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New in 2010.05 release
-+ implemented lexical classes
++ implemented lexical and anonymous classes and roles
+ manual pages are now installed
+ the .match method now understand the adverbs :c; :p, :nth, :x, :g, :ov
+ test reports with tools/ now record detailed timing information
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+ Announce: Rakudo Perl 6 development release #29 ("Erlangen")
+On behalf of the Rakudo development team, I'm pleased to announce the
+May 2010 development release of Rakudo Perl #29 "Erlangen".
+Rakudo is an implementation of Perl 6 on the Parrot Virtual Machine
+(see The tarball for the May 2010 release
+is available from .
+Rakudo Perl follows a monthly release cycle, with each release named
+after a Perl Mongers group. The May 2010 release is code named
+"Erlangen" in recognition of and the Perl 6 talk they had
+Moritz Lenz, one of our core develepors, give this month.
+Some of the specific changes and improvements occuring with this
+release include:
+[Note: next five are leftovers from Moscow. -colomon]
+* Expressions that begin with a variable and end with a circumfix now properly
+ interpolate into double-quoted strings, like "@array.sort()" or
+ "%hash<key>".
+* Item assignment now has tighter precdence than list assignment, so both
+ 'my @a = 1, 2, 3' and '$a = 1, $b = 2' magically work.
+* Most of the DateTime built-in type has been backported from the "alpha"
+ branch, and is now accompanied by a Date type for date-only calculations.
+* Many obsolete uses of Perl 5 constructs are now caught and give helpful
+ error messages.
+* As always, many additional small features and bug fixes make working with
+ Rakudo more pleasant.
+* Rakudo now passes 32,347 spectests. We estimate that there are about
+ 39,500 tests in the test suite, so Rakudo passes about 82% of all tests.
+For a more detailed list of changes see "docs/ChangeLog".
+The development team thanks all of our contributors and sponsors for
+making Rakudo Perl possible. If you would like to contribute,
+see , ask on the
+mailing list, or ask on IRC #perl6 on freenode.
+The next release of Rakudo (#30) is scheduled for June 17, 2010.
+A list of the other planned release dates and code names for 2010 is
+available in the "docs/release_guide.pod" file. In general, Rakudo
+development releases are scheduled to occur two days after each
+Parrot monthly release. Parrot releases the third Tuesday of each month.
+Have fun!

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