [69320e7f]
+ Fixed SetHash retaining the containers [551b8a69]
+ Fixed (Bag|Mix)Hash.values/.iterator/.pairs/.kv failing to check validity of assigned
values [c1bd844e][0e0ac2fb][0338ce46][14e09532][c61c7f88]
+ Fixed 'ambiguous call' error in `eqv` and `cmp` with mixed allomorphs [e5870c11]
+ Fixed IO::Path.copy/move when source/target are same [08a8075f]
+ Fixed premature deletion of bin wrappers [c7aef59a]
+ Fixed ghost elements remaining when popping off an Array [c776c087]
+ Fixed rotate on empty list [b5c14bd1]
+ Fixed hang in .join/.gist in certain cases of flat slurpy positional arg [5e6b3878]
+ Fixed Str.comb(Int, $limit) for `<1` combers [a9959666]
+ Fixed Str.comb with empty-string comber [aa711c14]
+ Fixed unwanted split on read-chunk-size boundaries in IO::Handle.comb/.split by
making them .slurp the entire file [973338a6]
+ Fixed crash in BagHash.pickpairs when given negative arguments [08b5c101]
+ Fixed incorrect results in `+>` for large negative numbers [ef29bb9f][66e8e72c]
+ Fixed is-deeply for Junction args [1c4d8451][dc5eece9]
+ Fixed crash in is-deeply when Seq type objects are given [f3f99b3a]
+ Fixed dispatch infiniloop in (elem) and (cont) [407bce1d]
+ Fixed issues with combiners on `/` in [f4309de9]
+ Fixed issues with combiners on `/` in IO::Spec::Win32.rel2abs [c96727aa]
+ Fixed crash when setting .nl-in/.encoding on unopened IO::Handle [06d8800e][70038855]
+ Made respect attribute values [95e49dcb]
+ Made a Map instead of Hash [9021a486]
+ Made IO::Spec::Unix.path consistently return a Seq in all cases [05479793]
+ Fixed IO::Spec::Win32.path failing to flatten resultant Seq [8992af13][816b2d4b]
+ Fixed IO::Handle.perl.EVAL round-trip [a282b8c8]
+ Made IO::Path.resolve set CWD to $!SPEC.dir-sep [a4127884]
+ Fixed unwanted padding Nils from Str.words($limit) [4bcf84a2]
+ Various improvements to warnings and error reporting
+ Additions:
+ Made user grammars work more like real classes [db42d62f]
+ Loading deps no longer uses file timestamps [ca0a7439]
+ Changed type constraint on &slurp/&dir from Cool:D to IO() [6fa4bbcb][d0cd1372]
+ Added IO::Handle candidate for &spurt [6fa4bbcb]
+ Added Pair.Pair method [bd9e5730]
+ Added Seq.Capture method (makes it possible to unpack Seqs in signatures) [98e137b1]
+ Added QuantHash.Capture [5e74017d]
+ Made `(^)`, `(+)`, `(.)` multis [8b8f66c0][44893e6a][48ce8701]
+ Added primary and foreign key constraints and renamed some fields in
profiler's SQL output [c776c087]
+ Added WhateverCode candidates to Map.roll and (Bag|Mix)Hash.grabpairs [1e58925c][2bda2703]
+ Made Baggy.roll/.pick/.grab Int-ify their $count arguments [31be5128]
+ Added big int support for `+<` and `+>` ops [6409ee58][ef29bb9f][66e8e72c]
+ Made Date.clone take a formatter [a9a161ae]
+ Added `$*DISTRO` and `$*KERNEL` information to `perl6 -V` output [94c4e7bf][b6496eda]
+ Made `perl6 -V` sort its output [85230d06]
+ Added support for `$*KERNEL.archname` [0c46aff2]
+ Added `$*PERL.compiler.verbose-config` [85230d06][c3b47280]
+ Added typed exceptions to IO::Handle.flush [b43ed18f]
+ Added support for building the dist in [4298dd5e]
+ Simplified getting osname from VM.config [7c8f8d3e][18706852]
+ Added VM.osname as a rough equivalent to Perl 5's `$^O` [e79d7498][505ee33d]
+ Now show `System::Info` information with -V if module is installed [5feb3906][541597b8]
+ Made IO::Handle.encoding settable via .new [7e9496dd]
+ Added Proc::Async.ready [d76206e7]
+ Implemented $limit arg for IO::Handle.words [84502dc2]
+ Removals:
+ Removed IO::Handle.iterator that existed for a couple of releases [eb8d006e]
+ Removed unspecced method [59f6f485]
+ Removed broken Exception.resumable method [f2af3db1]
+ Removed argument forwarding from Instant.DateTime coercer [6bb1b5b4]
+ Removed IO::Path.dir's :absolute and :Str arguments [aa72bdef]
+ Removed .tell info in IO::Handle.gist [276d4a7e]
+ Removed `:directory` from Map returned by `IO::Spec::*.split` [6ed14ef6]
+ Efficiency:
+ Made Mixy (^) Mixy about 150x faster [9f0b1218][bea8ac68]
+ Made Baggy (^) Baggy about 150x faster [ee459360]
+ Made about 63x faster [c6fd7361]
+ Made Map (^) Map about 50x faster [13924397]
+ Made Setty (+) Setty about 45x faster [14568496]
+ Made Baggy (+) Baggy about 50x faster [ab5cd11b]
+ Made Mixy (+) Mixy about 45x faster [92df7d5c]
+ Made Setty (.) Setty about 35x faster [1562da07]
+ Made Baggy (.) Baggy about 35x faster [3f97831d]
+ Made Mixy (.) Mixy about 35x faster [226cd8b6]
+ Made IO::Spec::Win32.path 26x faster [8992af13][816b2d4b]
+ Made 21x faster [48cf0e67]
+ Made Setty (^) Setty about 20x faster [d92a2123]
+ Made Iterable (+) Iterable about 18x faster [6de08933]
+ Made Map.pick()/roll() about 7x faster [2fb6872b]
+ Made Baggy.pickpairs about 5x faster [c0270c66]
+ Made IO::Spec::Unix.path 4.6x faster [05479793]
+ Made (Bag|Mix)Hash.grabpairs/.grabpairs(N) about 4x faster [911b43de][3670720a]
+ Made Str.words/.lines with $limit arg lazy and up to 3.6x faster [4bcf84a2]
+ Made Iterable (^) Iterable about 3.5x faster [b2332816]
+ Made Map.roll(N) up to 3x faster [c74d37ba]
+ Made Mixy.roll(N) about 3x faster [b9222061]
+ Made IO::Spec::Unix.rel2abs 2.9x faster [277b6e5b]
+ Made Map (+) Map about 2.5x faster [a85b654d]
+ Made Map (.) Map about 2.5x faster [9c9ebd0b]
+ Made Iterable (.) Iterable 2.5x faster [3d99321f]
+ Made Mix.roll() about 2.5x faster [a2602b9c]
+ Made `notandthen` and postfix `without` 2.5x faster [fdb2b2ab]
+ Made `andthen` and postfix `with` 2.5x faster [3c8822e8]
+ Made `orelse` 2.4x faster [37316f82]
+ Made about 2.1x faster [ff23416b]
+ Made Baggy.pickpairs(N) about 2x faster [0f21f511]
+ Made 1-arg IO::Handle.say up to 2x faster [76af5367]
+ Made BagHash.roll 1.7x faster [07feca67]
+ Made 1.4x faster [5e459bce][4c813666]
+ Made IO::Spec::Win32.split about 82% faster [894ba82d]
+ Made about 80% faster [74680d44]
+ Made `&say(**@args)` up to 70% faster [204ea59b]
+ Made `&put(**@args)` up to 70% faster [6d7fc8e6]
+ Made `+>` about 55% faster [ef29bb9f]
+ Made `<+` about 12% faster [6409ee58]
+ Made IO::Spec::Unix.join about 40% faster [d2726676]
+ Made IO::Handle.put($x) about 5%-35% faster [50429b13]
+ Made BagHash.grab 30% faster [2df7060c]
+ Made IO::Path.dir up to 23% faster [aa72bdef]
+ Made Baggy.roll about 15% faster [9e7d0b36]
+ Made BagHash.grab(N) about 10% faster [87a95fc1]
+ Made Baggy.EXISTS-KEY about 8% faster [451a2380]
+ Made List.AT-POS about 5% faster for common path [736be4d4]
+ Made IO::Spec::Win32.rel2abs 6% faster [c96727aa]
+ Made Hash.EXISTS-KEY about 1% faster [eb1ce414]
+ Micro-optimized reg/init dynamic [1d6a0023]
+ Speeded up module loading a bit by persisting source checksum [3829488f]
+ Assorted internal improvements to CPU/memory use [89f2ae4f][3c7cd933][aa23a91f]
New in 2017.04.3:
+ Fixes:
+ Fix REPL history file failure with Linoise on [6c66c1b88c]
+ Fix `)>` to work whenever .MATCH is called [2f143f476d][0150c7b8c5]
+ Fixed issues with false positive case-insensitive regex matches
when only start of string and end of string match [f756b4b54f][25048824c8]
New in 2017.04.2:
+ Fixes:
+ Fix "Cannot invoke this object (REPR: Null; VMNull)" [4a560aa]
+ Improve relations between %?RESOURCES and Native trait [647abfe]
+ Support all appropriate IO::Path methods on Distribution::Resources [f4f1c42]
New in 2017.04.1:
+ Fixes:
+ Removed unwanted debugging output [c9ebfc20]
+ Reverted 9d8e391 IO::Path.resolve fix for JVM, as it does not yet know
how to do utf8-c8 decode [88a6facc]
New in 2017.04
+ There are two Upgrade Notifications for this release:
- Part 1:
- Part 2:
- Part 3:
+ Changes for Texas operators listed in this release also apply to their
fancy Unicode alternatives.
+ Fixes:
+ Fixed infinite loop due to wrong args in many Cool methods [8c88b0c]
+ Fixed failure to distinguish rw args in Capture.WHICH [4605d52]
+ Fixed regression in .rotor with negative gaps [5917b81]
+ Fixed a 1-arg-no-phasers path in .map stopping after 1 value [86dc997]
+ Fixed containerization issues in listinfix metaops [16f950b]
+ Fixed Inline::Perl5 detection in t/harness6 [b15cd20]
+ Fixed incorrect number of tests run in t/harness6 [8766370]
+ Fixed t/harness5 incorrectly failing NOTESTS runs [f28c515]
+ Fixed crash in S/// and s/// for some combinations of adverbs [43e0902]
+ Fixed crash when doing EVAL from multiple threads [218f8c4]
+ Fixed errors in concatenations of Hangul script with \r\n in it [a123eb3]
+ Fixed case insensitive string compare with synthetics in haystack [e87179d]
+ Fixed case insensitive regex with synthetics [666ce35]
+ Fixed issues with foreign lang cursor without a name [ffeb896]
+ Fixed introspection of attributes with explicitly typed keys [a6ba994]
+ Fixed spurious warnings in define_slang [666ce35]
+ Fixed issues in :exists with multidimensional hash slice lookup [a758c0b]
+ Fixed unwanted overflow when too-large values were *assigned* to native attributes [666ce35]
+ Fixed failure to set $/ by matching routines when used in loops [a62b221]
+ Fixed handling of Baggy (|) Mixy, Mixy (|) Baggy in dispatch [48619f8]
+ Fixed Allocations tab in --profile output [c16cdb2c]
+ Made `is equiv` to not propagate operator's `assoc` value [f9f0883]
+ Made Code.ACCEPTS pass take its parameter `is raw` [c0eb9bd]
+ Fixed SEGV in IO::Pipe.t [3e275dd]
+ Made `dynamic` default to False instead of Nil on Scalar/Hash/Array [28a6e80]
+ [IO] Fixed wrong results in IO::Path.resolve for paths with combiners on `/` [9d8e391]
+ [IO] Fixed a crash when using Whatever limit in in IO::Pipe.lines [0c62815]
+ [IO] Fixed crash in smartmatch of Cool ~~ IO::Path for some Cools [c360ac2]
+ [IO] Made IO::Path:: subclasses instantiate a subclass, not IO::Path [a0b82ed]
+ [IO] Fixed crash when very large files were read with IO::Path.slurp [d0924f1]
+ [IO] Ensured IO::Handle.Str coerced .path to Str [1f689a9]
+ [IO] Fixed crash when binary slurping large files with &slurp/IO::Path.slurp [756877e]
+ [IO] Fixed occasional zero byte read when binary slurping files [756877e]
+ [IO] IO::Handle.symlink/.link now take name of the link as argument;
the invocant is the target [8c09c84]
+ Various improvements to warnings and error reporting [6a77cda][d90c6bf][f9968b3]
+ Additions:
+ Gave `Thread` a numeric representation [e5528dd]
+ Made Any.maxpairs/.minpairs use `cmp` and return Seq [5927186]
+ Made `Parameter` object available in bind error [0f9f000]
+ Added typed exception for parameter constraint failure [f1cd8e3]
+ Allowed nativesize to be unset in NativeHOW, but still compose [af4aae2][932b59f]
+ Made sure that Baggy and Setty handle bare objects [7433947][e660a57]
+ Added experimental coverage reporter tool with MoarVM backend (so far works with
reports for core code; more work needed to expand for wider use) [932b59f][d0924f1]
+ Made it possible to assign to system dynamic vars on initialization [1b9d53c]
+ Broadened acceptance in `(<+)`/`(>+)`: all Quanthashes can be considered Settys
and all Baggys can be considered Mixys [1ebeeb3]
+ Implemented `skip-all` option in &plan in [14b6d5f]
+ Made it possible to use `.head(*-N)` (all but last N) [1fea495]
+ Made it possible to use `.tail(*-N)` (all but first N) [188b7b1]
+ Allowed `*` and `Inf` args to Array|List.tail [1b34ea6]
+ Made .Set, .SetHash, .Mix, .MixHash, .Bag, and .BagHash nodal [189615c][3e412b9][7025050]
+ Made `infix:<(&)>` a multi and added basic candidates [e8cb9a2]
+ Made `(-)` a multi [495f970]
+ Added default descriptions for's `like`, `unlike`, and `use-ok` [4b915f7]
+ Made `is rw` on optional params throw a typed exception instead of generic one [8370675]
+ Made it possible to pass IO::Path to `is native` trait [9984080]
+ Implemented bypass of dependency resolution in the Staging repo
via RAKUDO_RERESOLVE_DEPENDENCIES env var [5b862a3][d4d6a99][2a0a2d3]
+ Merged Cursor into Match; in preparation of for future removal of Cursor [b7c036c][cdd625b]
