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[perl6]: Updated README and STATUS to reflect POST.

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@@ -33,8 +33,9 @@ To display the parse tree, add the "--target=parse" option:
$ parrot perl6.pbc --target=parse foo.p6
-Or, to display the abstract syntax tree or the generated PIR
-code, use "--target=PAST" or "--target=PIR".
+Or, to display the abstract syntax tree, the opcode syntax tree,
+or the generated PIR code, use "--target=PAST", "--target=POST",
+or "--target=PIR".
To get a dump of the parser's operator precedence table,
use --dump-optable:
@@ -68,10 +69,7 @@ which just calls into the operator precedence parser.
The file F<lib/pge2past.tge> is a tree grammar that specifies
how to convert the parse tree into the abstract syntax tree (PAST),
-and F<lib/past2pir.tge> generates PIR from PAST. These are both
-held together by the F<lib/PAST.pir> file which defines the
-Perl6::PAST node structures and other support features.
-(See also "What about POST?" below.)
+and F<lib/past2post.tge> generates POST from PAST.
The F<lib/main.pir> file controls what happens when the perl6.pbc
file is invoked directly from parrot (as opposed to being
@@ -93,18 +91,9 @@ One can also provide the "target" option to the compiler:
$P1 = $P0($S0, 'target'=>'parse') # obtain parse tree
$P1 = $P0($S0, 'target'=>'PAST') # get AST
+ $P1 = $P0($S0, 'target'=>'POST') # get OST
$P1 = $P0($S0, 'target'=>'PIR') # get PIR
-"What about POST?"
-The Perl 6 "Milestones" document says that translation will actually
-go from a parse tree to an abstract syntax tree (PAST), then from
-PAST to an opcode syntax tree (POST), and then to executable code.
-This is still the ultimate plan. However, to keep things slightly
-simpler initially, this version of the compiler simply goes straight
-from PAST to PIR until the division of labor between the two
-systems is a bit more well-defined and understood.
=head1 AUTHOR
Patrick Michaud ( is the author and maintainer.
@@ -8,13 +8,14 @@ Compiler implemented
* if, unless statements
* if, unless statement modifiers
* chained operators: infix:and, infix:or, infix:&&, infix:||, ternary:?? !!
+* lexical and package-scoped scalars
+* simple blocks
Compiler to-do
-* simple scalar variables (but not lexically scoped yet)
-* blocks
+* interpolated quotes
+* generalized quotes
* subs
-* true lexicals
* arrays, hashes
* resolve handling of unicode-encoded source on systems w/o ICU
@@ -29,6 +30,8 @@ Parser implemented
Parser to-do
+* interpolated quotes
+* generalized quotes
* real pointy subs
* subroutine definitions
* subroutine calling syntax

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