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Optimize assigning metaops

If the metaop is one of the >>op=<< persuasion, then we don't need to build
a result to return, as the left hand side of the op *is* the result.  This
makes >>+=<< about 8% faster.
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lizmat committed Nov 16, 2018
1 parent c444564 commit 19f0c842765726fbd65285acfd8870a79709a378
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  1. +3 −2 src/core/Hyper.pm6
@@ -7,17 +7,18 @@ class Hyper {
has int8 $.assigns; # assigns to left side

method new(\op, Bool() :$dwim-left, Bool() :$dwim-right) {
my $assigns = so (op.WHY && op.WHY.Str eq 'METAOP_ASSIGN');

# for error messages
method name() {
my str $name = $! || 'infix:<op>';
my str $name = $! || "infix:<op{'=' if $!assigns}>";
my int $start = nqp::index($name,"«");
$start = nqp::index($name,"<") if $start == -1;
my int $end = nqp::index($name,"»");

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commented on 19f0c84 Nov 16, 2018

Perhaps a note about the WHY comment being used for this optimization would be a good addition to the METAOP_ASSIGN subroutine.

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