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@@ -18,13 +18,14 @@ New in 2009-05 release
+ documented build dependencies
+ grep() accepts general matcher, things like @list.grep(Int) work
+ trigonometric functions (sin, cos, ...) now available via 'use Num :Trig'
-+ qx{} quotes now work
++ qx{} quotes now work (except on Windows)
+ hyper-operators on hashes now work (%a >>+<< %b)
+ initial implementation of $foo.@bar
+ refactored wrap and unwrap to work with candidate lists; fixes some bugs
+ refactored/improved callsame and callwith, and added nextsame and nextwith
(only work for dispatches of the form $foo.@bar and with wrap so far)
+ partial implementation of .^parents and .^methods
++ can initialize attributes in terms of others
+ many other bug fixes
New in 2009-04 release (#16, "Bratislava")

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