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release_guide.pod - guide to Rakudo releases

Rakudo’s development release cycle is the third Saturday of each month.

Each development release is given a sequential number and a name based on the release year and month. Older releases had code names based on an active Perl Mongers group.

For releases made so far, see the list of development releases at the end of this document.

Planned future releases

Note that we are trying very hard to ensure there are no backward compatibility issues post Christmas. As such, we may end up delaying some releases to ensure any compatibility issues are resolved.

2019-02-16   Rakudo #130 (AlexDaniel + Releasable)
2019-03-16   Rakudo #131
2019-04-20   Rakudo #132
2019-05-18   Rakudo #133
2019-06-15   Rakudo #134
2019-07-20   Rakudo #135
2019-08-17   Rakudo #136
2019-09-21   Rakudo #137
2019-10-19   Rakudo #138
2019-11-16   Rakudo #139
2019-12-21   Rakudo #140

(More planned dates can be generated with tools/release-dates.p6).

Steps to create a release (for release managers)

⚠ Please try to rely on automation instead of doing the release manually. This document describes steps that should be performed by tools, and in a way serves as a documentation for them.

Currently there are two tools:

Some things are hard to automate, and you have to understand what is (and what is not) done by the tool you are using, so read on.

  1. A few days before the Rakudo release, it’s a good idea to...

    • Remind people of the upcoming release, invite people to update the ChangeLog, etc. Note that the ChangeLog is kept on the wiki so that people can easily do minor corrections, but for the release it has to be moved into docs/ChangeLog.

    • Check if any DEPRECATED code needs to be removed because the end of the deprecation cycle is reached. One way of doing this, is to grep on the YYYYMM of the release (e.g. 201412 for the 2014.12 release). If you find any occurrences, remove the code and make sure the spectest is still ok.

    • Review the issue tracker for tickets that might need resolving prior to the release, addressing them as needed. “Tickets that need resolving” is left to your discretion. Any problem that has a large impact on users is worth addressing either as a fix or as prominent documentation (the README and/or the release announcement).

    • Bump often, especially the day before the release. Otherwise issues with MoarVM/NQP might go unnoticed for too long.

    • Create a draft release announcement in docs/announce/ in markdown format. You can often use the previous release’s file as a starting point, updating the release number, version information, name, etc. as appropriate.

      git add docs/announce/
      git commit docs

      There is a helper script tools/create-release-announcement.p6 that will create a basic release announcement for you based on the state of the repository and the current date. Feel free to use it to save yourself some time, but please look over its output if you decide to use it:

      ./perl6 tools/create-release-announcement.p6 > docs/announce/
    • If it’s a month relatively early in the calendar year, double-check that the copyright date in the README file includes the current year. (It’s not necessary to update copyright dates in other files, unless you know that a given file has been modified in a year not reflected by the file’s copyright notice.)

    • To spot more regressions, it’s a good idea to test the ecosystem and see if there are any modules that were working correctly (e.g. passing their tests) on the previous release but no longer work on HEAD. One of the tools to do that is Toaster.

      Generally, any kind of breakage in modules is unwanted, but there are exceptions. Submit Pull Requests to anything that is affected and file rakudo tickets for all unwanted changes in Rakudo behavior.

    • If the release is nearing and you see that the state of Rakudo on HEAD is inherently unstable (less stable than the previous release, or worse than the previous release for other reasons), assess your options. Even though rakudo releases are scheduled for every month, it doesn't necessarily mean that there must be a release every month. Cancelling the release is an option. However, see if anything else can be done, like if offending commits can be reverted, or if you can make a release from an earlier state (e.g. previous release + some commits + cherry-picked important fixes).

  2. Update Rakudo’s leap-second tables:

    perl tools/

    If a new leap second has been announced, src/core/Rakudo/ will be modified, so commit the new version. Note: be sure to double check the modifications are correct before committing.

    git commit src

    But probably there won’t be any new leap seconds, in which case the file will be unchanged.

