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New in 2011.09
+ Rewritten meta object protocol and object storage
+ many speedups
++ Int, Num and Str are now far more lightweight
+ much more robust handling of infinite list
+ basic LoL (List of Lists) support
+ :U and :D type modifiers
-+ protos now conform to the new spec
++ protos and multis now conform to the new spec
+ improved enum support
+ basic 'constant' declarator
+ .WHAT and friends as macros
@@ -16,6 +17,18 @@ New in 2011.09
+ recording and reporting of test timings (tools/
+ Pod parsing and --pod=text option
+ basic support for .WHY
++ greatly improved BEGIN-time support
++ traits applied at BEGIN time for packages, routines and attributes
++ parametric roles reify types properly, fixing many bugs
++ better handling of type variables
++ support $?CLASS, which is generic in roles
++ support import/export of custom meta-objects for built in package declarators
++ custom meta-objects can override method dispatch
++ faster, allocation-free multi-dispatch cache
++ a custom BUILD does not suppress default values
++ undeclared attributes detected and reported at compile time
++ basic support for native int/num types on lexical variables
++ int/num as attributes are stored compactly in the object body
New in 2011.07
+ fractional powers of negative numbers now result in Complex numbers

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