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+New in 2010.02 release
++ The branch formerly known as 'ng' becomes the new master branch
++ The previous master branch is now rakudo/alpha
++ NQP-RX replaces NQP in the Parrot Compiler Toolkit, enabling the
+ source code of the compiler to be written in a subset of Perl 6 that
+ is much more powerful, most importantly with regexes, as the name
+ suggests
++ The revised Perl6/ is much closer to the canonical
++ Regexes may declare contextual and lexical variables
++ Lazy lists and arrays are partly implemented
++ The object metamodel is largely written in NQP-RX instead of PIR
++ The name of the root of the object hierarchy is now Mu
++ The term 'undef' is gone, replaced by Nil, Mu or *.notdef depending on
+ context
++ Builin class derive from Cool which derives from Any
++ The refactored source code is more compact and more easily extended
++ The number of spectests passed has reduced from a peak of 32731 in
+ alpha to 24167, because porting the functionality to the new master
+ is still ongoing
++ Release numbering changes from 'dash' to 'dot' delimiter to get on
+ better with various package management systems
New in 2010-01 release
+ Added method form of eval.
+ Implemented :s and :l file operators
+ Added functions for logarithms using $base
+ Refactored subroutine calls to use new Context structures in Parrot 2.0.0
+New in 2009-12 release
++ Only minor maintenance was done because all attention was being given
+ to the Rakudo/ng branch, bringing in the new nqp-rx bootstrap compiler
New in 2009-11 release
+ Rakudo now uses Parrot's updated calling convention features
+ support unpacking of arrays, hashes and objects in signatures

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