    Note: this program requires the perl modules Time::y2038, LWP::Simple and File::Slurp to be installed.

  3. As the actual release date nears, review the git log history to see if any additional items need to be added to the ChangeLog. This can be conveniently done with

    git log --since=yyyy-mm-dd --reverse # find commits
    # update ChangeLog
    git commit docs/ChangeLog # commit changes
  4. When it’s time to cut the release, finalize the new release announcement in docs/announce/ . (If one hasn’t already been created, see step 1 above.) Highlight areas in which the new release is significant.

    Include a list of contributors since the last release in the announcement. You can get an automatically generated list by running

    ./perl6 tools/contributors.p6

    To obtain all contributors, ensure you have all supporting repositories checked out, before running (this can be achieved by building rakudo and running a spectest). Please check the result manually for duplicates and other errors. Note that you may not be able to run your system perl6 in a local checkout, you may have to wait until you build in this directory and use ./perl6.

    git add docs/announce/
    git commit docs
  5. Update the release dates and names at the bottom of this file (docs/release_guide.pod). Also improve these instructions if you find any steps that are missing.

    git commit docs/release_guide.pod
  6. Ensure that a monthly MoarVM release has been completed. Those releases are typically handled by a separate team. Since you are going to perform smoke testing of the ecosystem, it is likely that MoarVM release team will wait for your confirmation before cutting a release. Make sure that MoarVM builds on Windows (see AppVeyor status). It is also a good idea to look for JVM issues at this point.

  7. Create an NQP release with the same YYYY.MM version number as Rakudo. Follow NQP’s docs/release_guide.pod file to do that.

  8. Go back to the Rakudo repository, and update the NQP dependency:

    echo YYYY.MM > tools/build/NQP_REVISION
    git commit -m '[release] bump NQP revision' tools/build/NQP_REVISION
  9. Enter the new version into the VERSION file, and commit the changes:

    echo YYYY.MM > VERSION
    git commit -m '[release] bump VERSION' VERSION
  10. Make sure any locally modified files have been pushed back to github.

    git status
    git push
  11. Make sure everything compiles and runs from a known clean state:

    make realclean
    perl --gen-moar --backends=ALL
    make install
    make test
  12. Install Inline::Perl5 so stresstest can use it.

    git clone
    export PATH=`pwd`/install/bin:$PATH
    cd zef; perl6 -Ilib bin/zef install .
    cd ..
    export PATH=`pwd`/install/share/perl6/site/bin:$PATH
    zef install Inline::Perl5
  13. Now run the stresstests for stable and lastest specs. The following commands assume you already have a roast checkout in t/spec. If not, run make spectest (you can abort it after the repository is retrieved).

    (cd t/spec && git checkout master)     # test latest language spec
    make stresstest
    (cd t/spec && git checkout 6.c-errata) # test stable language spec (6.c)
    make stresstest
    (cd t/spec && git checkout 6.d-errata) # test stable language spec (6.d)
    make stresstest

    There are many tests to run for the stresstest target. If you have a machine with multiple CPU cores, you may want to execute that last as

    TEST_JOBS=4 make stresstest

    where 4 is the number of CPU cores. This should make the total time to execute all of the tests dramatically less.

    Note that any failures against the stable language spec must be fixed before a release can be made. Also, you will see warnings about missing test files; this is because we only have one list of files, and new tests may have been added after the last version of the spec was frozen.

    Continue adjusting things until make stresstest passes as expected. Often this means fixing a bug, fudging a test, or (temporarily?) commenting out a test file in t/ . Use your best judgment or ask others if uncertain what to do here.

  14. Caution: this step removes any untracked files in t/spec. So please make a backup if you have any important data in there.

    Create a tarball by entering make release VERSION=YYYY.MM, where YYYY.MM is the month for which the release is being made. This will create a tarball file named rakudo-YYYY.MM.tar.gz.

    Because we tested the stable language spec last, above, those are the tests that will end up in the release tarball.

