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use Perl6::Grammar;
use Perl6::Actions;
use Perl6::Compiler;
use Perl6::SysConfig;
# Initialize Rakudo runtime support.
my %rakudo-build-config := nqp::hash();
nqp::bindhllsym('default', 'SysConfig',;
# Create and configure compiler object.
my $comp :=;
$comp.addstage('syntaxcheck', :before<ast>);
$comp.addstage('optimize', :after<ast>);
# Add extra command line options.
my @clo := $comp.commandline_options();
#?if js
# Set up END block list, which we'll run at exit.
nqp::bindhllsym('Raku', '@END_PHASERS', []);
# In an embedding environment, let @*ARGS be empty instead of crashing
nqp::bindhllsym('Raku', '$!ARGITER', 0);
#?if jvm
sub MAIN(*@ARGS) {
#?if moar
sub MAIN(@ARGS) {
#?if js
sub MAIN(*@ARGS) {
# Enter the compiler.
$comp.command_line(@ARGS, :encoding('utf8'), :transcode('ascii iso-8859-1'));
# do all the necessary actions at the end, if any
if nqp::gethllsym('Raku', '&THE_END') -> $THE_END {
# vim: expandtab sw=4