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[NQP Bump] Brings 11 commits

NQP bump brought: perl6/nqp@2018.08-35-ge2cb00a...2018.08-46-gdb0f117
db0f117 [MoarVM Bump] Brings 17 commits
a640e8d [jvm] Implement nqp::hllbool and nqp::hllboolfor
92f2ba0 [js] Implement nqp::hllbool and nqp::hllboolfor
3651131 Add tests for nqp::hllboolfor and nqp::hllbool
d0e72fa Map hllbool and hllboolfor ops
715ae5d add another hash op example
ac6fff1 [js] Make nqp::bitand_s, nqp::bitxor_s and nqp::bitand_s more correct
06f1eed [js] Standardize the unboxing of too big bigints error
9b5bc18 [js] Fix nqp::rand_I
9dced0a Test that rand_I generates numbers withing range
b588e63 [js] Fix nqp::rand_I

MoarVM bump brought: MoarVM/MoarVM@2018.08-28-g2fb3265...2018.08-45-gef47433
ef47433 Teach the lego JIT to compile hllbool, too
c1c2b7e JIT compile hllboolfor
756a97d JIT compile hllbool
7c5740f Teach spesh to replace hllboolfor by the result for known values
ee0004b Teach spesh to replace hllbool by the result for known values
954bdf8 New hllbool and hllboolfor ops
6edaac4 Add true_value and false_value to HLL config for future hllbool op
477ec44 [JIT] Split signed and unsigned cast operators
bbc7184 Merge remote-tracking branch 'jstuder/exprjit_cast_load_addr'
22c9817 [JIT] Tiler table generator changes
f1e83f6 [JIT] A few more macros
df121f9 Merge remote-tracking branch 'Masterduke17/jit_macro_and_template_for_decoder_ops'
37a2cd3 Increase array size of args on MVMJitTile struct
9bef425 Add objprimspec exprjit template
9590c48 Implement cast_load_addr tile for exprjit
6556de6 Make minor jit doc changes
1736503 Add a macro for decoder_ensure_decoder and ...
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zoffixznet committed Sep 8, 2018
1 parent de4e822 commit 3272207ae52aa0577fd6920666a1a05df217c952
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@@ -1 +1 @@

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