  15. Unpack the tar file into another area, and test that it builds and runs properly using the same process in steps 11-13. For step 13, just run "make stresstest"; you're only testing the official spec tests here, and cannot switch between branches. If there are any problems, fix them and go back to step 11.

  16. Tag the release by its release month ("YYYY.MM") and its code name.

    git tag -u <email> -s -a -m "tag release #nnn" YYYY.MM    # e.g., 2013.08
    git push --tags

    The -s tells git to sign the release with your PGP/GPG key, so it will likely ask you for the passphrase of your secret key.

    If you have no PGP key, you might need to create one first. Should that prove impossible, you can omit the -s from the command line.

    Be sure to upload your public key to your GitHub account, so that GitHub displays Verified button next to the tag. You can do that by running gpg --armor --export <email> and adding the output as the New GPG Key at the bottom of the settings -> keys page

  17. Sign the tarball with your PGP key:

    gpg -b --armor rakudo-YYYY.MM.tar.gz
  18. Upload the tarball and the signature to and

    scp rakudo-YYYY.MM.tar.gz rakudo-YYYY.MM.tar.gz.asc \
    scp rakudo-YYYY.MM.tar.gz rakudo-YYYY.MM.tar.gz.asc \

    If you do not have permissions for that, ask one of (pmichaud, jnthn, FROGGS, masak, tadzik, moritz, PerlJam/perlpilot, [Coke], lizmat, timotimo, fsergot, hoelzro, Zoffix, AlexDaniel) on #perl6 or #perl6-dev to do it for you.

  19. To avoid public confusion with Rakudo Star releases, we now publish compiler release announcements ONLY to (We may restart widespread announcements of compiler releases once they are known, or we may begin publishing a single announcement for both.)

    Don’t send out any announcements until the files are actually available per step 14 above.

  20. Update the Wikipedia entry at

  21. You’re done! Celebrate with the appropriate amount of fun.

Releases so far

Previous releases were bundled as part of monthly Parrot releases.

