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Bump Moar/NQP to get utf16 decodestream and fh write support

Changes: 2018.08-52-g000fea1..2018.08-63-gcb3d9562e
cb3d9562e Bump MoarVM to get utf16 fh write and decodestream support
d46ad39b5 [decodelocaltime] Make test less sensitivve to timezone
a7351c4a0 put the name of the SC in every type's extra info
88e732216 bump moarvm to get new profiler data structure
b6901ebdd adapt sql output to new type output structure
5da45ed3e [decodelocaltime] Disable dies-ok test
cac20e500 [decodelocaltime] Introduce opcode + test
894e2cc1b also store whether a type holds extra data
570719a80 no need to pre-size an array for one element.
da4a99dc6 allow more type info to be passed from moarvm
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samcv committed Sep 15, 2018
1 parent ed9b48d commit 8fcebb861585d915eff63cf3771f3eb8fff905ae
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