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New in 2009-05 release
++ updated docs/ROADMAP
+ basic support for custom operators
+ operators can now be referenced as &infix:<+>
++ meta operator support for custom operators
+ cross-language library loading
+ stack traces now include source file name and line number
+ implemented Regex type
-+ fixed non-ASCII identifiers
+ .WALK (parent classes in configurable order)
-+ performance improvements
+ .name method on routines
+ refactored enums, thereby fixing many enum related bugs
+ fixed namespace of eval()ed code
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ New in 2009-05 release
(only work for dispatches of the form $foo.@bar and with wrap so far)
+ partial implementation of .^parents and .^methods
+ can initialize attributes in terms of others
-+ many other bug fixes
++ many other bug fixes and performance enhancements
New in 2009-04 release (#16, "Bratislava")
+ wrap and unwrap for subroutines

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