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New in 2010.04 release
++ interpolation of expression ending in postcircumfixes into double-quoted
+ strings (for example "cards: @cards.sort()")
+ prefix and postfix hyper operators
+ multi subs now work properly when lexically scoped
+ implemented item assignment with tighter precedence than the comma operator
++ loading of .pm6 modules
+ Basic implementation of Numeric and Real roles
++ implementation of DateTime and Date built-in types
+ named regexes can be declared outside of grammars again
+ support for numbers with arbitrary radix, including fractional numbers (:16<DEAD.BEEF>)
-+ implemented fmt(), printf() and note() built-in functions
++ implemented fmt(), printf() note() and IO.getc built-in routines
+ infix meta operators now inherit the precedence of the modified operator
++ &[+] short name for infix operators
++ hash slices
++ signature literals
++ more consistent implementation of prefix:<|> for interpolating things into
+ signatures
++ better error message on accidental usa of Perl 5 features such as << as
+ bit shift operators, and catch many perl 5 magic variables
New in 2010.03 release
+ The trigonometric functions and the Rat class have received numerous

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