+ [IO] Added more powerful features to IO::Path.extension [b1e7a01][15a25da]
+ [IO] Added IO::Path.add [40217ed][0b5a41b]
+ [IO] Implemented IO::Path.sibling [8bacad8]
+ [IO] Implemented IO::Handle.lock [214198b]
+ [IO] Made IO::Path throw when path contains NUL byte [e681498]
+ [IO] Implemented `:completely` param in IO::Path.resolve [6a8d63d][51e4629]
+ [IO] Implemented IO::Handle.slurp [f1b4af7]
+ [IO] Made IO::Path.dir a `multi` method [fbe7ace]
+ [IO] `$*TMPDIR` now has a container, so it's possible to `temp` it [b62d1a7]
+ [IO] Allowed IO::Path.z to be called on directories, to mirror .s [b6838ee]
+ [IO] Implemented IO::Handle.spurt [a5800a1]
+ [IO] Implemented &indir [a0ef2ed][ca1acb7]
+ [IO] Implemented IO::Path.concat-with [966a7e3]
+ [IO] Made `&*chdir` return new `$*CWD` [5464b82]
+ [IO] Expanded accepted arguments from Cool to IO() in &spurt [099512b]
+ [IO] Implemented :parent in IO::Spec::Cygwin.canonpath [0c8bef5]
+ [IO] Made IO::Path.lines lazy again (reversal from last release) [90da80f]
+ [IO] Re-added :close param to IO::Handle.lines (reversal from last release) [90da80f]
+ [IO] IO::Handle.lines($limit, :close) now closes the handle when $limit is reached [90da80f]
+ [IO] Added IO::Pipe.path and .IO methods to return an IO::Path type object [d46e8df]
+ [IO] Made IO::Path.mkdir return invocant on success [c01ebea]
+ [IO] IO::Path now `does` role `IO`. This exists solely as a future compatibility feature with
`IO()` coercer type check and provides no new methods [87987c2][c95c4a7][fd503f8]
+ [IO] &chdir and IO::Path.chdir now support :r, :w, :d, :x args for
file tests and default to :d test only [a0ef2ed]
+ [IO] Changed coercers from Str() to IO() in `&*chdir`, &chdir, IO::Path.chdir, &rename, &move,
&copy to avoid limitations of IO::Path.Str and race conditions with `$*CWD`
+ [IO] Changed a Capture of remaining args to be passed to the delegate IO::Handle
methods, instead of the internal .open call in IO::Path .lines, .words, .comb,
.spurt, and .split [099512b][90da80f]
+ [IO] The following now return Failures instead of throwing: &chdir, `&*chdir`, &spurt,
IO::Path.spurt, IO::Handle.spurt, IO::Path.slurp, &symlink, &link, &rename, &move, &copy
+ Removals:
+ Removed unused $.pid from Proc [5b8d4c2]
+ [IO] Removed &mkdir candidate that creates multiple dirs [0d9ecae]
+ [IO] Removed IO::Path.abspath [cb323d5][a432b3d]
+ [IO] Made a private method [7f73f92]
+ [IO] Removed vestigial IO::Path.pipe [a01d679]
+ [IO] Removed unused Capture in signatures of some .IO coercers [0c7e4a0]
+ [IO] Removed IO.umask method [87987c2][fd503f8][c95c4a7]
+ [IO] Removed :bin argument in IO::Handle.Supply; now uses handle's mode instead [184d499]
+ [IO] IO::Handle and IO::Socket no longer `does` role `IO` [87987c2]
+ [IO] Removed .chmod, .e, .d, .f, .s, .l, .r, .w, .x, .modifies, .accessed,
.changed, .mode, and .watch methods from IO::Handle [36ad92a][50aea2b]
+ [IO] Removed &tmpdir and &homedir
+ [IO] :$test param on &chdir and IO::Path.chdir is now deprecated
and will be removed in 6.d language [a0ef2ed]
+ Efficiency:
+ Made .Set/.SetHash.clone about 250x faster [d673ea7]
+ Make Baggy (&) Baggy about 80x faster [e9a3075]
+ Made Mixy (&) Mixy about 60x faster [03ef4be]
+ Made Str (elem) Map / Map (cont) Str 50x faster [a8c6eca]
+ Made Setty (&) Setty about 40x faster [89b5d65]
+ Made Setty (-) Setty about 40x faster [49c0ab6]
+ Made Baggy (|) Baggy at least 40x faster [4facf10]
+ Made Mix.BagHash and Mix.Bag coercions about 28x faster [2d8ac1e][af50e06]
+ Made Setty `(<+)`/`(>+)` Setty at least 25x faster [224e40f]
+ Made Mix.MixHash coercion about 25x faster [de983bc]
+ Made Map (|) Map 15x to 20x faster [9470d1c]
+ Made Setty (|) Setty about 25x faster [49807eb]
+ Made Object Hash.Set(Hash) coercion 12x faster [fb5d726]
+ Made .invert about 10x faster [7ea0f66]
+ Made Baggy coercion to Set|SetHash 10x faster [f947a19]
+ Made @a.first(Foo) 6x-10x faster (also affects many set operators) [9671ffe]
+ Made Iterable (|) Iterable about 9x faster [80062b0]
+ Made Set.WHICH about 8x faster for 50 elem Sets [167a0ed]
+ Made Set.SetHash coercion 12x faster [2731087]
+ Made coercion of Map to Set(|Hash) about 8x faster [4683e83]
+ Made Setty coercion to (Bag|Mix)Hash 7x faster [6686abb]
+ Made Map (&) Map about 7x faster [605e9e9]
+ Made Baggy `(<+)`/`(>+)` Baggy at least 6x faster [928a406][0672082]
+ Made Mixy `(<+)`/`(>+)` Mixy at least 5x faster [38b341a][0672082]
+ Made (cont)/(elem) 25% to 5x faster for QuantHashes [5b7ef3e]
+ Made Setty.hash about 4x faster [10fe02a]
+ Made Setty.pick/SetHash.(grab|grabpairs) 4x faster [6c9f31b]
+ Made Iterable.Set(|Hash) about 4x faster [f849df3]
+ Made m:i// regex matching 1.8x-3.3x faster [3e275dd]
+ Made Enum.ACCEPTS(Enum) 2.9x faster [17d34cd]
+ Made Iterable (&) Iterable about 2x faster [0fc3751]
+ Made internal nqp::index 2x faster, affecting many methods that work with strings [f1fc879]
+ Made case-insensitive regex 2x faster [822566f]
+ Made 1.5x faster and use less memory [ff52b74]
+ Made concatenation with control chars at end 30% faster [027aa54]
+ Made, bag(), and mix() about 25% faster [ae3ff5c]
+ Made Iterable.flat about 20% faster (also affects `*@foo` slurpy params) [f532f81]
+ Made Numeric.ACCEPTS(Any) about 15% faster [89457f8][e0e0800]
+ Made Hash.Bag about 15% faster [e7e97c7]
+ Made generic handling of `(<+)` and `(>+)` about 15% faster [5ae4549]
+ Made about 8% faster and use less memory [fb60621][1471527]
+ Made about 4% faster for Pairs [213a72c]
+ Made Any.unique a few percent faster [6060bd3]
+ Streamlined tai/epoch conversion / leap-second check [dcebce4]
+ Added fastpath for `infix:<(|)>` with empty list of args [e24980f]
+ Made multiple memory use reductions in internals in MoarVM [d0924f1]
+ Made Grammars pre-compute their NFAs during precompilation [064b585]
+ Improved FSA which gives better multithreading performance [20af51f]
+ [IO] Made IO::Spec::Unix.split 36x faster [4fdebc9]
+ [IO] Made IO::Spec::Unix.catpath 9x faster [55abc6d]
+ [IO] Made IO::Spec::Unix.join 8.5x faster [55abc6d]
+ [IO] Made about 4.4x faster [4eef6db]
+ [IO] Made IO::Spec::Unix.catdir 3.9x Faster [0111f10]
+ [IO] Made IO::Pipe.lines 3.2x faster [0c62815]
+ [IO] Made IO::Spec::Win32!canon-cat 2.3x faster [0e36bb2]
+ [IO] Made IO::Path.child 2.1x faster on `*nix` [55abc6d]
+ [IO] Made .IO.slurp about 2x as fast [b4d80c0]
+ [IO] Made 75% faster [4032953]
+ [IO] Made IO::Spec::Unix.rel2abs 35% faster [dcf1bb2]
+ [IO] Made IO::Path.slurp 12%-35% faster (for small files) [c13480c]
+ [IO] Made 7% faster when creating from Str [ae5e510]
+ Assorted internal improvements to CPU/memory use [1132b1a][a123eb3][1bacc61][c3c849e]
New in 2017.03
+ Fixes:
+ Made IO::Path.lines non-lazy so it can always close the file handle [0083c4f]
+ Fixed unwanted container re-use in `infix:<x>` [5b7b7fb]
+ Made Emoji_Modifier_Base return Bool instead of int with uniprop [2125d4d]
+ Fixed JIT rounding bug for negatives in nqp::div_i [deac603][f73d984]
+ Fixed failure in `\c[]` with non-ASCII names [deac603]
+ Fixed issues in `infix:<div>` optimization [deac603]
+ Fixed .split(...:skip-empty) not skipping with empty strings [fc86084]
+ Fixed duplicated .done/.quit on Channels in Proc::Async on exit [c4a4c84]
+ Fixed error handling when Proc::Async process failed to spawn [f73d984]
+ Made sure `infix:<xx>` always returns a Seq [1eb7b1f]
+ Partially fixed `infix:<xx>` being non-lazy [f190f24]
+ Fixed SC collision when loading identical modules from
different dists [254f76a]
+ Fixed CURI loading of modules with identical short-names [c1a0fa7]
+ Fixed SEGV in exception handler resolution in sub/INIT/return [b2eb115]
+ Fixed SEGV on `xx` with a huge repeat values [1cafc67]
+ Fixed SEGV on chars with a huge number of combiners [1cafc67]
+ Fixed SEGV when `Scalar` type object is processed by `unique` [cfe0e04]
+ Fixed .comb(Int) failing to work on Cool [a08e953]
+ Fixed hang in dispatch of .lines/.words when given wrong args [7425737]
+ Fixed cases of lack of panic upon with quantifiers in regexes [91a4ac5]
+ Fixed broken thunking of infix:<notandthen> [5e6f30a]
+ Fixed failure to thunk RHS on `or=`, `and=`, and `notandthen=` [3e88c41]
+ Fixed precision loss with `cmp` involving Rationals/Int [9e8ecb7]
+ Fixed crash in .Bool, .so, .not, .hash, and .elems on Baggy:U [e8af855]
+ Fixed crash in .Str on Bool:U [3de5fb2]
+ Fixed crash in IO::Special .WHICH/.Str [dd4dfb1]
+ Fixed install wrapper when no binaries are found [796b6a8]
+ Fixed crash when calling .sort on reified empty Array [8e250db][75e070f]
+ Fixed `Nil` being displayed as `Mu` in REPL [a274bdd][cd47e2a]
+ Fixed previous output silencing exceptions in REPL
+ Fixed loss of data when using a hash in assignment to itself [ae7bcf1]
+ Fixed IO::Path.e failing to detect changes on the filesystem [76f7187]
+ Fixed `infix:<eqv>` with Seq/List containing same elements [f9eb811]
+ Fixed CArray to pass NULL when for type object elements [26e6993]
+ Fixed GC deadlock when event loop worker thread was spawned [26e6993]
+ Fixed `:i` in regexes using lowercase instead of fold case [26e6993]
+ Fixed parsing issue with detached methods in `[…]` metaop [e1ebb50]
+ Fixed unwanted list flattening in triangle reduce [10f5f74]
+ Fixed for NaN and Inf end points [79f2681][16ef21c]
+ JVM backend fixes [b1def95][2f6d2c6][dc19892][cef41b2]
+ Various improvements to error reporting
+ Additions:
+ Made symbol imports of `require`d modules lexical. For more information,
+ Added ≤, ≥, ≠ as Unicode versions of <=, >=, and != [5c68ea6]
+ Made it possible to hyper ops that return a Seq [e2db7b8]
+ Made `infix:<∘>` keep RHS's .count and .arity and LHS's .of [032b283][cb149a8]
+ Made purity propagate up through meta-meta ASTs [68a40f7]
+ Made Proc::Async default to translating newlines [05add43][2973ccd]
+ Implemented Str.parse-names [5c1761a]
+ Added `$epsilon` argument to Complex.Rat/.FatRat [a4af702]
+ Fixed loss of precision in Instant.Rat [a4af702]
+ Implemented .FatRat coercer in Cool and Numeric [a4af702]
+ Added Mu candidate for `infix:<xx>` [e270a15]
+ Implemented Mu.iterator [81fcd1b]
+ Made sure Str.split always returns a Seq [f595733][8301a30]
+ Made List.reverse return a Seq [beda576]
+ [EXPERIMENTAL] Added support for Parameter.set_default [d6c95ea]
+ Implemented new internal braids API to make future optimizations easier.
This affects any slang modules that access `%*LANG`, `%*PRAGMAS`, and
`$*ACTIONS` internals using unofficial API.
+ Removals:
+ Removed IO::Path.Bridge [212cc8a]
+ Removed support for IO::Handle.lines(:close) agument [76a59cf]
+ Efficiency:
+ Made min/max/min=/max= about 3x faster [a9c5196]
+ Made .WHICH of numerous types about 1.8x faster [79bb179][65b0040]
+ Made case-insensitive regex match 20%-30% faster [5b6e0fb][f73d984]
+ Made triangle reduce right op with 2 params 2x faster [e114d52]
+ Made triangle reduce right op with 2+ params 1.5x faster [d04c47f]
+ Made IO::Handle.lines about 10% faster [9019a5b]
+ Made IO::Handle.getc about 3% faster [9019a5b]
+ Made reduce chain op about 5% faster [9cec31a]
+ Made IO::Handle.lines about 10% faster [9da50e3]
+ Made List.reverse 0%–30% faster and reduced memory pressure by up to 70%
+ Made loops/maps with NEXT phaser about 5% faster [80e0bce]
+ Made `infix:<%%>` about 14x faster for Int,Int case [755e25b]
+ Made `infix:<%>` about 8x faster for Int,Int case [5ec2517]
+ Made Junction creation about 20% faster [fafe663]
+ Made callframe() about 20% faster [7966dad][9a74cd0]
+ Made meta reduce with right-assoc. op 30%–200% faster [60a8f9e][2cf9b53]
+ REMOVED caching of IO::Path.e results to fix unwanted behaviour [76f7187]
+ Assorted internal improvements to CPU/memory use
New in 2017.02
+ 6.d.PREVIEW changes:
+ It is now possible to use different language versions in different comp units.
