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Put the core Perl 6 CompUnit repo in <Perl6 home>/core

Before it resided directly in <Perl6 home>. That was kind of messy as other
folders also reside in <Perl6 home> and are thus mixed in between the
folders of the CompUnit repo. The stale files of previous installs will not
be automatically removed, but will do no harm either.
#2919 (comment)
for the discussion surrounding this change.
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patzim committed May 31, 2019
1 parent 370c866 commit 80dff59521d837a94331422ec676511af6352762
Showing with 4 additions and 4 deletions.
  1. +2 −2 src/core/CompUnit/RepositoryRegistry.pm6
  2. +2 −2 tools/templates/moar/
@@ -109,7 +109,7 @@ class CompUnit::RepositoryRegistry {
# set up custom libs
my str $site = "inst#{$prefix}{$sep}site";
my str $vendor = "inst#{$prefix}{$sep}vendor";
my str $perl = "inst#$prefix";
my str $perl = "inst#{$prefix}{$sep}core";

# your basic repo chain
my CompUnit::Repository $next-repo :=
@@ -142,7 +142,7 @@ class CompUnit::RepositoryRegistry {
unless $precomp-specs {
nqp::bindkey($custom-lib, 'perl', $next-repo := self!register-repository(
$perl,$prefix), :$next-repo)"$prefix/core"), :$next-repo)
)) unless nqp::existskey($unique, $perl);
nqp::bindkey($custom-lib, 'vendor', $next-repo := self!register-repository(
@@ -363,10 +363,10 @@ m-install: m-all @@script(install-core-dist.p6)@@ $(SETTING_MOAR)
$(CP) $(M_PERL6_OPS_DLL) @nfpq($(DESTDIR)$(PERL6_HOME)/runtime/dynext)@
$(CP) $(M_INST_PERL6_M) @nfpq($(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/bin/$(M_PERL6_M))@
@nfpq($(BASE_DIR)/$(M_BAT_RUNNER))@ @shquot(@script(upgrade-repository.p6)@)@ @q($(DESTDIR)$(PERL6_HOME))@
@nfpq($(BASE_DIR)/$(M_BAT_RUNNER))@ @shquot(@script(upgrade-repository.p6)@)@ @nfpq($(DESTDIR)$(PERL6_HOME)/core)@
@nfpq($(BASE_DIR)/$(M_BAT_RUNNER))@ @shquot(@script(upgrade-repository.p6)@)@ @nfpq($(DESTDIR)$(PERL6_HOME)/vendor)@
@nfpq($(BASE_DIR)/$(M_BAT_RUNNER))@ @shquot(@script(upgrade-repository.p6)@)@ @nfpq($(DESTDIR)$(PERL6_HOME)/site)@
@nfpq($(BASE_DIR)/$(M_BAT_RUNNER))@ @shquot(@script(install-core-dist.p6)@)@ @q($(DESTDIR)$(PERL6_HOME))@
@nfpq($(BASE_DIR)/$(M_BAT_RUNNER))@ @shquot(@script(install-core-dist.p6)@)@ @q($(DESTDIR)$(PERL6_HOME)/core)@

m-runner-default-install: m-install

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