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moritz committed Jul 20, 2010
1 parent cf3da00 commit 3370f072e61abf0226ae08506d8aebea98c4e261
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@@ -7,9 +7,17 @@ New in 2010.07 release
+ magic $*ARGFILE file handle
+ more robust closures
+ multi-level Array and Hash element autovivification
-+ perl6 --version now identifies the exact git sha1
++ perl6 --version now identifies the exact git sha1 and parrot version
+ implemented 'is rw' trait on classes
+ file tests now work through IO, ie. 'README'.IO ~~ :e
++ generic, multi-level Whatever-currying (eg grep !(* % 2), @list)
++ improved error reporting in many cases
++ implemented backtracking into capturing groups and subrules
++ phasers refactored, they can now return results and see the setting
++ custom circumfix operators
++ basic .wrap and .unwrap implementation
++ weighted Hash.pick
++ .perl on custom classes now dumps attributes
New in 2010.06 release
+ new list model with immutable iterators, lots of fixes to lists and arrays

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