Pragma `use v6.d.PREVIEW;` loads PREVIEW version of 6.d language [9044fca]
+ Made `await` non-blocking (i.e. not using a thread for waiting) [dd1cb5f]
+ Made `react` non-blocking [4aa8d70]
+ Various improvements to error reporting [ee7c1bb][a2d69a0][f22170f]
+ Fixes:
+ Fixed data race in NFA cache [8f53a6f]
+ Fixed handling of Unicode characters on Windows command line [8f53a6f]
+ Fixed overflow during full GC collection on 32-bit systems [8f53a6f]
+ Fixed GC problem in string repeat op [8f53a6f]
+ Fixed .perl.EVAL roundtripping for circular Arrays and
Hashes [67aeefa][673f06b]
+ Fixed instantiation of subclasses of classes that do Rational [7f245f7]
+ Fixed incorrect handling of precision flag in sprintf '%d' [a1c7d01]
+ Fixed `infix:<xx>(..., *)` for empty Slips [4e49ec1]
+ Fixed .pairs, .values, and .kv with native shaped arrays not having values
in writable containers [0fdb9e4][1181afe][e195e5f]
+ Changed Pair.AT-KEY on non-existent key to return Nil [9728c4a]
+ Fixed Slip.List not returning a Slip instead of a List [4d4822a]
+ Made Map.List and Hash.List always return a List [6dd542f]
+ Fixed crash when using `.=` to initialize attributes [700a077]
+ Fixed leak of asynchronous task handles [483e4fd]
+ Fixed issues in .skip-one in internal Mappy iterator [3a77cb5][e7ea4c2]
+ Fixed count-only on all Hash based .kv methods reporting only half of
actual value [aecbb3e]
+ Fixed crash in internal iterator used by .rotor and .batch [bcd902a]
+ Fixed LAST phaser called twice in sunk do for {} loops [3424465]
+ Fixed various discrepancies as a result of inlining non-native types [f8b3469]
+ Fixed leaks and an invalid read in synchronous sockets on errors [9ed4449]
+ Fixed NFA generation for the constructs `x ** 1..2` and `:i <[A..Z]>`,
and hardened NFA processing in MoarVM so as to not read out of bounds [9ed4449]
+ Fixed memory leaks on startup and module load with augmented types [9ed4449]
+ Fixed smartmatch of Complex against Ranges [f2894d3]
+ Fixed premature overflow of `div` on native int types [c98b3a5]
+ Fixed flat()/Iterable.flat not propagating `is-lazy` [51b0aba][ca102c5]
+ Fixed hang with `*@` slurpies when given infinite list [51b0aba]
+ Fixed abs() failing with negative zeros [f85978b]
+ Fixed List.perl of containerized empty lists [a148c70]
+ Fixed at-times incorrect result of Rational.ceiling [6372417][79553d0]
+ Fixed Rational.norm failing to normalize the Rational [aac9efc]
+ Fixed issues with close() and read() on closed async sockes [f16cf37]
+ Fixed occasional disordering of messages in Supplier::Preserving [cabf6fb]
+ Fixed a data race in NFA caching causing SEGV [62bd30b]
+ Fixed data races and over-sharing of %*ENV in precompilation [bab1c02]
+ Fixed data races in CompUnit::PrecompilationStore::File
+ Various improvements to error reporting [10bcec2][5822605][f230224][b51a550]
+ Additions:
+ Implemented Array.clone [dc69daf]
+ Implemented Mu:U.clone [11d005e][4b85db6]
+ Added experimental `infix:<unicmp>` [6f6f0cf][5870ef9][eb3356c][6990133]
+ Added experimental `infix:<coll>`, `Any.collate`, and `$*COLLATION`
+ Implemented Any.skip [8a6bfc6]
+ Implemented Supply.skip [d71bf1e][15753fd]
+ Implemented Any.batch [e0201f1][f6531d3]
+ Added Supply.rotor($batch) candidate [5694727]
+ Added support for all Nd characers in sprintf format strings [483e4fd]
+ Added support for more named Unicode sequences [3a77406]
+ Made named Unicode lookups (e.g. "\c[...]") case insensitive [3a77406]
+ Added support for Support East_Asian_Width Unicode property [9ed4449]
+ Made CompUnitHandle.globalish-package return the actual Stash [960a789]
+ Made Test.pm6's skip() only accept Int test counts [ae9d517]
+ Numerious fixes related to colonpair-extended names on subroutines [48abeee]
+ Made merging of Perl 5 symbols use the same mechanism as for Perl 6 [4e7ab20]
+ Included try-load in CompUnit::PrecompilationRepository's interface [d932355]
+ Made S/// set $/ to Match objects made during substitution and avoid
returning the result in $/ causing container-reuse in loops [97359ae]
+ Made CompUnit::Repository::Installation sort binaries by version [7c39bbf]
+ Made it possible to call IO::Path.s on a directory [25fd1ca]
+ Gave fakesignature a $/, $_, and $! to avoid unintended sharing [71a1283]
+ Implemented smartmatch of character Ranges [8477f3b]
+ Str ~~ Numeric no longer throws if Str cannot be coerced to Numeric [1615c83]
+ Efficiency:
+ Made SetHash.iterator|pairs|antipairs|kv|values about 20x faster [a2fbe20]
+ Made Int.WHICH about 1.7x faster [9841313]
+ Made Baggy.kv about 15% faster [e995107]
+ Made Baggy.kxxv about 30% faster [5db0b29]
+ Made Baggy.antipairs about 25% faster [2922ec4]
+ Sped up postincrement and postdecrement by about 5% [fd74c91]
+ Internal improvements for 1%+ faster parsing [dd514da][9493ffb][951a441]
+ Made `<ws>` parsing 5%+ faster [0bb7c20][d5262e6]
+ Generalized sink branch optimize logic improving performance for
sunk post increment [5401a1a]
+ Improved radix operations (50% faster with non-ASCII digits) [9ed4449][c98b3a5]
+ Made uniprop/unival/unimatch 1.1x to 2.1x faster [411782e]
+ Fixed performance loss on `infix:<x>` with very large number [8878af8]
+ Made Map.sort about 1.5x faster (also affecting its .perl/.gist/.Str) [0ee3b7d]
+ Made an improvement in candidate selection order of &sort [b7c6e73]
+ Made .skip of internal mappy iterator about 15% faster [54f647d]
+ Made List.keys on lazy lists a bit faster [0ad05ce]
+ Made Seq.InfiniteLoopIter about 6% faster [00e60d9]
+ Made do repeat while about 3%-11% faster [a832944][af49026]
+ Made `do while foo { bar }` loops about 20% faster [4932112]
+ Made `do repeat while foo { bar }` about 20% faster [3888b42]
+ Made `do loop ( init; while; next ) { }` loops about 6% faster [c2eb7fb]
+ Made `.map: -> $_ --> non-Slippy-Foo { ... }` maps about 2x faster [fdcf462]
+ Made firing of phasers about 25% faster [7e98504]
+ Made `my @a = do for @b { ...; PHASER foo }` about 1.5x faster [031efe0][3424465]
+ Made `for @b { ...; PHASER foo }` about 15% faster [031efe0]
+ Made `@b = { }` 10% and `@b = do for @a { }` 20% faster [3e28b1e]
+ Made `for @a { ... }` about 1% faster [d69f375]
+ Made `my @b = -> \a,\b { }` about 15% faster [9f15a4d]
+ Made `for @a -> \a, \b { }` about 2% faster [7384939]
+ Made .tail on reified List/Array about 8x as fast as `[*-1]` and .tail(N)
about 16x as fast as `[*-N .. *-1] [*-N .. *-1]` [833fe43]
+ Made improvements and refactoring of various internal iterators
+ Made improvements to performance of internals [ed4ef3b][f85978b]
New in 2017.01
+ Fixes:
+ Fixed importing globals nested in imported packages [85d8b14]
+ Fixed "Object of type A in QAST::Var value, but not in SC" [43d20eb]
+ Fixed use Foo::Bar; class Foo {my Foo::Bar $bar} not finding Foo::Bar [5c4db5e]
+ Fixed class Foo { use Foo::Bar; my Foo $foo; } not finding Foo [226cb36]
+ Fixed our scoped nested package swallowed by lexically scoped parent [85b9d8a]
+ Fixed imported nested enum colliding with symbols from outer scope [a962928]
+ Multiple methods that return listy things now throw instead of failing to
avoid accidental Failure silencing through 1-elem lists [99e33fc][bd4e1f4]
+ Made List.roll always return a Seq [bd4e1f4]
+ Fixed SEGVs and GC panics in certain deep recursions [58c79e2]
+ Fixed detection of runtime errors in threads [b8df3a6]
+ Made sure .sort on shaped arrays uses the leaves [a4bc51a]
+ Made U+2212 infix:<−> and prefix:<−> same as regular `-` for all types [91af128]
+ Made sub MAIN usage ignore anon *% param [38ec79c]
+ Fixed lack of warning on unitilized values in infix:<x> [c498d5b]
+ Fixed Distribution::Path bin/resources file format [393afcf]
+ Fixed spurious warnings in List.reduce [1ee24cc]
+ Sorting uninitialized List now returns a new list [005166e]
+ Made .sort always return a .Seq [434bf75]
+ Fixed combinations() incorrectly returning 1-item list in some cases [d86c419]
+ Made combinations() always return a Seq on succcess [db1836a]
+ Fixed useless "useless use" warnings in hypered ++ and -- [7193df1]
+ Fixed numerous bugs with $limit in lines() [19df358]
+ Fixed regression with mutability of .pairs on shaped arrays [dc7b688]
+ Fixed regression with infinite lists assignment to shaped arrays [aa35065]
+ Fixed regression with looping over uninitialized shaped array [696b1f4]
+ Fixed regression with regex match against NFC [8d35951]
+ Fixed infix:<cmp> with 0-denominator rationals [a567eb4]
+ Fixed crashes in X::OutOfRange reporting with 0-denominator rationals [b2332c2]
+ Fixed &infix:<==> on 0-denominator rationals [73182d4]
+ Fixed &infix:<===> on 0-denominator rationals [cb2476f]
+ Fixed incorrect .isNaN result for 0/0 rationals [7434a8f]
+ Fixed not parsing IPv6 URLs
correctly [cb9ec03][df20d8b][fbd061b][8751f05]
+ Made fail when invalid port or family is given [cb9ec03]
+ Fixed Range.AT-POS on int ranges failing for too-high indexes [c5e54ef]
+ Fixed (^) set operator on Baggies to take weights into account [a687d95]
+ Fixed incorrect dispatch in some cases of multi subs with where clauses [0c0dd82]
+ Fixed unwanted role punning due to attached Pod [d487657]
+ Made Routine.prec(key) return '' rather than Nil on fail [d7d76b7]
+ Moved .prec from Routine to Code [a7ccfc6]
+ Fixed an occasional heap profiler crash, and prevent heap profiler
from greatly reducing the number of full GC collections [e182deb]
+ Fixed specializer log slots keeping alive, and so leaking,
objects once specialized code has been produced [e182deb]
+ Fixed build under some versions of MSVC [e182deb]
+ Fixed code-gen bug in dispatch:<hyper> [3d86286][ba8a284]
+ Fixed `1,*,3 Z~ <a b c>` case using Whatever value for the rest of list [471f4ba]
+ Fixed threading issues in ||=, //=, and &&= [d1c2e76]
+ Fixed GC in spesh triggered by managed mutex use [25615c7]
+ Fixed bugs in interaction between inlining, GC, and threads [25615c7]
+ Fixed endpoint-exclusion on string ranges with non-alphanumeric chars [daf7e51]
+ Fixed fatality of Nil.chomp/chop (back to just a warning) [7c81bec]
+ Fixed infix:<eqv> on NaN and signed zeros [3f80e13]
+ Fixed crash in infix:<cmp> when comparing Real and RatStr [8ec54ba]
+ [TEST] tests no longer backslash every backslash in descriptions [b183cab]
+ [TEST] Fixed TAP::Harness parsing of single backslashes in test descriptions [b120ac4]
+ [TEST] Fixed TAP::Harness failing to parse full-file skip directive [aee7af3]
+ [UNI] Fixed `ISO_Comment` property in uniprop [4ff2fb2]
+ [UNI] Fixed uniname() on "\x[80]", "\0" and other controls [8163113]
+ [UNI] Made unival() use full Unicode names for Numeric_Value_* [dbbf9dd]
+ [UNI] Fixed several aliases for Unicode characters [5ba982a][644cd34]
+ [UNI] Fixed number of characters reported for hundreds of Unicode Emoji [823f0f7]
+ [UNI] Fixed compilation of /:ignoremark \"/ to actually ignore marks [6188771]
+ [UNI] Fixed mismatched closers on U+298D/U+2990/U+298E/U+298F brackets [76283f6]
+ [UNI] Fixed return value of uniprop Bidi_Mirroring_Glyph if no BMG [48e8ccc]
+ [UNI] Fixed breaking after Prepend characters [7c8b705]
+ [JVM] Fixed build issues [7bba13a][adcfb8b][e6ccb47][29f487e]
+ Assorted improvements in error reporting
+ Additions:
+ Made importing globals from loaded modules lexical [4b529c8]
+ Added degenerate Any.match [3fe5893][cc0f836]
+ Added infix +/- for DateTime/Duration [6b850ba]
+ parse-base() now allows for omitted whole part [3282813]
+ Using a Bool:D literal as type constraint in signatures now warns [b01dfcd]
+ Made Bool.ACCEPTS work with Junctions [9fc616f]
+ Made Proc::Async sub-class friendly [a2cc58a][1dc0c01]
+ Implemented .clone for SetHash, BagHash, and MixHash [1ee9c82]
+ Implemented .List on shaped arrays [8568dd1]
+ Added own .perl method to Empty [ec0258a]
+ Made Inf and Whatever work as part of rotor()'s cycle [7ddc5f7]
+ Made it possible to use Inf and Whatever in .head and .tail [93b0ffa]
+ Implemented `next` in `whenever` blocks [f97d5c2]
+ [TEST] Test::is() now handles Mu types [268dc92]
+ [UNI] uniprop now handles Emoji properties [3baffe7]
+ [UNI] Implemented Bidi_Mirroring_Glyph as an integer property [7c8b705]
+ [UNI] Implemented Emoji grapheme breaking and other combined codes [7c8b705]
+ [UNI] Added Emoji Unicode properties [7c8b705]
+ [UNI] Added secondary and tertiary Unicode collation support [ee38721]
+ [UNI] Re-implemented UTF8-C8 streaming decode [7c8b705][ee38721][e182deb]
+ [UNI] Made all Nd chars accepted in ${} special variables [eba3fe0]
+ [UNI] Made all Nd chars accepted as regex quantifiers [e40a129]
+ Removals:
+ [UNI] Unicode 1 character names are now deprecated and issue a warning [e7c1d51]
+ Removed IO::Path:U.chdir candidate on account of it being a footgun [94df18c]
+ Efficiency:
+ [UNI] Made unival() slightly faster for repeated lookups [dbbf9dd]
+ [UNI] Made decoding UTF-8 text 14% faster [528ec53]
+ Made compilation of custom operators about 1.5x faster [c99fbc6]
+ Made improvements to memory management of various aspects of invocation records
(aka call frames), greatly reducing memory pressure in a number of cases,
especially in applications that produce and store a large number of closures.
