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Update the Unicode tests to use 11.0 datafiles

Now that MoarVM has Unicode 11 support we now use the 11 files instead.
This should fix some test failures due to the recent Moar bump.
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samcv committed Oct 1, 2018
1 parent acd8325 commit 5c272ee418b9e0cbcd63b56984029dddae25ab6d
@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ use nqp;
sub test-file (IO::Path $folder is copy, Str:D $file-name, Str:D $uniprop, :$answer-column is copy) is export {
note "File: $file-name" if $*DEBUG;
$answer-column = 1 if !defined $answer-column;
$folder = $*CWD.child("t/3rdparty/Unicode/10.0.0") if !$folder;
$folder = $*CWD.child("t/3rdparty/Unicode/11.0.0") if !$folder;
%LOSE-NUM{$file-name}{$uniprop} = 0 if %LOSE-NUM{$file-name}{$uniprop}:!exists;
%WIN-NUM{$file-name}{$uniprop} = 0 if %WIN-NUM{$file-name}{$uniprop}:!exists;
my IO::Path:D $file = $folder.child: $file-name;

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