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tests since the November 2009 release. With this release Rakudo is
now passing % of the available spectest suite.
+The Perl 6 language specification is still in flux. Please take note of the
+following changes, which might affect your existing programs. In the next
+release of Rakudo, the deprecated features will likely be gone.
+* The root of the object hierarchy has been changed from 'Object' to 'Mu'.
+ The type 'Object' goes away.
+* The term 'undef' is gone. You can replace it with other constructs,
+ depending on context:
+ - 'Nil' is undefined in item context, and the empty list in list context
+ - 'Mu' is the most general undefined value which does not flatten in list
+ context
+ - as a smart matching target, you can replace '$obj ~~ undef'
+ by '$obj ~~ *.notdef'
The development team thanks all of our contributors and sponsors for
making Rakudo Perl possible. If you would like to contribute,
see , ask on the

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