Up to 20% improvement to CORE.setting build time and ~10% peak memory use
reduction observed [e182deb]
+ Made I/O memory buffers properly contribute to full collection criteria,
reducing memory overhead required [e182deb]
+ Made @a[*-1] 13% faster [b39c0d8][ab26b58]
+ Removed unnecessary caching on .elems in core code [ab26b58]
+ perl6 -ne '' <large file> is now about 40% faster [541d127]
+ Made IO::ArgFiles.lines about 10% faster [73797b7]
+ Made List.sort() about 4x faster [8d33b89]
+ Made native @a.sort() about 12x faster [4b2cea0]
+ Made Str.split(<a b c>) about 3x faster [f0398fb] and then 10%-40% faster
on top of that, based on length of string [2496963]
+ Made Any.sort(&by) about 40% faster [1374fcf][def5262]
+ Made List.sort(&by) about 5% faster on reified List/Array [1e54371]
+ Made .sort on 0- and 1-element lists 10%-40% faster [340bc90]
+ Made .sort on 2-element lists about 50% faster [4724bd6]
+ Made Supply.sort a multi for faster dispatch [54cc06b]
+ Made Cursor.MATCH about 10-15% faster [9eef565]
+ Made QuantHash.AT-POS and about 5%-8% faster [c13e67b]
+ Made is nodal check a bit faster [0f25d83][996ab6a]
+ Made Capture.Bool about 3x faster [516e527]
+ Made sorting of 0,1,2 element native arrays about 30% faster [4038c6c]
+ Made generating iterator after List.eager does not reify again [7a759d7]
+ Added Seq.join that's 25% faster than List.join [3c52aa0]
+ Make @a Z @a 5x faster [4ab020f][3d1d699]
+ Made slow-path in grep 10% faster [362f674]
+ Made fast-path in grep about 1.4x slower as a result of a bug fix [362f674]
+ Made internal improvements with Empty and SlippyIterator [ebe9147]
+ Streamlined .prec on operators [caba0d3]
+ Made zip(@a,@b,:with(&[+|~]) about 12x faster [62f7027]
+ Made zip(@a,@b,:with(&op)) about 7x faster [62f7027]
+ Made zip with generic listinfix ops (e.g. zip(@a,@a,:with(&[minmax]))
about 2x as fast [5c685f2]
+ Made zip(@a,@a,:with(&[=>])) about 5x faster [46cdf16]
+ Made generic right-assoc zip ops in zip(@a,@a,:with(...)) form
at least 2x faster [6703b4c]
+ Made Zop handling (except for non-LHS-thunky ops) 13x faster [f66d4b3]
+ Made List.from-iterator about 10% faster [8f3476d]
+ Streamlined Array.from-iterator, making it 30% faster in some cases [fab1a14]
+ Improved ||=, //=, and &&= by avoiding thunking and invocation [d1c2e76]
+ Made List.combinations(N) about 20% faster [1a54bba] and on top of that
made List.combinations() 1.5x, List.combinations(3..5) 2x faster [502fc77]
+ Made permutations() 2x to 24x faster [78edbbb][b5293c2][c64aeb3]
+ Made roundrobin() about 4x faster [73d0cec]
+ Made X and cross(...,:with) about 5x faster [8a3ff7b]
+ Made Xop about 7x faster [a26f513]
+ Made 1 X foo about 20% faster [d4a5b69]
+ Made List.rotor between 15x and 20x faster [d7b8214]
+ Made Range.excludes-(min|max|infinite|is-int) 2.5x as fast [99b186b]
+ Made reified List.Array about 3x faster [c9a9bc8]
+ Made List/Array.sum about 30% faster [017c6cf]
+ Made List/Array.fmt with no args about 60x faster [22e589a]
+ Made List/Array.fmt("%s") about 60x faster [7ef3682]
+ Made List/Array.join about 20% faster [ed482ec]
New in 2016.12
+ Fixes:
+ Fixed inability to autocurry superscript exponents properly [c35d562]
+ Fixed Match.prematch and Match.postmatch for zero-width matches [c04b8b5]
+ Fixed Match objects being erroneously treated as value types [7f26e8b]
+ Made U+2212 minus work in places it didn't [cb9df2b][01775b7][6cd2144]
+ prefix:<~> now calls .Str on Str types (helps with allomorphs) [e0a415f]
+ Fixed errors in `$*ARGFILES.lines` limit counter [bd42363]
+ Fixed bug with add history for Readline module in REPL [f544e4c]
+ sum and [+] metaop now correctly work on Junctions [8d04bec]
+ Fixed various scoping bugs with NEXT/LAST/QUIT [6bb8823]
+ Fixed issues in QUIT handlers running asynchronously [c027e6a]
+ Fixed occassional hangs in Proc::Async [e4d78c6]
+ Fixed operations still running after supply deactivation [f928a20]
+ Fixed Iterator.flat occasionally skipping inner iterables [61a18c0]
+ Fixed slurp not propagating :bin and :enc args on `$*ARGFILES` [15f51a5]
+ Fixed negative zero handling in many places
+ Synthetics in numbers in colonpairs in :42foo format now throw [4663d43]
+ Fixed hang in .subst with no arguments [0a874fb]
+ Fixed sleep() with huge values failing to sleep
+ Fixed attributive binding not looking outward for `self` [843a6be]
+ Fixed sprintf($format) without args issuing spurious warnings [35183f3]
+ Fixed infix:<===> failing when both sides are allomorphs [4a59ab4]
+ Fixed data race in Supply.interval [47ffdea]
+ Fixed data races in supply/whenever [33f7456]
+ Fixed memory corruption in Proc::Async [74eb6b9]
+ Fixed handling of time resolutions below 1ms in Supply.interval [c38f1ad]
+ Fixed issues with `-Inf` being a single term [ae614f9]
+ Fixed Signature.gist stripping sigils from anon typeless scalars [219f527]
+ Made permutations/combinations/grep die instead
of fail()ing [ab3a59c][bc13bb5]
+ Fixed spurious warnings on .trans with regex pair complements [2e1b82c]
+ Fixed premature frees in async sockets when errors occur [b2ac4e4]
+ Fixed handling of superscript powers larger than int [0428b79]
+ Fixed Proc::Async sending empty string to taps on program exit [7532297]
+ Fixed wrong results for .first on Numerics [8cb3e1b]
+ Fixed matcher-less .first not respecting its adverbs [ababb24]
+ Fixed `sink` statement prefix failing to explode Failures [345f6a7]
+ Fixed regression in S:g/// not returning original string [5476d60]
+ Reverted .match/.comb to return empty List instead of Empty when failing
to match [5476d60]
+ Fixed Mu.clone incorrectly marking all attributes as initialized [9a161fa]
+ Fixed cloned Baggy having an undefined .WHICH [9a161fa]
+ Fixed smartmatching against UInt type object [f9d34a9]
+ Fixed some Date constructors accepting invalid dates [aa27d5c]
+ Fixed .rotor on empty list returning an internal iterator object [5558710]
+ Fixed unimatch to check canonical short/alternate unicode props [b456471]
+ Fixed uniprop to return correct values for na, uc, tc, lc properties
+ Fixed uniprop for 'Numeric_Value' not returning a numeric value [9ff5b7e]
+ Fixed crash with Rat Ranges constructed with Range ops [1d46004]
+ Fixed crash with tapping supplies supplied by thunked block [a980eb1]
+ Fixed .perl on parametarized Hashes with no items in them [003e654]
+ Fixed .perl for itemized Slips [8eef234]
+ Fixed chained `andthen`/`orelse` operators returning internals [287af6a]
+ Fixed ThreadPoolScheduler.cue not applying delays to all cues [b286048]
+ Fixed control exception propagation when thrown from within statements
handled by `without`, `with`, `andthen`, or `noandthen [9a3c350]
+ Fixed Rand.rand generating value equal to excluded end point [334d134]
+ Fixed `last` not working inside .grep's block [7021861][f775474]
+ Fixed .head not always returning a .Seq [69d808f]
+ Various fixes and improvements in error reporting
+ Additions:
+ Bare \b, \B, and \K in regexes now throw [08589d3][ee14067]
+ Added SQL as an output option for --profile-filename [f20b8b6]
+ Implemented native str Arrays [014d4cf][6d726f8]
+ sub MAIN now allows Enums as type constraints [546dbd9]
+ Count in .pick/pickpairs/grab/grabpairs can now be a Callable [e9487d6]
+ REPL with Readline module now loads `inputrc` files [573ed59]
+ REPL with Readline module now saves history [9043f58]
+ perl6 --doc=Text now shows signature parameter pod [6ea6563]
+ Generated sub MAIN usage message now shows original program name [b597b7c]
+ Added arity-1 infix:<~> for Blobs [77e9d4b]
+ Added IO::Handle.printf [8774f24][3c4ac3c]
+ Added ability to negate all numeric literals in signatures [5baa064]
+ Added .reverse/.rotate/.sum to shaped 1-dimmed arrays [a2ede36][4f4737d]
+ Added Mu.emit [4e76827]
+ Added --with-nqp Configure option for having NQP in
a different prefix [6f6e6db]
+ Added .gist, .perl, and .Str to BOOTSTRAPATTR [3dd2916]
+ Made .sum nodal [4fd6e94]
+ Implemented uniprops [f55ff82][0328422][05db996]
+ Added 5 new sets of matching brackets for available delimiters [8965145]
+ Removals:
+ Removed X::Syntax::Number::InvalidCharacter exception [a8ff3b9]
+ Efficiency:
+ Made indirect type lookup 3x as fast [939d273]
+ Made shaped(int|num|str)array.AT-POS at least 15% faster [bfe89a5]
+ Made shaped(int|num|str)array.ASSIGN-POS at least 10% faster [ecc202e]
+ Made shaped(int|num|str)array.EXISTS-POS at least 20% faster [bbbb2b6]
+ Made 1-dimmed native arrays at least 3x faster [4a711bc]
+ Made native shaped array creation about 1.5x faster [1b840f1]
+ Made native 1-dimmed array init at least 11x faster [b6de5e8]
+ Made native 1-dimmed array copying at least 25x faster [b6de5e8]
+ Made use of native 2-dimmed arrays 2.5x–4x faster [172898e]
+ Made use of native 3-dimmed arrays 2.5x–4x faster [64343d7]
+ Made copying 1+ dimmed native arrays up to 9x faster [e0c0ae5][331c2e2]
+ Made copying intX[2;2] to intY[2;2] native array just as fast as
copying intX[2;2] to intX[2;2] [79090b2]
+ Made native shaped array initialization 4x–6x faster [d704820]
+ Made iteration of 1-dimmed native arrays 17x faster [947422b]
+ Made iteration of >1 dimmed native arrays 11x faster [3e93ddd]
+ Made .(anti)pairs for native shaped arrays 7x faster [39261e7][471cea2]
+ Made .kv for native shaped arrays 16x faster [965fa4d][c1a3a3c]
+ Made native array.reverse|rotate about 20x faster [0ee6bc0]
+ Made @a[2;2] about 40% faster [b9e2ffa]
+ Optimized Int->int coercion [b2ac4e4]
+ Made infix:<..> on Nums 13x faster [a8ba26b]
+ Made uniprop with the default lookup 5x faster and other lookups 15% faster. [474ea33]
+ Made print, say and note 25% faster to stderr and stdout [e9ce28a]
New in 2016.11
+ Fixes:
+ Various improvements to warning/error-reporting
+ Fixed assigning values to shaped arrays through iterators [839c762]
+ Fixed Str.Int not failing on numerics with combining characters [d540fc8]
+ [JVM] Fixed <a b c>.antipairs breakage [dd7b055]
+ defined routine now correctly authothreads with Junctions [189cb23]
+ Fixed poor randomness when .pick()ing on ranges with >32-bit numbers [34e515d]
+ Fixed infix:<x> silencing Failures [2dd0ddb]
+ Fixed edge case in is-approx that triggers DivByZero exception [f7770ed]
+ (Windows) Fixed returning of an error even when succeeding in mkdir [208a4c2]
+ (Windows) Fixed precomp unable to rename a newly compiled file [44a4c75]
+ ( Fixed indent of multi-line diag() and test failure messages [43dbc96]
+ Fixed a callframe crash due to boxing of NULL filenames [200364a]
+ ∞ ≅ ∞ now gives True [4f3681b]
+ Fixed oversharing with grammars used by multiple threads [7a456ff]
+ Fixed incorrect calculations performed by acotan(num) [8e9fd0a]
+ Fixed incorrect calculations performed by asinh(num)/acosh(num) [a7e801f]
+ Fixed acosh return values for large negative numbers [5fe8cf7]
+ asinh(-∞) now returns -∞ instead of NaN [74d0e36]
+ atanh(1) now returns ∞ instead of throwing [906719c][66726e8]
+ Fixed missing close in IO::Path.slurp(:bin) [697a0ae]
+ :U QuantHashes now auto-vivify to their correct type and not Hash [79bb867]
+ Mix/MixHash.Bag/BagHash coersion now ignores negative weights [87bba04]
+ arity-0 infix:<Z> now returns a Seq instead of a List [3fdae43]
+ Fix augment of a nested package [87880ca]
+ Smartmatch with Regex variable now returns a Match instead of Bool [5ac593e]
+ Empty ()[0] now returns Nil instead of False [f50e39b]
+ Failed IO::Socket::Async connection no longer produces unexpected crash [f50e39b]
+ Quitting Supplies with no QUIT phasers no longer unexpectedly crash [f50e39b]
+ Fixed NativeCall issues on big endian machines [627a77e]
+ Fixed broken handling of $/ in some uses of `.match` [ba152bd]
+ Fixed Lock.protect not releasing the lock on control exceptions [48c2af6]
+ MoarVM now builds on any version of macOS [b4dfed2]
+ Fixed concurrency crashes due to garbage collection [6dc5074]
+ Fixed race condition in EmptyIterator [ed2631c]
+ Fixed hang with multi-threaded long-running NativeCall calls [f99d958]
+ Made my @a[10] = ^Inf work [aedb8e7]
+ Fixed [;]:delete [3b9c4c9]
+ Fixed incorrect handling of negative weights in ∪ operator [e10f767]
+ duckmap now preserves types of Iterables [43cb55f]
+ Fixed premature overflow to Inf with large Num literals [729d7e3]
+ Fixed race condition in NativeCall callsite used by multiple threads [49fd825]
+ Fixed instabilities in programs launching many threads at startup [0134132]
+ Fixed crash when reporting X::Composition::NotComposable or
X::Inheritance::Unsupported exceptions [a822bcf]
+ Fixed clock_gettime issue on macOS [ee8ae92]
+ Fixed SEGV in multi-threaded programs with strings-as-strands [395f369]
+ `regex` TOP Grammar rule will now backtrack if needed [4ccb2f3]
+ Fixed .rotate/.reverse on 1-dimmed arrays assigning to self [2d56751]
+ Fixed exponentiation involving zeros for Complex numbers [7f32243]
