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New in 2012.02
+ catch duplicate accessor generation required of "has $.x; has @.x;"
-+ more typed exceptions thrown
++ many more typed exceptions thrown
+ undeclared attributes mentioned in signatures now caught at compile time
+ empty Buf is now False in boolean context
+ implemented <prior>
+ implemented /<Foo::Bar::baz>/ syntax
+ /<x>/ can call a predeclared lexical regex x
++ conjugate is now called conj
++ enumeration values .gist to just the key, not the full name
++ <!> fixed
++ implemented Match.make(...) method
++ better error reporting for improper use of nextsame and friends
++ compile time error reporting when $!x and $.x are used in the wrong places
++ detection and complaining about $.x uses in submethods
++ initializers now parsed as part of a variable declarator
++ trailing whitespace now removed from Pod declarator blocks
++ List.tree made more useful
++ implemented rename and copy functions
++ ().pick and ().roll now return Nil
++ default MAIN usage message includes .WHY of the candidates
++ X::Base eliminated in favor of Exception
++ various range iteration fixes; Num ranges now produce Num lists
++ LHS of the xx operator is now thunked
++ can now declare state/constant/our in regexes (before, only :my worked)
New in 2012.01
+ -c command line option re-implemented

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