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Update LHF; remove a dupe entry...nice as minmax op would be, it only…

… needs to be listed once. :-)
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commit b05b391310a6df22c7e37c641b621350d01943c2 1 parent caf5d1a
Jonathan Worthington jnthn authored
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9 LHF.markdown
@@ -13,15 +13,10 @@ Make S03-operators/minmax.t pass
## More Smart-matching
See S03-smartmatch tests, especially array-array.t, hash-hash.t and
-so forth.
-## Implement minmax operator
-Make S03-operators/minmax.t pass
+so forth. The regex ones are probably also good candidates now.
## Basic IO
-the stat calls should be pretty straight-forward to port from master
-also: IO::ArgFiles, $*ARGFILES, get() and lines()
+get() and lines()
## Nil assignment
my Int $b = 3; $b = Nil;
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