+ Fixed Label.gist [29db214][53d7b72]
+ Fixed certain edge cases of incorrect stringification of Rationals
with .Str, .perl, and .base [b5aa3c5]
+ Additions:
+ Added TWEAK submethod for object construction [fdc90a2][9409d68]
+ Added DateTime.hh-mm-ss [bf51eca]
+ Added parse-base routine [7e21a24]
+ is-approx with no explicit tolerances now uses more complex algorithm to
choose a tolerance to use (same as old is_approx) [82432a4]
+ on failure, is-approx now displays actual values received [b4fe680]
+ Added Iterator.skip-one to skip a single value [71a01e9]
+ Added Iterator.skip-at-least to skip several values [8d357af]
+ Re-imagined Str.match [b7201a8]:
+ the family of :nth is now lazy will return whatever can find
+ non-monotonically increasing :nth iterator values will now die
+ Str.match/subst/subst-mutate now have :as adverb [1b95636][c9a24d9][aaec517]
+ &infix:<eqv> now works with Setty objects [d92e1ad]
+ :ov and :ex adverbs are now illegal in Str.subst [b90c741]
+ Made nextwith/samewith/nextsame/callwith to be real subroutines [70a367d]
+ Added CX::Emit and CX::Done control exceptions [07eeea8]
+ Setty.Mix/.MixHash coercers now use Int weights instead of Bool [7ba7eb4]
+ Implemented :kv,:p,:k,:v on 1-element multidim [;] [764cfcd]
+ .chrs can now also accepts codepoint numbers as Str [4ae3f23]
+ Added support for compilation of Rakudo on Solaris [a43b0c1]
+ IterationEnd.perl/gist/Str now returns text "IterationEnd" [59bb1b1]
+ Added X::Syntax::Number::InvalidCharacter exception [2faa55b]
+ .reverse/rotate on 1-dimmed arrays are now nodal [cd765e6]
+ .line and .file on core Code now references original source files [b068e3a]
+ .rethrow now works on unthrown exceptions [58a4826]
+ All Reals now accept `Whatever` as the second argument to .base() [c1d2599]
+ sub MAIN usage message shows possible Enum values if param is
named and is an Enum [a3be654]
+ Efficiency:
+ Made slip(@a) about 1.2x faster [37d0e46]
+ Made initialization of 2+dimmed array 10x to 16x faster [dfb58d4]
+ Str.match is now about 5% faster [4fc17df]
+ Str.match with :nth feature is now about 2x faster [41e2572]
+ my @a = Str.match(...) is now about 5% faster [e472420]
+ Str.comb(Regex) is now about 7x faster [1794328]
+ Simple Str.subst/subst-mutate is now about 30% faster [364e67b]
+ Match.Str|prematch|postmatch is now about 2x faster [e65d931]
+ Match.Bool is now about 1% faster (not much, but used a lot) [1fce095]
+ Made ~~ /foo/ faster: 2% for successful/6% for failed matches [05b65d0]
+ Made <foo bar baz> ~~ /foo/ about 2x faster [e4dc8b6]
+ Made %h ~~ /foo/ about 2x faster [33eeb32]
+ Frequent accesses of multiple adverbs (e.g. %h<a>:p:exists)
is now 2x faster [f22f894]
+ Made infix:<eqv> faster: Str: 14x, type: 10x, Range: 3.5x,
Int|Seq|Hash: 1.5x, Array: 1.2x [bc7fcc6]
+ IO::Spec::Unix.canonpath is now 7x to 50x faster [f3f00fb]
+ Baggy.roll/pick is now about 10% faster [fc47bbf]
+ Made copying shaped arrays 10x to 20x faster [a1d8e93][0cf7b36][d27ecfa]
+ Made setting up a shaped array 2x as fast [f06e4c3]
+ Made creation of typed shaped arrays 15% faster [f5bf6c1]
+ Made 2d/3d array accesses about 7x as fast [d3a0907]
+ Made AT-POS on 1,2,3dim arrays about 20x faster [feb7bcb]
+ Made creating a shaped array about 50% faster [1293188][576f3a1]
+ Made .AT-POS on 3+ dimmed arrays 20% faster [1bb5aad]
+ Made over-indexed .AT-POS on 1,2,3 dimmed arrays about 10% faster [1bb5aad]
+ Made multi-dimmed ASSIGN-POS about 30% faster [5b2bdeb]
+ Made .ASSIGN-POS for 1,2,3dimmed arrays about 40x faster [050cf72]
+ Made n-dimmed .EXISTS-POS about 1.5x faster [006f008]
+ Made .EXISTS-POS for 1,2,3dimmed arrays about 10x faster [b1c41b7]
+ Made n-dimmed DELETE-POS about 1.3x faster [6ccecb1]
+ Made .DELETE-POS for 1,2,3dimmed arrays about 20x faster [55b9e90]
+ Made n-dimmed BIND-POS about 1.3x faster [2827edb]
+ Made .BIND-POS for 1,2,3dimmed arrays about 20x faster [9f94525]
+ Made @a[10].STORE at least as fast as @a.STORE [8064ff1]
+ Made .kv on shaped Arrays about 4x faster [e42b68e]
+ Made .pairs/.antipairs on shaped Arrays about 2.8x faster [0f2566a][f608a33]
+ Made List.kv about 30% faster [7a2baf4]
+ for loops on 1-dimmed arrays are now 3x faster [ed36e60]
+ .kv on 1-dimmed arrays is now 7x faster [608de26]
+ .pairs/.antipairs on 1-dimmed arrays is now 3x faster [b7d9537][1c425f9]
+ postcircumfix[;] on 2/3 dimmed arrays is now 9x faster [0b97362]
+ Assignment to [;] for 2/3 dimmed arrays is now 10x faster [ce85ba3]
+ [;]:exists for 2/3 dimmed arrays is now 7x faster [e3e3fef]
+ [;]:delete for 2/3 dimmed arrays is now 10x faster [3b9c4c9]
+ [;] := foo for 2/3 dimmed arrays is now 10x faster [eaf4132]
+ .iterator and .values on shaped arrays are now about 4x faster [736ab11]
+ Fixed optimization of shaped arrays that gives 10% gain on simple `for`
loops and likely will give larger gains on bigger programs [b7e632e]
+ Made starting MappyIterator faster, affecting all Hash/Map/Baggy iterator
methods. 2-elem Hash iteration is 1.6x faster [97fb6c2]
+ Made starting a grepper faster: .grep on with no adverbs on 2-element list
is now 20% faster [077c8f0]
+ Made Date/DateTime creation 20% faster [0e7f480]
+ Hashes now use 4 (32-bit) or 8 (64-bit) bytes less memory per stored item [395f369]
+ Rational.Str is now about 40% faster [b5aa3c5]
+ Rational.base is now about 30% faster [b5aa3c5]
+ Various streamlining of code that's hard to measure the final impact of
New in 2016.10
+ Fixes:
+ Many fixes and additions improving JVM backend support
+ Several improvements to error messages
+ Fixed .tree([&first]) incorrectly calling .tree($count) candidate
+ Fixed unwanted errors when smartmatching objects against IO::Path
+ Fixed is-deeply with Seqs showing in failure text
+ Fixed concurrency race when setting up NativeCall routines
+ Fixed Match.list treating inner unmatched captures as end of list
+ .first now correctly handles Junction matchers
+ Fixed GLOBAL symbol clash re-compiling due to a repo change
+ Fixed candidate being uncallable
+ Fixed multiple bugs in Hash/Baggy.classify-list/categorize-list
+ Fixed PERL6_TEST_DIE_ON_FAIL not exiting on failed subtests
+ Fixed autovification using Junctions as keys
+ Fixed infix:<^^>(Mu, Callable) candidate being uncallable
+ Fixed IO.l for dangling symlinks
+ Fixed infinite recursion in duckmap when mapper returned Any
+ Fixed .subst/.subst-mutate treating incorrect arguments as failed matches
+ Fixed .subst-mutate not returning all matches with :x
+ Fixed hang on smartmatching Promises against numerics
+ Fixed failure to smartmatch Numeric:U against Numeric:D
+ Fixed hang on incorrect .splice arguments
+ Fixed hang on incorrect .split offset
+ Fixed multi-argument WhateverCode not detected in double closures
+ Fixed Baggy:U ~~ Baggy:D emitting gut-referencing warnings
+ Fixed uncallable Dateish.IO
+ Fixed Exceptions::JSON for exceptions with no `message` method
+ Fixed Exceptions::JSON for exceptions with non-JSON-friendly attributes
+ Proc::Async decoding exceptions are now catchable
+ Prevented return handler being optimized out in `sub { 42.return }()`
+ Fixed error reporting when trying to invoke a native parameter
+ Fixed uncallable 0- and 1-arg candidates of infix:<xx>
+ Fixed Cool.match not setting $/
+ Fixed Cool:U.IO coercion emitting internal warnings
+ Fixed Nil.chrs failing when called
+ Num:U++ now returns a Num zero instead of an Int one
+ Removals:
+ Removed argument-taking Dateish candidates for is-leap-year,
days-in-month, and day-of-week [were never part of the spec]
+ Cool.IO no longer accepts any arguments
+ Overflow check has been removed from infix:<**>(int, int)
+ Additions:
+ Added basic Unicode 9 support (NFG changes for latest TR#29 still to do))
+ X::Proc::Unsuccessful now includes command that was run
+ now uses 'utf8' encoding by default
+ Bare `put` now requires parentheses to call as sub
+ .head/.tail with no arguments now return the item and not a 1-item List
+ Added basic native attribute parameter binding
+ Made nativecast and spurt multies
+ Added .^elems metamodel method to enums
+ Enums can now be used to declare array shapes
+ Added X::Invalid::ComputedValue exception
+ Throw when dereferencing a null pointer in NativeCall
+ It's now possible to refer to sigiless parameters inside `where` clauses
+ Added extra candidates to .splice to allow for all combinations of
Int|Whatever|Callable for both $start and $elems arguments
+ Made enums able to typecheck against the roles they do
+ Made return 0+0i
+ can now handle any value that can .Int
+ Added shortname() method to CurriedRoleHOW
+ Proc::Async new, stdout, and stderr methods now take :enc
+ IO::Socket::Async listen, connect, and Supply methods now take :enc
+ .Date and .DateTime are now supported on :U/:D Date/DateTime
+ Trailing empty cells can now be omitted in Pod tables
+ Mix/MixHash with non-Int weights can now be coerced to .Bag/.BagHash
+ Efficiency:
+ Made List.reverse about 5% faster
+ Made auto-threading about 10% faster
+ Made huge improvement to performance
+ Made dir() about 20% faster
+ Made Regex.Bool about 2x as fast
+ Made Str.match about 3% faster
New in 2016.09
+ Fixes:
+ Various improvements to the content of error messages
+ Defaults on a slurpy params now throw instead of crashing at the VM level
+ Distribution::Path now handles native libraries correctly
+ Junctions now work in .classify
+ Control statements (e.g. `next`) in toplevel REPL now show useful error
+ IO::Handle.encoding now returns correct values
+ .comb/.split on binary handles now throws X::NYI
+ Fixed filehandle leak in precompilation
+ Regex in .grep and .first on Pairs now works correctly
+ Pod parser returns proper Bool instead of Int on passed config options
+ Fixed PERL6_TEST_DIE_ON_FAIL=1 exiting the test suite too soon
or dieing on failing tests inside TODOed subtests
+ Fixed failure to accept enums as types for optional arguments
+ Fixed blocking bug when using socket accept and threads
+ Fixed fatal bug when using Non-ASCII tokens in regex/grammars
+ Fixed missing adverbs and candidates in Cool.split; made same as Str.split
+ Fixed missing adverbs in Cool.trans; made same as Str.trans
+ Fixed NativeCall CArray hanging when created from empty list
+ Fixed various issues with reading chars from an async socket (uncatchable
exceptions on decode errors, and mis-handling of graphemes and multi-byte
sequences over packet boundaries)
+ Fixed "%%foo @@bar" interpolation trying to find %foo and @bar variables
+ Fixed mis-compilation and possible compiler crash when using a construct
like /$<cap>=@(1,2)/
+ Fixed a memory leak involving EVAL
+ Fixed a multi-dispatch cache unbounded growth bug involving calls
with many named arguments
+ Fixed warnings emitted when using hyper operators on two hashes
+ Channel.elems now returns a Failure rather than eating all values
+ Fixed type error ion
+ Fixed …, ???, and !!! yadas not working to stub classes
+ Fixed tab-completion issues with non-identifiers in REPL
+ Additions:
+ Coercions now work in return types
+ Added RAKUDO_EXCEPTIONS_HANDLER env var to control exceptions output
+ IO::Handle.slurp-rest now has :close flag
+ CompUnit::Repository::Installation now cleans up short-name
folders when empty
+ Added support for very large numbers in :42foo colon pairs
+ Added a .Map coercer for object hashes
+ All Unicode quotes can now be used as quoters inside qqww/qww
+ LEFT/RIGHT DOUBLE PARENTHESIS characters can now be used with q and others
+ Unicode digits can now be used with Match variables ($١), quote
pairs (:۳<12>), negative numbers (-١), and radix bases (:۳("22"))
+ Efficiency:
+ Numerous improvements in CUR, offering up to 10x faster module loading
+ Baggy.ACCEPTS(Baggy) is now about 25x faster
+ Baggy eqv Baggy is now at least 10x faster
+ Infix === now checks identicality, offering performance gains on large
objects, such as a Bag with 1000 elements
+ Many metaops are now about 10% faster
+ Made Junction.Bool|ACCEPTS about 2x faster
+ Improvement in performance of IO::Path::child
+ Made permutations() about 5x faster
+ Made List.permutations about 40x faster
+ Made combinations() about 1.8x faster
+ Made List.combinations about 7x faster
+ Made Unix's canonpath several times faster for simple paths
+ Made Buf|Blob.reverse 1.5x faster
+ Made .IO.lines about 10% faster on large files
+ Changed APIs:
+ The operator precedence configuration rule `O()` has been changed to be
more precompilation-friendly; rather than taking a string containing
colonpairs, it now takes named arguments directly. This is not
strictly a Perl 6 change, but rather a change in NQP, and thus only
applies if you're doing fairly involved hacking on the grammar. If the
sentences above made no sense to you, your code is not affected by
this change.
