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+# Rakudo "nom" Branch Low Hanging Fruit
+Want to help? Want something that (hopefully) doesn't require deep
+guts skillz? Take a task from this list. Delete it from here when
+you commit; maybe announce on #perl6 that you're working on it too.
+Note - do not just copy stuff from the master setting! Often things
+need to be done differently in the "nom" branch, to take advantage of
+new possible performance.
+## Basic string methods in
+See examples already there. Should be easy to add .uc, .lc, .bytes...
+## More basic math ops
+See t/00-parrot/02-op-math.t and Add enough to make that
+test file pass (just Int multi variants of the ops).
@@ -5,14 +5,12 @@ Last Updated 5th June 2011
Note that this isn't strictly in order, though things nearer to the top
are likely to get focus sooner.
-## Attribute features
-Finish 'is rw', accessor generation, and make use of default value closure.
## Multi-methods
Get these working.
## Object construction
-new, bless, CREATE, BUILDALL, BUILD handling.
+new, bless, CREATE, BUILDALL, BUILD handling. Make use of default value
## Magicals
$_, $/, $!, @_ and %_ handling.

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