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[docs/ChangeLog] partial draft of the 2010.03 release

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+New in 2010.03 release
++ The trigonometric functions and the Rat class have received numerous
+ updates, making them faster and more complete
++ .^parent now works again
++ The invocation logic has received various speedups
++ Hash creation has been optimized
++ Various improvement related to constant internal strings have led to
+ slight speedups
++ .pick, .sort were reimplemented, ported from the old 'alpha' branch
++ The statement modifier for loop works again
++ Various parsing bugs have been sorted out; one having to do with
+ closing curly braces at the end of a line not terminating the statement
++ BUILDALL and .can in the OO system have received attention, some of
+ it leading to mild speedups
++ ...
New in 2010.02 release
+ The branch formerly known as 'ng' becomes the new master branch
+ The previous master branch is now Rakudo/alpha

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