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New in 2012.08
+ tclc implemented
+ --> ReturnType in signatures and prefix type constraints of routine return
-types are honored
+ types are honored
+ reduced memory usage at build time by around 35% - 40%
+ the argument to IO::Socket.recv is now interpreted as a number of characters
+ enum lists and arguments to parametric roles are now evaluated at compile time
+ switched to new internal AST and backend representations (QAST and PIRT)
+ removed deprecated routines Str.bytes and Str.lcfirst/&lcfirst
+ errors from traits now contain file name and line number
+ IO::File and IO::Dir have been removed
++ inliner has been improved and can inline a wider range of routines
++ simple implementation of the 'soft' pragma
++ fixed over-eager treatment of numeric literals as int rather than Int in cases
+ where they appeared each side of an infix operator
New in 2012.07
+ Deprecated SAFE.setting in favor of RESTRICTED.setting

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