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Update ChangeLog for 2010.08 release.

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mathw committed Aug 19, 2010
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@@ -2,6 +2,12 @@ New in 2010.08 release
+ syntactic adverbs on substitutions, rx quotes and m//, e.g. '$x ~~ s:2nd/a/b/'
+ updated ROADMAP
+ speedups for integer operations
++ the Match class's .perl method now produces useful, roundtrippable Perl code
++ the MAIN subroutine can now parse short arguments
++ the cmp and <=> operators now work on more numeric types
++ the Buf class now has .pack and .unpack methods with partial functionality
++ numeric bitshift operators now have the correct precedence
++ smartmatch against True or False is now an error
New in 2010.07 release
+ support for delegation via 'handles'

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