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Add some release name suggestions for future releases.

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@@ -55,7 +55,12 @@ Dates are based on Parrot's expected release schedule.
=head2 Suggested .pm group names for future releases
- (none yet)
+ MadMongers (YAPC::NA 2012)
+ Columbus (YAPC::NA 2011, p6 track and hackathon)
+ Riga (YAPC::EU 2011, p6 track and hackathon)
+ Houston (YAPC::NA 2007, p6 hackathon)
+ Brazos Valley (YAPC::NA 2007, p6 hackathon)
+ Toronto (YAPC::NA 2005, p6 hackathon)
More names can be gotten from L<> if you
can't think of one with any particular significance to Perl
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