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More text updates in preparation for release.

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4 docs/ChangeLog
@@ -1,11 +1,11 @@
New in 2009-08 release
-+ Rakudo can now be built from an installed parrot, and can be installed
++ Rakudo must now be built from an installed parrot, and can be installed
+ separate Perl 6 meta class
+ introspection on roles
+ declaration of methods in the meta class by writing method ^newmethod($obj)
+ :tree options for parent class, attribute and role introspection
-+ allow custom postcircumfix:<( )> methods
++ allow some custom postcircumfix:<( )> methods
+ moved more built-ins into the setting
+ implement operators infix:<!%> (divisibility test) and prefix [||] and [//]
+ updated ROADMAP in preparation for the Rakudo Star release
11 docs/announce/2009-08
@@ -41,7 +41,10 @@ with this release include:
passing tests since the July 2009 release. With this release
Rakudo is now passing 69.9% of the available spectest suite.
-* User defined traits can now be applied to classes and roles.
+* We now have a much cleaner traits implementation. Many of the
+ Perl 6 built-in traits are now implemented in Perl 6, and
+ user-defined traits can now be defined and applied to classes
+ and roles.
* The 'hides' trait on classes can make one class hide another.
@@ -49,6 +52,11 @@ with this release include:
more helpful error messages instead of simply producing
parse errors.
+* The ROADMAP has been substantially updated and includes some
+ details regarding the "Rakudo Star" release [2].
+* Embedded comments now require backticks (Perl 6 specification change).
Since the Perl 6 specification is still in flux, some deprecated features
will be removed from Rakudo. Prominently among those are:
@@ -72,3 +80,4 @@ Have fun!
[1] Parrot,
+[2] Rakudo Star,
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