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# XXX: Would like to have this class as Perl6::AST, but ran up against
# problems with the serialization context calling it that.
my class AST {
has $!past;
has $!quasi_context;
has $!Str;
submethod BUILD(:$past) {
$!past := $past;
method incarnate($quasi_context, @unquote_asts) {
my $incarnation = self.clone();
nqp::bindattr(nqp::decont($incarnation), AST, '$!past', $incarnation.evaluate_unquotes(@unquote_asts));
nqp::bindattr(nqp::decont($incarnation), AST, '$!quasi_context', $quasi_context);
method evaluate_unquotes(@unquote_asts) {
my $pasts := nqp::list();
for @unquote_asts {
# TODO: find and report macro name
got => $_,
expected => AST,
action => 'unquote evaluation',
).throw unless nqp::istype($_,AST);
nqp::push($pasts, nqp::getattr(nqp::decont($_), AST, '$!past'))
method is_quasi_ast {
so $!quasi_context;
method Str {
# vim: ft=perl6 expandtab sw=4
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