New in 2016.08.1
+ Fixes:
+ Updated NQP version to avoid broken tag
New in 2016.08
+ Fixes:
+ Numerous improvements to content of error messages and addition
of new previously-undetected warnings, such as on sinks and ... terms
+ Removed redeclaration error for anon subs
+ Concatenation/substr with strings constructed with repeat operator
no longer results in incorrect strings
+ Fixed error for unknown symbol in parametric type
+ Things that produce a Seq no longer get constant-folded, avoiding
bogus Seq exhaustion errors
+ where {} clause on unit sub MAIN no longer produces bogus errors
+ Fixed compilation and behaviour of :D on subsets
+ Assigning Nil to a :D variable now fails (unless its default is :D)
+ Fixed CURF's resolve generating the wrong repo-id
+ Fixed precomp file for Staging repo containing build path
+ Fixed merge global symbols failures when changing repositories
+ Fixed -Ilib and friends not overriding installed dependencies
+ Fixed <[a..z]> ranges breaking grapheme awareness
+ Fixed a race condition in Channel.Supply
+ Fixed an occasional deadlock when using the supply/react syntax
+ Fixed a race condition involving tearing down listening async sockets
+ start blocks now get their own fresh $! and $/
+ .squish, .unique, .repeated, and .grep now correctly pass on .is-lazy
+ Fixed segfault on "multi cross{}"
+ .sort stored in a Callable no longer incorrectly returns BOOTArray
+ Smartmatch with two signatures, only one of which has slurpy hash,
no longer produces spurious exception
+ @a.splice now returns array with correct descriptor
+ .rotor with negative gap that lands out of range now throws
+ Range.rotor with Rat arguments no longer crashes
+ .hash on Bag, Mix, BagHash, and MixHash types no longer stringifies keys
+ .abspath on filenames starting with '-' no longer results in empty string
+ generated setting file now has empty lines for those that were
skipped in the past, allowing to directly map the line in a setting
to the source code it was generated from
+ loop and repeat now properly self-sink
+ for { ... .map } now properly sinks
+|routine) now returns Bool
+ Bool.Int now properly returns an Int
+ Starting the REPL with a module loading error, will now just exit
+ Names of phasers (such as BEGIN) will now be included in suggestions
+ Fixed loading of modules when a FileSystem repo doesn't actually exist
+ Fixed mis-scoping of blocks in s///
+ Closure clones are no longer double code-generated
+ Caller $/ is now propagated through deferral
+ Fixed inconsistent coersions to Bool
+ Fixed over-assuming optimization of R meta operator
+ Fixed endless recursion in Any::BIND-POS under certain conditions
+ Additions:
+ Str.samemark('') now returns self instead of failing
+ now provides bail-out()
+ Implemented $?MODULE and ::?MODULE
+ Implemented CompUnit::Repository::Installation::installed
+ InstalledDistribution now gets returned where appropriate
+ returns in signatures of many builtins now marked as --> Nil
+ .min/.max can now be called on Hashes
+ Invocant marker (:) can now be used in bare signatures
+ Added X::Syntax::NonListAssociative exception type
+ Hash[Any].new.perl now roundtrips
+ Buf.push|append|unshift|prepend also allow Blob:D
+ .succ now increments additional 29 digit ranges, such as Thai digits
+ List.sum is now marked as nodal
+ Can now return Nil as a result of a Promise
+ Implemented :exists on multi-dim assoc subscript literals
+ Added PERL6_TEST_DIE_ON_FAIL env var in Test.pm6 to bail out of the
test suite on first failure
+ Efficiency:
+ Streamlined multiple internal code paths that may or may not
result in performance improvements in user code
+ Improved dynamic variable lookup (2x as fast)
+ Hash.AT-KEY is about 35% faster
+ Hash.ASSIGN-KEY about 2x as fast
+ Hash.DELETE-KEY about 2x as fast
+ Hash[Any,Any].AT-KEY about 20% faster
+ Hash[Any,Any].ASSIGN-KEY about 15% faster
+ Hash[Any,Any].BIND-KEY about 15% faster
+ Hash[Any,Any].EXISTS-KEY about 10% faster
+ Hash[Any,Any].DELETE-KEY 10% faster
+ Repeated calls on Bag.WHICH now 5x as fast
+ Backtrace creation 25% faster
+ .first/.first(:end) iteration is now about 10% faster
after testing 1000 elements
+ .minmax about 25% faster
+ .min/.max about 40% faster
+ min/max/minmax on native arrays is between 15x and 25x faster than
non-native equivalent
+ Array.splice() almost infinitely faster and is much easier on memory (no
longer copies anything but instead transplants internals)
+ Array.splice(offset,size) is now 20x to 40x faster for
small offsets and sizes
+ Array.splice(offset,size,@) is about 10x faster
+ 10% improvement to .map/for in special cases of one-argument block that
has a return signature that excludes Slips,
such as -> Int $_ --> Str { .Str }
+ Many Set/SetHash methods are now at least 5% faster
+ Coercing a MixHash/BagHash to a Mix/Bag is now 300x faster
+ Coercing a Bag/BagHash to Mix coercion is now 1000x faster
+ Coercing a SetHash to a Set is now 80x faster
New in 2016.07.1
+ Fixes:
+ `make DESTDIR` now correctly finds CompUnit::Repository::Staging
+ .polymod with a lazy list no longer loses mods if the list runs out
+ Output from Test.pm6's diag() is no longer lost in non-verbose prove output
when called at the start of the test file or during TODO tests
+ Bitwise operators that return int/Int no longer fail with candidate error
when given a native int argument
+ Additions:
+ Improved error message when is given incorrect arguments
+ Improved error message when .polymod is given a zero as divisor
+ Efficiency:
+ Str.samecase is now 5x faster
+ Str.indices is 10% faster
+ Str.rindex is 30% faster
+ Str.index is 30% faster
New in 2016.07
+ Fixes:
+ Mu can now be the result of a Promise
+ samewith() now also works on non-multi's
+ Many fixes in the area of pre-compilation and installing modules
+ Maps now correctly identify themselves as value objects
+ BagHashes and MixHashes no longer identify themselves as value objects
+ count-only and bool-only now are optional methods in Iterators
(only to be implemented if they can work without generating anything)
+ Hash.Map now properly creates immutable Map
+ IO::ArgFiles.slurp / IO::ArgFiles.eof are fixed
+ Several wrapper file fixes
+ If a file is unknown in an error report, it is no longer shown
(This typically happens in the REPL, or when doing an EVAL)
+ REPL whitespace and error handling
+ CompUnit::Repository::Installation no longer considers `bin/xxx` and
`resources/bin/xxx` the same content address
+ Callable in a Signatures stringifies correctly
+ BEGIN time EVAL no longer negatively affects MAIN_CTX
+ Str.chop correctly works when given very large arguments
+ min/max on Failures throw instead of returning ±Inf
+ NativeCall's is mangled trait no longer ignored for CPPStruct
+ Additions:
+ The "is required" trait on Attributes can now take a Bool or a Str
+ Support for new leap-second at 31-12-2016 added
+ IO::[Path,Handle] gained a .mode method which returns the POSIX file permissions
+ Fixed LTA error message with Str.samemark when no pattern present
+ Distribution is now a role interface that enables encapsulating IO
used for distribution installation
+ CompUnit::Repository::Installation now uses the new Distribution interface
+ The original distribution META `provides` data is now preserved
+ Custom repository implementations now supported, including precompilation
+ List.BIND-POS now fails instead of throwing
+ Failures in Cool.Numeric and related coercers now get propagated
+ Improved warning message for literals with leading zeros
+ Improved error message for attempts to `use` core types
+ Efficiency:
+ The MMD cache accepts candidates with named parameters if it can.
(This made adverbed slices about 18x as fast)
+ Str.samemark is 50x faster
+ Str.contains is 6x faster
+ Baggy.pick(N)/pick()/roll()/grab() are 6x faster
+ Array.List is 5x faster
+ List.elems is 4.5x faster
+ for/map with 2 arguments is 4x faster (e.g. for @a.kv -> $i, $v { })
+ Str.substr-eq is 4x faster
+ List.Bool is 4x faster
+ Str.chop is about 3.5x faster, Str.chop(N) 20% faster
+ Map eqv Map is 3x faster
+ Make "for List.pairs {}" 2.5x faster
+ Array.pop is 2.5x faster
+ List.AT-POS/EXISTS-POS are 2.5x faster
+ Creating arrays with [] is 2.5x faster
+ Array.AT-POS/ASSIGN-POS/BIND-POS at least 2x faster for unreified elements
+ Array.DELETE-POS is 7x faster
+ Str.starts-with is 2x faster
+ Array.shift is 2x faster
+ Baggy.roll(*) is 2x faster
+ Blob/Buf.AT-POS is 2x faster (underlying method of e.g. "$buf[2]")
+ List.STORE is 2x faster (e.g. "my ($a,$b,$c) = (1,2,3)")
+ Make "for List.kv {}" 1.8x faster
+ Array.push/append is 40% faster
+ Str.comb 30% faster
+ Map/Hash initializations are now 30% faster
+ A slurpy taking a list is 30% faster ("sub a(*@a) { }; a(1,2,3,4)")
+ Str.ends-with is 25% faster.
+ Str.chomp is 20% faster
+ single element for/map in sink context without phasers, is 20% faster
+ is 10% faster
+ val() is 5% faster
+ {}|[]:adverb is 2.5x faster
+ foo xx Int is 10% faster
+ Str.Int is 5% faster
+ Code.arity|count are 2x faster
New in 2016.06
+ Fixes:
+ Arrays with holes (e.g. from :delete) now correctly iterate/auto-vivify
+ Hash.keyof now correctly returns Str(Any)
+ Precompilation from a debug Perl 6 now uses "normal" Perl 6 executor
+ Inf,NaN,-Inf now can be coerced to Rat, and back to Num
+ Creating an Enum from a List/Range no longer warns
+ Precompilation on file systems with coarse timestamps no longer fails
+ An issue with reverse dependencies of installed modules was fixed
+ Fixed issue with comparing v6 and v6.c Version objects
+ Fixed ≅ ignoring the signs of compared numbers
+ Additions:
+ Add default for CompUnit::PrecompilationRepository.precompile(:source-name)
+ The "is-approx" sub from Test now allows for relative/absolute tolerance
+ The "cmp-ok" sub from Test now can take any infix as Str, even custom ones
+ A fail in a custom BUILD will now be returned, rather than thrown
+ use MONKEY-WRENCH and use MONKEY-BARS are now reserved names for future use
+ Efficiency:
+ .map between 10% and 30% faster
+ .unique, .repeated and .squish 10% to 20% faster
+ gather/take about 10% faster
+ Basic object creation (using either .new or .bless) now up to 3x faster
+ (+@a), (*@a) and (**@a) signature handling between 20% and 4x faster
+ Iterating List/Array now uses less memory and is faster
+ All routines now have less overhead, thanks to improved implementation of
return handlers (including those that do not use return)
+ return, next, last, and redo are now all faster
+ infix:<,> about 40% faster
+ numerous other smaller or edge-case speed improvements
+ Deprecations:
+ The "is_approx" sub (note underscore) from Test
New in 2016.05
+ Fixes:
+ Fix EVAL during precompilation
+ .substr fixes
+ many precompilation fixes
+ clean up error messages
+ Streamline some core classes
+ Harden Mu.Str against moving GC
+ JVM fixes
+ Simplify $*USER/$*GROUP initialization
+ Additions:
+ Ability to use a customer debugger module
+ $*MAIN-ALLOW-NAMED-ANYWHERE allows MAIN to be friendlier about where it accepts flags
+ Add richer set of comparison operators for Versions
+ Many improvements to precompilation - building OS packages with precomp'd code should now be possible!