2009-02-26   Rakudo #14 "Vienna"             (pmichaud)
2009-03-20   Rakudo #15 "Oslo"               (pmichaud)
2009-04-23   Rakudo #16 "Bratislava"         (pmichaud)
2009-05-21   Rakudo #17 "Stockholm"          (pmichaud)
2009-06-18   Rakudo #18 "Pittsburgh"         (pmichaud)
2009-07-23   Rakudo #19 "Chicago"            (moritz)
2009-08-20   Rakudo #20 "PDX"                (kyle)
2009-09-17   Rakudo #21 "Seattle"            (particle)
2009-10-22   Rakudo #22 "Thousand Oaks"      (duff)
2009-11-19   Rakudo #23 "Lisbon"             (masak)
2009-12-17   Rakudo #24 "Seoul"              (chromatic)
2010-01-22   Rakudo #25 "Minneapolis"        (pmichaud)
2010-02-18   Rakudo #26 "Amsterdam"          (mberends)
2010-03-18   Rakudo #27 "Copenhagen"         (smash)
2010-04-22   Rakudo #28 "Moscow"             (moritz)
2010-05-20   Rakudo #29 "Erlangen"           (colomon)
2010-06-17   Rakudo #30 "Kiev"               (masak)
2010-07-22   Rakudo #31 "Atlanta"            (Coke)
2010-08-19   Rakudo #32 "Pisa"               (mathw)
2010-09-23   Rakudo #33 "Milan"              (moritz)
2010-10-21   Rakudo #34 "Paris"              (duff)
2010-11-18   Rakudo #35 "Melbourne"          (masak)
2010-12-23   Rakudo #36 "New York"           (smash)
2011-01-20   Rakudo #37 "BristolBath"        (tadzik)
2011-02-17   Rakudo #38 "Toulouse"           (arnsholt)
2011-03-17   Rakudo #39 "Orlando"            (jdhore)
2011-04-21   Rakudo #40 "ZA"                 (duff)
2011-05-19   Rakudo #41 "Dahut"              (jdhore)
2011-06-23   Rakudo #42 "Bruxelles"          (jdhore)
2011-07-21   Rakudo #43 "Beijing"            (mberends,moritz)
2011-09-30   Rakudo #44 "Riga"               (tadzik)
2011-10-20   Rakudo #45 "Houston"            (duff)
2011-11-17   Rakudo #46 "London"             (tadzik)
2011-12-22   Rakudo #47 "Columbus"           (moritz)
2012-01-23   Rakudo #48 "Toronto"            (moritz)
2012-02-23   Rakudo #49 "SPb"                (masak)
2012-03-22   Rakudo #50 "Argentina"          (masak)
2012-04-19   Rakudo #51 "Brazos Valley"      (Coke)
2012-04-25   2012.04.1                       (moritz)
2012-05-17   Rakudo #52 "MadMongers"         (tadzik)
2012-06-21   Rakudo #53 "Strasbourg"         (duff)
2012-07-19   Rakudo #54 "Tallinn"            (masak)
2012-08-23   Rakudo #55 "Frankfurt"          (tadzik,moritz)
2012-09-20   Rakudo #56 "Perl"               (masak)
2012-09-29   2012.09.1                       (pmichaud)
2012-10-18   Rakudo #57 "Tokyo"              (duff)
2012-11-22   Rakudo #58 "Walnut"             (FROGGS)
2012-12-20   Rakudo #59 "Warszawa"           (masak)
2013-01-17   Rakudo #60 "Sonoma"             (isBEKaml)
2013-02-21   Rakudo #61 "drinkers"           (tadzik)
2013-02-23   2013.02.1                       (moritz)
2013-03-21   Rakudo #62 "Singapore"          (masak)
2013-04-18   Rakudo #63 "Albany"             (Coke)
2013-05-23   Rakudo #64 "Austin"             (FROGGS)
2013-06-20   Rakudo #65 "Poznan"             (masak)
2013-07-18   Rakudo #66 "Edinburgh"          (moritz,lizmat)
2013-08-22   Rakudo #67 "Bicycle"            (moritz)
2013-09-19   Rakudo #68 "Shanghai"           (masak)
2013-10-17   Rakudo #69 "Roederbergweg"      (Coke)
2013-11-21   Rakudo #70 "Malmö"              (lizmat)
2013-12-19   Rakudo #71 "Advent"             (moritz)
2014-01-23   Rakudo #72 "Plano"              (masak)
2014-02-20   Rakudo #73 "Karlsruhe"          (timotimo)
2014-03-20   Rakudo #74 "Adelaide"           (tadzik)
2014-04-17   Rakudo #75 "Echt"               (masak)
2014-05-22   Rakudo #76 "Bajor"              (FROGGS)
2014-06-19   Rakudo #77 "Gdańsk"             (sergot)
2014-07-17   Rakudo #78 "Sofia"              (FROGGS)
2014-08-21   Rakudo #79 "Minsk"              (Coke)
2014-09-18   Rakudo #80 "HongKong"           (masak)
2014-10-23   Rakudo #81 "Linz"               (duff)
2014-11-20   Rakudo #82 "Helsinki"           (lizmat)
2014-12-18   Rakudo #83 "Cologne"            (lizmat)
2014-12-19   2014.12.1                       (lizmat)
2015-01-22   Rakudo #84 "Gotanda"            (Coke)
2015-02-19   Rakudo #85 "Berlin"             (lizmat)
2015-03-19   Rakudo #86 "Cluj"               (FROGGS)
2015-04-23   Rakudo #87 "Vladivostok"        (masak)
2015-05-21   Rakudo #88 "Dresden"            (FROGGS)
2015-06-18   Rakudo #89 "Salt Lake"          (hoelzro)
2015-07-24   Rakudo #90 "Prague"             (masak)
2015-07-24   2015.07.1                       (masak)
2015-07-25   2015.07.2                       (moritz)
2015-09-17   Rakudo #91 "Zürich"             (Coke)
2015-10-22   Rakudo #92 "Niceville"          (Coke) # v6.b
2015-11-19   Rakudo #93 "Bend"               (Coke)

