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More announcement bikesh^H^H^H^H^H^Hupdates.

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@@ -27,17 +27,18 @@ automatically downloads and builds Parrot as before, if you prefer
that approach.)
Also, unlike previous versions of Rakudo Perl, the "perl6"
-(or "perl6.exe") executables only work when run from the
+(or "perl6.exe") executables only work when invoked from the
Rakudo root directory until a "make install" is performed.
-Running "make install" will install Rakudo into the appropriate
-locations, and those executables can be run from any directory.
+Running "make install" will install Rakudo and its libraries
+into the Parrot installation that was used to build it, and then
+the executables will work when invoked from any directory.
Some of the specific major changes and improvements occuring
with this release include:
* Rakudo is now passing 12,369 spectests, an increase of 493
passing tests since the July 2009 release. With this release
- Rakudo is now passing 69.9% of the available spectest suite.
+ Rakudo is now passing 69.98% of the available spectest suite.
* We now have a much cleaner traits implementation. Many of the
Perl 6 built-in traits are now implemented in Perl 6, and
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