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…ted siggies thing really is.
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New in 2009-11 release
+ Rakudo now uses Parrot's updated calling convention features
-+ support nested signatures
++ support unpacking of arrays, hashes and objects in signatures
+ changed .pick to use :replace instead of :repl
+ many core setting optimizations and bugfixes
5 docs/announce/2009-11
@@ -41,11 +41,12 @@ release include:
has taken place in the "ng" branch, and will likely be reflected
in the December 2009 release.
-* Rakudo now supports nested signatures.
+* Rakudo now supports unpacking of arrays, hashes and objects in
+ signatures
* Rakudo has been updated to use Parrot's new internal calling conventions,
resulting in a slight performance increase.
The development team thanks all of our contributors and sponsors for
making Rakudo Perl possible. If you would like to contribute,
see , ask on the

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