2015-12-25   Rakudo #94 "коледа"             (Coke) # v6.c
2016-02-01   Rakudo #95 "2016.01"            (Coke)
2016-02-02   2016.01.1                       (Coke)
2016-02-21   Rakudo #96 "2016.02"            (Coke)
2016-03-23   Rakudo #97 "2016.03"            (Coke)
2016-04-19   Rakudo #98 "2016.04"            (Coke)
2016-05-21   Rakudo #99 "2016.05"            (hoelzro)
2016-06-18   Rakudo #100 "2016.06"           (Zoffix)
2016-07-16   Rakudo #101 "2016.07"           (Zoffix)
2016-07-18   2016.07.1                       (Zoffix)
2016-08-20   Rakudo #102 "2016.08"           (Zoffix)
2016-08-20   2016.08.1                       (Zoffix)
2016-09-17   Rakudo #103 "2016.09"           (Zoffix + NeuralAnomaly)
2016-10-15   Rakudo #104 "2016.10"           (Zoffix + NeuralAnomaly)
2016-11-19   Rakudo #105 "2016.11"           (Zoffix + NeuralAnomaly)
2016-12-17   Rakudo #106 "2016.12"           (Zoffix + NeuralAnomaly)
2017-01-20   Rakudo #107 "2017.01"           (Zoffix + NeuralAnomaly)
2017-02-18   Rakudo #108 "2017.02"           (Zoffix + NeuralAnomaly)
2017-03-18   Rakudo #109 "2017.03"           (Zoffix + NeuralAnomaly)
2017-04-17   Rakudo #110 "2017.04"           (Zoffix + NeuralAnomaly)
2017-04-18   2017.04.1                       (Zoffix)
2017-04-18   2017.04.2                       (Zoffix)
2017-04-23   2017.04.3                       (Zoffix)
2017-05-20   Rakudo #111 "2017.05"           (Zoffix + NeuralAnomaly)
2017-06-17   Rakudo #112 "2017.06"           (Zoffix + NeuralAnomaly)
2017-07-15   Rakudo #113 "2017.07"           (Zoffix + NeuralAnomaly)
2017-08-21   Rakudo #114 "2017.08"           (AlexDaniel + Releasable)
2017-09-18   Rakudo #115 "2017.09"           (AlexDaniel + Releasable)
2017-10-26   Rakudo #116 "2017.10"           (AlexDaniel + Releasable)
2017-11-21   Rakudo #117 "2017.11"           (AlexDaniel + Releasable)
2017-12-21   Rakudo #118 "2017.12"           (AlexDaniel + Releasable)
2018-01-25   Rakudo #119 "2018.01"           (AlexDaniel + Releasable)
2018-02-20   Rakudo #120 "2018.02"           (AlexDaniel + Releasable)
2018-02-23   2018.02.1                       (AlexDaniel + Releasable)
2018-03-19   Rakudo #121 "2018.03"           (AlexDaniel + Releasable)
2018-04-25   Rakudo #122 "2018.04"           (AlexDaniel + Releasable)
2018-04-30   2018.04.1                       (AlexDaniel + Releasable)
2018-05-24   Rakudo #123 "2018.05"           (AlexDaniel + Releasable)
2018-06-22   Rakudo #124 "2018.06"           (AlexDaniel + Releasable)
2018-09-02   Rakudo #125 "2018.08"           (AlexDaniel + Releasable)
2018-09-23   Rakudo #126 "2018.09"           (AlexDaniel + Releasable)
2018-10-28   Rakudo #127 "2018.10"           (AlexDaniel + Releasable)
2018-11-29   Rakudo #128 "2018.11"           (AlexDaniel + Releasable) # v6.d
2018-12-21   Rakudo #129 "2018.12"           (AlexDaniel + Releasable)


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