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Minor update to docs for parrot release number in build/PARROT_REVISION.

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commit 4549f3cee9274406e0d455ea673885ee8d4916b8 1 parent 19b8db2
@pmichaud pmichaud authored
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9 docs/release_guide.pod
@@ -80,10 +80,11 @@ prior to the release, addressing them as needed.
Once Parrot issues its monthly release, edit Rakudo's
build/PARROT_REVISION file to contain the subversion revision
-number corresponding to Parrot's monthly release.
-As always, test to make sure Rakudo still builds and
-passes its tests. Once build/PARROT_REVISION has been
-set to the Parrot release, it must not be changed until
+number and release number corresponding to Parrot's monthly
+release. For example, for June 2009 PARROT_REVISION file
+contained "39599 1.3.0". As always, test to make sure Rakudo
+still builds and passes its tests. Once build/PARROT_REVISION
+has been set to the Parrot release, it must not be changed until
after the Rakudo release. In other words, we want each
monthly release of Rakudo to be able to be built using
the immediately prior release of Parrot.
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