+ Introduce .Map coercer
+ Implement alternate ways to call subtest
+ Efficiency:
+ Version comparisons are now 2x faster
+ List.minmax is about 3.5x faster
+ Num.perl is about 2.4x faster
+ Int division/modulus is about 1.5x faster
+ LoL accesses are about 3x faster
+ autothreader is about 2-3x faster
+ Make Any junction methods 14x faster
+ Make Junctions faster
+ Map.kv is about 10% faster
New in 2016.04
+ Fixes:
+ .combinations cleanup
+ "magic" inc/dec cleanup
+ utf8-c8 encoding crashes that occurred on random data
+ fix missing pre-comp store unlock
+ missing module error mentions line number
+ some JVM fixes
+ Additions:
+ Improved REPL
+ Add :kv to .first
+ Add provisional $*DEFAULT-READ-ELEMS
+ Efficiency:
+ Removed leaks associated with EVAL
+ Speed up .minpairs/.maxpairs
+ Speed up Object:D cmp Object:D
+ Speed up sort 3-15%
New in 2016.03
+ Fixes:
+ Buf.push|append|unshift|prepend now can take int arrays
+ Better error messages when trying to put illegal values into Blob|Buf
+ The REPL now allows statements spread over multiple lines
+ No longer show compilation error twice when loading module with errors
+ Only Bufs can now be specified as parameter to subbuf-rw
+ Values in %*ENV now have allomorphic semantics
+ Supply.Channel / Channel.Supply no longer lose exceptions
+ Calling .prepend on a native array no longer infiniloops
+ Blob.WHICH now indicates a value (immutable) type
+ Better error reporting for problems with sprintf()
+ Some obscure unicode codepoints causing segfaults no longer segfault
+ Directory listings now handle wrongly encoded data using utf8-c8
+ Additions:
+ Native str arrays (my str @a)
+ Buf.pop, Buf.shift and Buf.splice (similar to List.*)
+ Blob|Buf.allocate($elems, @init-pattern)
+ Buf.reallocate($elems) added
+ &*EXIT can be set to handle exit() statements (for embedding Perl 6)
+ Efficiency:
+ Auto-generated accessors/mutators use less memory and are faster
+ Most Blob|Buf related options use less memory and/or are (much) faster
+ Same for much of the native array support and IO reading operations
+ Many Parameter/Signature related options are much faster
+ Punning a role is much faster
+ Modules can now be shared between rakudo versions
+ Reordering "use lib" statements made NativeCall tests 3x as fast
New in 2016.02
+ Fixes:
+ Many memory leaks fixed in MoarVM
+ Fix several issues with "require"
+ .perl of an iterated Seq (RT #127492)
+ Set.hash now returns an object hash (RT #127402)
+ Use the order of arguments in usage display, rather than hash order
+ now dies reliably outside of a routine
+ fix problem with Str.split with multiple overlapping needles
+ Map.Hash now correctly separates from the Map
+ Fix roundtrip issues of Instants
+ Specifying ::a now gives proper compile time error (RT #127504)
+ Rakudo jars are now installed in the proper location
+ Enums with a type object now fail with an NYI error
+ .first(:end) on uncached iterators no longer fails
+ Additions:
+ Buf.unshift/Buf.prepend
+,mo,d,h,mi,s) fully positional candidate
+ Can now uninstall distributions
+ Date/DateTime now fully subclassable
+ REPL now supports multi-line statements (experimental)
+ Efficiency:
+ Str.trans can now be up to 160x faster
+ @a.chrs noq 3x faster, chrs(@a) now 9x faster
+ Many Map/Hash related functions can be up to 2x as fast
+ Magic increment/decrement on strings 2x as fast
+ Some percentages improvement in object creation, phaser handling,
summing, creating failures.
+ Object hashes re-implemented using 1 internal hash, instead of 2.
This results in about 10% less memory usage, and a few % less in CPU
New in 2016.01
+ Fixes:
+ Chained .grep calls on Supply fixed (RT #127297)
+ Fixed interaction with perl6-debug and precompilation that resulted in an
endless loop
+ re-enabled warning when smart-matching against a True or False literal
+ Fixed internal error when reporting certain type errors (RT #127207)
+ Fixed rare "duplicate definition of symbol" errors (RT #127107)
+ Fixed interpolating of pairs with non-key strings into signatures
+ Fixed error when smart-matching Seq against a Set (RT #127166)
+ Improved error message when smart-matching against an S///-expression
+ Fixed bad interaction between EXPORTHOW and multiple declarations (RT #126566)
+ Fixed various issues regarding precompilation
+ Improved accuracy of Complex.sqrt
+ hyper now preserves order of results, as designed
+ Range.sum on an empty, numeric Range is now 0
+ Fixed Promise.allof() with an empty list of promises (RT #127101)
+ Improved message on premature virtual method call (RT #127097)
+ Better error message for module load failures of types that are part of
the setting
+ Support for Readline in addition to Linenoise
New in 2015.12:
+ Features
+ Fixed size and multi-dimensional typed and native arrays
+ Greatly overhauled module loading and installation, including handling
precompilation at module installation time in Rakudo
+ Automatic precompilation of modules
+ 'no precompilation' pragma to opt out of precompilation
+ Can now specify the backlog for listening sockets
+ NativeCall now knows the size_t and bool types
+ Give IO::Socket::INET connect/listen methods
+ while/until loops can now return lists of values
+ We now catch many more kinds of "Useless use of X in sink context"
+ On the flip side, the optimizer now has a much better idea of what is sunk
+ A number of convenient Unicode equivalents were introduced
+ Superscripts can now be used for integer powers
+ Non-digit unicode characters with a numeric value (½ and such) can now be
used for that numeric value
+ There is a new "approximately equal" operator
+ The .narrow method can narrow things that are approximate integer
+ Allow quoted words as input for Buf.unpack
+ Can now mix in to enums
+ Implement List.first()
+ Added Supply.head and Supply.share
+ Implement Range.rand
+ Add support for USAGE argument help
+ Provide tau constant (also: τ)
+ Can now use channels with supply/react/whenever
+ Implement %?RESOURCES
+ Allow for :every *and* :times in SCHEDULER.cue
+ Implement
+ Add .Date/.DateTime coercers to Instant
+ Implement native-descriptor on handles/sockets
+ Add UDP support to IO::Socket::Async
+ Switch to doing newline translation at I/O boundaries
+ Add support for specifing the api/abi version to native (NC) routine
+ Greatly improved support for sized and unsigned native lexicals
+ Implement CLOSE phaser for supply blocks
+ Respect multi's sigs in role composition
+ Treat multis with equivalent sigs as collisions
+ New method $*VM.platform-library-name
+ Incompatible changes
+ Bool is now a proper enum
+ replaced by
+ An exact arity match in multiple dispatch beats slurpy/optional
+ Supplies consistently treat list values as single arguments
+ Remove grep-index/first-index/last-index for attributes in grep/first
+ Remove support for Str.split(:all) (use :v instead)
+ Changed IO::Socket::Async reading API to .Supply method
+ Order Complex first on .re, then .im
+ Order ranges first on min, then on max
+ Use of EVAL now requires a declaration of 'use MONKEY-SEE-NO-EVAL'
+ Likewise regex interpolation is limited in the absence of the declaration
+ Empty loop modifiers must now use Nil to avoid "useless use" warning
+ Thunky operators now thunkify arguments even when used in metaoperators
+ SEQ() is renamed to STATEMENT_LIST() to avoid extra overloading of 'sequence'
+ Tweak attribute initializer semantics match assignment semantics
+ Make @a[^2] consistent with @a[0,1]
+ Make ::= a NYI, in light of 6.c
+ Promise.Supply is an on-demand Supply
+ Remove earliest syntax
+ Forbid argument-less
+ Forbid
+ Remove
+ Move sub-byte native int types to experimental
+ Enforce return types in pointy block sigs
+ Kill off has-accessor; use has_accessor instead, consistent with MOP
+ Make X, Z, and roundrobin respect items
+ Fix loss of structure in xx
+ Enforce SSA on sigilless in `my (\x, \y) = 1, 2;`
+ Remove IO::Socket::Inet.input-line-separator
+ Remove IO::Socket::Async.(bytes|chars)-supply
+ Remove IO::Handle.(ins|nl)
+ Remove,Int:D whence)
+ Promise.[anyof|allof] no longer break
+ Make pack and unpack experimental
+ Fixes
+ Dynamic variables are now visible inside start { ... } blocks
+ Sparse array no longer acts empty on shift
+ Disallow positions < 0 on index/rindex
+ Make "require PACKAGE/STRING" return said PACKAGE/STRING
+ Fix BEGIN/CHECK block scoping precompilation bug
+ Fix bug in the scheduler that could swallow exceptions
+ Supply.from-list should follow 1-arg rule
+ Prevent data loss in various cases with async sockets and processes
+ Autoincrements on native ints are now faster than on Int
+ The ~~ operator can now chain with other comparisons in many circumstances
+ Imported operators no longer lose their precedence info
+ Various numeric operations now return overflow/underflow failures instead
of wrong value
+ The :ss, :ii, and :mm options to s/// now all work together
+ Ranges and complex are now ordered more consistently
+ Mixin Callable[$type] for all ways of declaring return type
+ Don't ignore return types when calling ACCEPTS with Signatures
+ Make MMD setup of sub print same as say/note/put
+ Fixed circular module loading detection
+ Cool.substr-eq should return a Bool
+ Fix some failures to catch return outside routine
+ Stop phaser loop swallowing loop exceptions
+ Fix FIRST in loop/while/until
+ Consistently return Nil for no value, not a typeobject
+ Import should reuse precedence of exported ops
+ Fix slurpy hashes in Signature ACCEPTS
+ Fix SomeRole.^roles
+ Make :transitive the default for .^roles.
+ fail should reliably die if outside of a routine
+ Make slicing with adverbs respect itemization
+ Fix return type of qqw{...}
+ Make (1,2,3)[2] = 4 and (1,2,3)[3] give same error
+ Show non-printables in IO::Path.perl
New in 2015.11:
+ Features
+ Initial shaped array support
+ \r\n (Carriage Return/LineFeed) is now a single (synthetic) grapheme
+ Unicode support adheres to Unicode Annex #29
+ New now allows multiple line-endings to be set
+ New allows you to set line-ending used in IO::Handle.say
+ New IO::Handle.split/comb, same feature set as Str.split/comb, but lazy
+ now accepts new SeekType enum values as 2nd parameter
+ New $?NL contains the output new-line character(s) for the current system
+ New 'use newline' pragma allows setting of $?NL
+ New List.head/tail methods for easier getting first/last N elements
+ New List.repeated for only getting repeated values in a list
+ Str.encode now allows :replacement parameter for unencodable sequences
+ Str.split now accepts multiple strings to split on
+ Str.split now accepts :v, :k, :kv, :p, :skip-empty named params
+ Str.comb(Int:D $n) candidate allows for combing string per $n characters
+ New returns first/last value for integer ranges
+ EVAL now passes on named params, to allow for customised EVAL subs
+ Auto-generated meta-ops vivified by referring to them, instead of executing
+ Unicode quotes are now also allowed in regular expressions
+ Can now coerce to generic types in parameters
+ Can attach adverbs to variables
+ Illegal assignment of different Numeric values now caught at compile time
+ &nextcallee implemented, which returns the routine that nextsame would invoke
+ Deprecated
+ should either be or .nl-out
+ with a numerical value for 2nd parameter
+ Str.split( ... :all) should be written as :v
+ Fixes
+ RT #74414: the multi dispatcher now treats "is rw" parameters as tighter matches
+ RT #125123: improved error message for type check failures in int-typed arrays
+ RT #126436: improved error message for missing required attributes
+ multi submethods aren't inherited to subclasses
+ leading escape sequences representing whitespaces aren't stripped anymore from heredocs
+ Speedups:
+ [+] and sum
+ Blob.subbuf
+ List.sort
+ List.roll
+ List.rotate
+ List.reverse
+ IO::Handle.getc
+ Build system
+ New options --sdkroot and --sysroot to to support cross builds
New in 2015.10:
+ Features
+ We are now officially in beta!
+ There is now an infix:<.> operator that does method calls with slightly
looser precedence than the postfix unary method call.
+ Definite return values are now allowed, and force final statement to sink
+ Types with type smilies (like 'Int:D' and 'Int:U') are now first class,
and supported in constraints for variables, for example
+ New pragmata 'use variables :D', 'use attributes :D' for defaulting type
constraints to ':D'
+ The 'constant' declarator now supports syntactic constructs, so you can
alias with 'my constant &infix:<plus> := &infix:<+>;'
+ New operator 'infix o' for function composition
+ New method 'produce' for triangle reduce
+ 'fc' for Unicode-correct case folding implemented
+ '<?same>' assertion in regexes implemented
+ Methods 'file' and 'line' in 'Code' point to the location of the
+ grep now accepts :k, :v, :kv, :p attributes
+ first now accepts :k, :v, :p attributes
+ first also accepts :end attribute to indicate searching from end of list
+ 'is equiv<+>' as shortcut for 'is equiv(&infix:<+>)'. Same for 'tighter'
and 'looser'.
+ 'Supply.throttle' for rate-limiting
+ 'Hash.append' added, now that Hash.push doesn't flatten
+ Internal methods ZEN-POS/ZEN-KEY added, for handling zen-slices
+ Promise.start now passes on any extra parameters to async block
+ Use of comma in sink context now distributes sink to its parts
+ Attribute containers may now have defaults
+ The new .self method is the identity method on anything
+ Negative integers are now allowed in the parameter slot
+ List associative operators can now be autoprimed, including Xop and Zop
+ Incompatible Changes
+ Array.push is now used for pushing one element (mostly); Array.append
exists for pushing multiple values. Same for 'unshift'/'prepend'
+ Basic arithmetic operations ('+', '*', '-', '/') on Range objects
that shift or scale the end points while maintaining exclusions
+ 'is rw' now only works on scalars (was a noop), and actually requires
a writable container. Parameters of the form '\x' enable the old
+ The v notation now allows alphabetic components: v1.2.beta. (Incompatible
because method calls on a version must be protected by \ or () now.)
