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Switch from sprintf to p6 interpolation.

Don't use sprintf (which doesn't work well yet in JVM) for something we can do with good old interpolation.
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1 parent c96b216 commit c83b634207c589cd43ae6149a948c47a9dbedb80 @colomon colomon committed Jul 2, 2013
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5 src/core/
@@ -970,9 +970,8 @@ my class Str does Stringy {
my Int $outdent = $steps ~~ Whatever ?? $common-prefix
!! -$steps;
- warn sprintf('Asked to remove %d spaces, ' ~
- 'but the shortest indent is %d spaces',
- $outdent, $common-prefix) if $outdent > $common-prefix;
+ warn "Asked to remove $outdent spaces, but the shortest indent is $common-prefix spaces"
+ if $outdent > $common-prefix;
# Work backwards from the right end of the indent whitespace, removing
# array elements up to # (or over, in the case of tab-explosion)

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