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moritz committed Jul 19, 2009
1 parent f9d6284 commit 0b9d7af5046d5b3ebb7b10363a8a18e2d4a89289
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@@ -3,8 +3,15 @@ New in 2009-07 release
+ better handling of named arguments in multi dispatch
+ operators can be defined in the setting
+ basic implementation of the series and eqv operators
++ refatored trait code to match updated specification
+ implemented more cases of smartmatching against hashes
+ fixed state variables to work with //= and ||= initialization
++ improved testing: when Rakudo dies with 'Null PMC Access' it is never
+ considered a success
++ implemented the :all flag to split which keeps captures
++ added List.rotate builtin
++ nextwith and callwith now also work properly with methods
++ take() without outer gather now merely warns
New in 2009-06 release
+ refactored and corrected object initialization (BUILD/CREATE)

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