+ 'use v6b+;' notation is now recognized and enforced
+ Many list functions no longer flatten, or use one-arg flattening only
+ The sequence operator no longer flattens sublists, so you must use slip
to get that effect
+ The precedence of infix:<.=> is now tighter to match new infix:<.>
+ Smartmatch with List now recursively uses smartmatch
+ Smartmatch with list now globs using '**' rather than '*'
+ callwith/nextwith no longer flatten
+ Speedups:
+ Many built-in methods that return iterables are now much faster
+ 'Bag' and 'Mix' are now faster
+ Rat addition/subtraction is now faster due to lazy reduction when
consistent denominators are used ("cents stay cents")
+ Fixes:
+ Better error messages when comparing version strings with numbers
+ Several error messages that were lacking line numbers now include them
+ Anonymous types now compare correctly under 'infix:<===>'
+ Fixed 'once' block semantics (RT #126293)
+ A dying 'LEAVE' block doesn't prevent other 'LEAVE' blocks from running
+ '' now does an actual Unicode title case operation
+ polymod had not been GLRified yet
+ List/Supply.squish did not properly handle single element lists/supplies
+ Several fixes to the REPL, e.g. with regards to completions
+ with/without now topicalize properly
+ Fix usage of match variable in replacement part of substitution
+ ».[1;1] (hyper on multidim subscript) now works
+ Methods map, push, pop, shift, unshift, append, prepend now properly
marked as nodal
+ Attempt to smartmatch with S/// now warns
+ grep { /foo/ } now dwims again
+ Operator names now canonicalize internally to legal Perl names
+ Reduction ops now generalize to N-ary functions
+ Extra list comma is now allowed before any statement modifier
+ Various multisubs now report .arity more accurately
+ Exceptions can now correctly report the Nil type
+ Deprecations:
+ grep-index() deprecated in favour of grep(:k)
+ first-index() deprecated in favour of first(:k)
+ last-index() deprecated in fevour of first(:end,:k)
New in 2015.09
+ Features
+ Great List Refactor
+ New slurpy parameter, +args or +@args, to allow for one-argument style binding
+ New with/orwith/without conditionals allow you to check for .defined but
topicalize to the actual value returned
+ New 'supply', 'whenever' and 'react' blocks for easy reactive programming
+ Mu.return implemented: allows for ".return with $foo"
+ Cool.indices/indices() expands on Cool.index/index() functionality
+ Callframes now allow easy introspection of associated Code object
+ now has a 'does-ok' function for testing role conformance
+ '$¢' in grammars now refers to the current cursor
+ All Unicode digits can now be part of literal numbers
+ 'val()' and allomorphic types implemented
+ Most European quoting styles are now supported
+ The parser now detects and reports possible runaway quotes
+ New $[...] and ${...} constructs allow prefix itemization
+ 'dd' now displays variable type
+ Fixes:
+ Using a Range with an infinite .max now works on substr()/.substr
+ Parameter aliases are now handled in MAIN subroutines
+ Fixed typo about environment access in IO::Spec::Cygwin.tmpdir
+ Blocks like { .foo } are no longer considered to be a Hash constructor
+ Propagate ignorecase into subrules of regular expressions
+ eqv no longer defaults to === semantics, but snapshot (via .perl)
+ A constant declaration now pays more attention to its sigil
+ The .gist and .perl methods can now deal with self-referential structures
+ andthen and orelse are now topicalizers as specced
+ Fixed CompUnit.load, which is what use/require uses under the hood
+ Incompatible changes:
+ Creating constants with a ? twigil has become a NYI for now
+ No longer allowed to create dynamic constants with "my constant $*FOO"
+ Forbid to use the very same variable to init itself directly in declaration
+ Parcel is no longer a type, use List instead
+ 'is parcel' trait is now 'is raw'
+ .gist now puts brackets around lists and arrays
+ IO::Handle::lines no longer returns an empty last line
+ The 'Enum' type is gone; use 'Pair' instead.
+ Deprecations:
+ All Deprecations removed in preparation for Christmas release
+ NativeCall:
+ Added support for calling into C++ libraries and calling methods on
C++ classes
New in 2015.07
+ Features:
+ Cool.substr(-rw) and &substr(-rw) now also accept a Range
+ Added trait "is required" on class attributes
+ Parameters like :n($n) are presented as :$n in .gist
+ Conversion forms now understand :16(':8<377>') and such
+ &words implemented (to completement .words)
+ Numeric comparison ops (== > etc) for DateTimes
+ Fixes:
+ ENTER phaser now can be used as an r-value
+ Allow %{Type} as a way to say Hash[Any,Type].new
+ Several issues with the use of ';;' in signatures
+ Issues with regexen throwing an exception (RT #62086 & #72440)
+ samewith() now also works in subs
+ Calling the .clone method with alternate values no longer changes original
+ Various fixes and optimizations on List.splice
+ .grep and &grep now consume multiple elements for many-param blocks
+ Issues with precedence limit checking in EXPR fixed
+ EVAL now pays attention to languages in the compiler registry
+ Incompatible changes:
+ my Type $a is default($value) is now compile-time checked
+ my $a is default(Nil) only works on untyped (Mu) variables
+ Can no longer (roulette) assign to Whatever slice of a hash
+ Emit warning when \$ \@ \% \& are used to create a Capture
+ Now illegal to use a contextual ($*c) before declaring it in a block
+ EVAL :lang<Perl5> instead of <perl5> for consistency with use :from<Perl5>
+ Deprecations:
+ pipe() in favor of shell() or run() with :in, :out or :err
New in 2015.06
+ Features:
+ Lexical pragma 'use trace' now outputs statements on STDERR
+ $=finish now contains text after first =finish/=for finish/=begin finish
+ __END__/__DATA__ now marked as obsolete Perl 5 features
+ Added :as named param to .classify / .categorize
+ EVALFILE added, for evalling source in a file
+ Implemented 'quietly' statement prefix to prevent warnings being issued
+ MinGW (Windows with gcc/gmake) is now also supported besides MSVC
+ Implemented 'has Type method'
+ Implemented Buf.push
+ Implemented S/// (returns the new string rather than in-place substitution)
+ Implemented X::StubCode for .../!!! code
+ Add :createonly to rename()
+ Fixes:
+ (10e6).pick/roll no longer build the whole list to pick a value
+ Regex.gist/perl return source of regex
+ start now takes a statement also, or a block (as before)
+ .push/.unshift on typed arrays now create the right type of container
+ Throwing a Failure counts as handling it
+ Incompatible changes:
+ DateTime default timezone format is now +HH:MM (used to be +HHMM)
+ "".IO /"") no longer legal, use "." for current dir
+ next/last/redo don't allow expressions to be evaluated anymore
+ sign(NaN)/NaN.sign is now NaN
+ Stubbed-out code (via .../!!!) no longer results in X::AdHoc
+ Deprecations:
+ Using start as a sub with parentheses, e.g. start( { ... } )
+ open(:p)
New in 2015.05
+ Features:
+ NFG, NFC, NFD, Uni
+ Implemented unicode property pairs with explicit arguments, e.g.
<:NumericValue(0 .. 1)>, <:Name(/LATIN/)> etc (MoarVM only)
+ :m/:ignoremark implemented (now that we have NFG)
+ Implement <&foo: $arg>, <&foo($arg)> and my $a = "alpha"; /<::($a)>/
+ List/Supply.rotor expects a list of Pairs (elems|elems => gap)
+ Added much faster List.pick(*,:eager) variant
+ Implemented CLIENT:: (nearest CALLER:: from different package)
+ Normal stacktraces no longer include references to code in settings
+ RAKUDO_BACKTRACE_SETTING to *do* include code in settings
+ RAKUDO_VERBOSE_STACKFRAME environment variable shows source lines
+ Warnings now show file/line unless the end with a newline
+ Implemented "is nodal" for signalling behaviour under hypers
+ Rudimentary tab completion available via the Linenoise module
+ Incompatible changes:
+ The readline integration that existed on the VM level has been removed;
it now exists as a module. To restore readline operations in the REPL
(ex. history, line control), install the Linenoise module via Panda
+ "unit" declaration needed for blockless packages
+ Various API changes for the Great List Refactor, such as...
+ 'for' loops not longer flatten; use 'for flat' for that
+ .map no longer flattens, map as a listop does. Use .flatmap to get the
old behavior
+ Likewise other methods that used to flatten their invocant no longer do:
all, any, one, none, unique, squish, min, max, minmax, classify, and categorize
+ Nil no longer iterates like the empty List. Use () or Empty instead.
+ Hashes no longer maintain insert order on Moar (on JVM they never did)
+ @*INC now contains strings (again), rather than CUR objects
+ Item seperator in INC spec is now ","
+ Type / info seperator in INC spec is now "#"
+ .pick($n)/roll($n) now always return lists, even when $n == 1
+ $?FILE is now always an absolute path
+ Variable will init/post/compose throw NYI instead of silently doing nothing
+ The "is cached" trait no longer works on methods, throws a NYI instead
+ Deprecations:
+ Method .map should be used instead of .for
+ List/Supply.rotor now *must* have elems and gap specified
+ functions are now kebab-cased (e.g. throws_like -> throws-like)
+ in regexes, avoid non-significant whitespace between alphanumerics
+ Unhandled Failure leaks are now warned about if detected by DESTROY
+ Fixes:
+ Many race conditions, specifically wrt to role specializations
+ Hashes use much less memory on Moar
+ my $a will begin/enter/leave/keep/undo/first/pre now set $_ properly
+ List.roll(Inf) now knows it's infinite, so is lazy
+ The REPL is strict by default now, that leaves only '-e' lines to be lax
+ Undeclared variable compile time error made clearer
+ IO::Handle.lines(:eager)/.words(:eager) now properly eager again
+ 'earliest' now handles remaining channels without specific handlers
+ Int/Rat ** -Int now generates a Rat if possible, else a Num
+ IO::Path.resolve now returns IO::Path as specced
+ CALLER now produces consistent results in the dynamic scope of implicit protos
+ A regex may now be used as the smartmatch of a sequence operator
+ Fix /a ~ (c) (b)/ capture order bug.
+ map <:alpha> in regexes etc to proper lookup on JVM
+ site/lib is now in the C library (.dll/.so/.dylib etc) search path
+ Fix scoping bugs with statement modifier for and given.
+ Make { 1 R=> 'a' } and { %*h } construct hashes.
+ Fix lexical context of regex interpolations
+ Various list ops now report .is-lazy correctly
+ Speedups:
+ generating backtraces is now lazy, improving the speed of e.g. warnings
+ Make List.pick about 3% faster, List.pick(*) about 7% faster
+ Implement new @*INC handling (about 30% faster startup time)
(bare startup time is now below 100 ms on some machines)
+ NativeCall:
+ Implemented CUnions which map to the union C type definition
+ Implemented HAS declarator for attributes to mark it embedded into the
CStruct or CUnion
New in 2015.04
+ Incompatible changes:
+ Installation directory layout changed: it now uses $PREFIX/share instead of
+ "0" (0 as a string) is now True, no special-casing anymore
+ an Int() coercion type in a multi now creates two candidates: Any and Int
+ Fixes:
+ try now implies "use fatal", so failures are not leaked
+ "use fatal" now only works in its scope, and not in deeper ones
+ don't constant-fold Failures
+ throws_like will EVAL code in context of caller
+ pragma's like "strict" can now also be called with -M on the CLI
+ once a List is infinite, it will stay infinite (fixes several hangs)
+ can now slice an Infinite list into a finite slice
+ can now slice a finite list into an infinite slice
+ adverbs are now allowed inside a ternary
+ auto-generated accessors will not show up in backtraces anymore
+ $_ now defaults to Any, rather than Nil
+ intuited iterators no longer bypass endpoint if no exact match
+ intuited iterators may also skip literal values if endpoint is lower
+ intuited iterators beginning/ending with same length now according to spec
+ say now observes the .nl setting
+ exceptions in BEGIN blocks and constant are now handled better
+ binding now works again in the REPL
+ various other REPL fixes
+ \foo variables work properly in EVAL
+ declarations like my (Str $ing, Int $eger) correctly enforce types
+ detect and complain about placeholders in attribute initializers
+ use of | prefix in the wrong place now complains at compile time
+ \(...) capture constuct handles nameds and | correctly
+ regex interpolation now uses cursors instead of scanning
+ correct line numbers are reported for faling tests
+ Deprecations:
+ the RC release in September will remove *all* deprecations
+ "use nqp" now required for silent use of nqp::ops
+ Features:
+ native arrays
+ 'bit' and 'byte' native types
+ starts-with/substr-eq/ends-with for comparing strings inside other strings
+ first steps towards generic lexical pragma's (e.g. soft, strict, nqp)
+ basic implementation of Uni, NFC, NFD, NFKC, and NFKD on Moar backend
+ Uni.Str coercion produces an NFG string
+ chop now takes optional number of characters argument
+ where constraints on variable and attribute declarations
+ dists are installed into a database-like way by default (via panda)
+ 'is rw' parameters implemented for native subs (they get passed as a pointer)
+ complex and rat literals now work inside of a <> quote
+ attempting to bind a Failure now tells you what was in the Failure
+ reduce() now pays attention to associativity (which is now part of the op)
+ can now reduce ([Z]) with list infixes over an arbitrary number of lists
+ use Foo:from<Perl5> supported when Inline::Perl5 is installed
+ EVAL $code, :lang<perl5> supported when Inline::Perl5 is installed
+ Speedups:
+ about 25% faster
+ List.pick about 10% faster
+ Mu.clone about 8% faster
+ make xx about 1.8 times faster
+ several speedups in matching
+ numerous Num.Rat optimizations: 6.5x faster
New in 2015.03
+ Incompatible changes and deprecations:
Any code *calling* the old method names, will be given a deprecation warning,
and will continue to work. Any module that *implements* MMD candidates for
any of these methods with their old name, will probably break. Please start
using the new names as described below.
+ renamed internal hash/array/code/* methods:
- at_pos AT-POS
- exists_pos EXISTS-POS
- delete_pos DELETE-POS
- assign_pos ASSIGN-POS
- bind_pos BIND-POS
- at_key AT-KEY
- exists_key EXISTS-KEY
- delete_key DELETE-KEY
- assign_key ASSIGN-KEY
- bind_key BIND-KEY
- invoke CALL-ME
- Supply.on_demand Supply.on-demand
- Supply.schedule_on Supply.schedule-on
+ renamed traits
- hidden_from_backtrace hidden-from-backtrace
- hidden_from_USAGE hidden-from-USAGE
+ Deprecated use MONKEY_TYPING for use MONKEY-TYPING.
+ Incompatibility change: spaces are no longer allowed in operators.
+ Disallow redeclaring constants in the same scope
+ Throw redeclaration error for duplicate type capture
+ Deprecate IO::Handle.input-line-separator for .nl
+ Remove parrot support from Rakudo.
+ Don't print deprecation messages if RAKUDO_NO_DEPRECATIONS env var is set
+ Features
+ Allow Buf.AT-POS to return an l-value.
+ Implement method ^foo($) { ... } syntax.
+ Implemented PairMap (the simple case only, for now).
+ Implemented .antipairs (pairs with value => key).
+ Implemented .pairup for creating pairs from lists.
+ Implemented LEXICAL, OUTERS and CALLERS pseudo-packages
+ Implemented UInt (sub)type and coercer.
+ Add a array[T], usable for native int/num (MoarVM only for now)
+ Other native improvements, e.g. my int $a; $a++
+ Smart quotes (as in “foo”, ‘bar’, ‚baz’ and „zap”) now also supported.
+ Improve and test support for Listy types in JVM Interop.
+ Hyper-infixes (like »~») are faster and have more features.
+ Make token prefix properly compete with term in LTM
+ not() and so() are functions as well as prefixes.
+ substr-rw() now accepts the same range of parameters as substr()